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United Mining Exploration Commission: A group of friends playing JumpGate-- "a MMORPG that launched smoothly, breaks from fantasy character setting, emphasizes PvP, and is the first persistent world space simulator that nobody talks about." ~Scorch
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GM_Josh & GM_Istvan interviews (dev chats)

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 22, 2003 3:46 pm    Post subject: GM_Josh & GM_Istvan interviews (dev chats) Reply with quote

GM_Archon wrote:
Don't Forget!
Not one but two Dev Chats tonight! GM Josh at PlanetNetDevil ; GM Istvan at Player2Player
The PND dev chat is more oriented towards current players, the P2P dev chat will be more oriented towards new players.
Tokay wrote:
Player2Player Dev Chat IRC info: #player2developer

PlanetNetdevil Dev Chat IRC info: #planetnetdevil

Also join in on general Jumpgate chat: #jumpgate and #jumpgate

I have both transcripts. just working on making it presentable with the stuff we WANT to see, and not the general spam.

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 23, 2003 6:32 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

this is my edit of OP-Toast's edit...
OP-Toast wrote:
PND Chatlog with GM Josh
Ok, this is my heavily edited version, with all the banter stripped out. Full version is attached. Thanks to Planet Netdevil ( for organising the chat.

<GM_Josh> basicly hyperdrive moves you across space at an incredible rate, but any objects within a certain distance to you will pull you out of hyperdrive
vapourware snip (asteroids/ships/planets-pixelshading/pirateAI/triAI)
<Gang|Doc7> Do you see hyperdrive becoming useful in hauling goods from say Oct Shore gate in gurge to Ring View? Or is that distance even too short
<GM_Josh> that distance would not be too short, especially with very heavy cargo, but its very likely that another ship would pull you out of hyperdrive there

<GM_Josh> for the next couple of weeks we will be doing bugfixes for EP2 and then move on to special effects makeover
<GM_Josh> basicly our next project is doing a gammet of different graphical upgrades, then we want to add capital ships, hyperial and TRI AI, and perhaps make the hyperial faction playable
snipped stupid moving asteroids vapourware
<maddogjt> will adding pixel shaders negatively affect performance for older cards or change the gaming experience for those who can't use the pixel shaders?
<GM_Josh> if your card does not support the shader it will just ignore it
<GM_Josh> there are older pixel shader languages that we can use that will run on older cards, which i what we'll do so that jumpgate remains a game with low system requirements
<Rix> what if you have a KICKASS system, can the effects be scaled to eve-quality? (Eh, or therabouts?)
<GM_Josh> yes we would like to have reflection, bumpmapping, and particle effects that rival EVE, and we may be redoing some of the 3D models
<GM_Josh> the giant roids just had some bad rendering problems that were taking a lot of time for us to fix, and so we put them off till post-EP2,
<GM_Josh> as we redo the render loop code we will be adding them as soon as we address the clipping problems with them

<Gang|Doc7> How will squad warfare work?
<GM_Josh> basicly just like [current] sector disputing only you will have a web interface to decalre treaties and wars with other squads
<GM_Josh> and while you are at war it will be as if the two squads at war are permanantly disputing eachother
currently under dispute is the dispute system. see here
<Pyrodaphon> the sector claiming? how do you know how much EXP you get? is it how many people in the squad? how many sectors?
<GM_Josh> the experience is based on your level, and so you get a small percentage of the experience required to get you to the next level, so for now its the fastest way to level in the game
<GM_Josh> or one of the fastest
<GM_Josh> all squad wars will be consentual
<GM_Josh> basicly the experience scales up as you level up in sector wars
<GM_Josh> we are still tweaking the sector war stats system, so soon you will see stats for each squad on their squad page, and there will be various medals for having the best squad stats
<GM_Josh> we will have medals for most disputes won, most money taken from another squad, most kills, most kills of certain factinos, etc
<Gang|Doc7> we can take money?
<GM_Josh> yes, when you kill a member of a squad disputing you you receive half of the value of their equipment and half of the value of their cargo if they have nay
<Gang|Doc7> Josh, does the killed person only get 50% of their money too?
<Gang|Doc7> or do they get 100%
<GM_Josh> yes, basicly when the person dies, they get half of the money and the killer gets the other half
<Gang|Doc7> If a Quantar dies in a phoon...he'll lose a load of cash...
<GM_Josh> true
<GM_Josh> yes we may tweak some of the equipment costs, we don't have a definate answer on that yet though

<TexMurphy> Will the graphics update be done in one big update or in several small updates... ie explotions first, then reflections and so on..
<GM_Josh> the graphics updates will be a series of lots of small updates
<GM_Josh> we learned our lesson doing a project as big as EP2, from now on all we're going to be doing is small updates
<Anguish> Don't say "EP3" around GM_Josh.
<GM_Josh> yea there will never be another episode for a long long time
<GM_Josh> from now on its tons of little updates

<GM_Josh> every first tier commodity thats isn't grain or textiles etc can be mined now, and overall teh stations consume just a little more of those commods than they produce out of thin air,
<GM_Josh> what this means is that unless players keep mining production will grind to a halt
<GM_Josh> i would like to add a big abandoned beer can of octavia light that you can mine, but nobody seems to agree with me hehe

* Pyrodaphon changes topic to 'When you can get to it Josh, Pyro was told by a birdie that AF may be like robotech ships! is this true?'
<GM_Josh> do you mean like transformer ships?
<GM_Josh> we were trying to get that into EP2 but we decided to put it off to get the update out faster, we still have models to use and some code to support that, but its not quite ready

<GM_Josh> yes we have a variety of tools that we'll be going over again so that themis [and MG] has ultimate controls of conflux spawning and movement, the economy, storms, etc.

<Gang|Doc7> Gm Josh, will current Spawn levels stay? it's hard for a solo miner to mine at the moment
<GM_Josh> no, we intend to turn it down a little bit, and maybe the flux might even ignore people without a combat gun
<GM_Josh> also we've added an MODX which will repel all conflux spawns, however it will not repel 'dumped' flux
<GM_Josh> yes we are working on improving the conflux avoidance code for POS's, and other objects as well
<GM_Josh> you may see soemthing like that in the next patch
<GM_Josh> our next patch should be within a week

<GM_Josh> we don't currently have any plans of increasing the storage amount, however if people keep asking for it we will definately consider it
[Lots of people then ask for increased storage]
<GM_Josh> uh oh
[and some more]
<GM_Josh> I have no problem with it, I'm waiting to see how much memory its taking up and I will basicly make the decision based on that
<GM_Josh> so far its looking very good so you may see market/storage/hanger capacity increases

<GM_Josh> yes we do want to fix quicklaunching, we tried in EP2 but its obviously not good enough, we'll keep trying
<GM_Josh> insta launch may even be fixed in the next patch

<GM_Josh> we decided to make FFs single use because a lot of people actually wanted that to happen, and because we hit a major technical hurdle with some new code that made it pretty much necessary
<GM_Josh> I may try to put them back to refuel-able, it may take a week or so to complete it though
[people voice support for new system]
<GM_Josh> yea its basicly up to all of you guys, I'll wait a while before I decide anything personally I like it too

<GM_Josh> ahh yes, we will have the POS section of JOSSH live within a couple of days, as well as squad war statistics
<GM_Josh> I am still working on some issues like the station inventory lister etc before we put the POS and war stats online

snipped empty promises and "feel good" diatribes

<GM_Josh> actually all POS build kits and modules are insured, we made them MODX for technical reasons, and because the modules best fit in the MODx category

snipped alot of "next patch" stuff

<Pyrodaphon> ok josh, there are some of us who look over the code, and we came across this, since i try to know evertying about jumpgate, i know this is the ship in the movie to the intro to the game is this correct?

<GM_Josh> i'm not exactly sure, but that does resemble the broken ship in the video
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 26, 2003 4:58 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Muffy's edit of the Player2Player devchat. (post on MG forums, here)

* Technogeek sets mode: +m
<AngelStorm> Good evening and welcome to The Player2Player Network Player2Developer Chat with the folks from Jumpgate!
<Technogeek> Our first question is from Nelson, for Moll: "Can we expect to see more roleplay and NPC interaction now that EP2 is gold?"
vapid wishywashiness is considered trolling. *snip*
<Technogeek> Theta asks: "Why did you call it Attack of the Conflux?"
bullshit answers are considered trolling. *snip*

<Technogeek> On a more serious note, MadCat asks: "How will future patches be handled: occasional big patches such as Ep2, or smaller, more frequent patches?"
<GM_Istvan> OUr plan is to retreat from the rare big patches and have more frequent, much smaller patches from here on. That lets us respond much more quickly to bugs in the game, as well.

<Technogeek> And Tokay asks: "What will be done as far as marketing/advertising to aquire (and keep) new players?"
<Arch0n> We've got several tricks up our sleeve. One, we're working with GameSpy to get extra publicity and advertising for the game through their GameSpy On Demand service. Two, we are going to be mailing out to all past Jumpgate players and offering them a free trial to come back and try Episode 2 for a bit. And third we are going to be running a contest which we think will attract the interest of a group of players we haven't so far reached.
<Technogeek> And from AvPPoW: "Will JG ever allow reskinning of ships, or at least different paint jobs?"
Using "probably not" when "no" is appropriate is considered trolling. *snip*
<Arch0n> The contest idea I alluded to early is going to tie into HUD customization and hopefully attract the interest of the modder community.
<Technogeek> And from Mrxknown: "When you mentioned modding, are there plans to allow other types of customization?"
Using "cool" when "no" is appropriate is considered trolling. *snip*

<Technogeek> From Anguish: "How does JumpGate differ from other space sims. In short, why JumpGate?" [color=fanboi; soft-pedalled query]
<Virgil> Well, there's really two answers to this question
<Virgil> First, for most space sims, Jumpgate is different in that it's massively multiplayer, and persistent. This makes the world a lot mroe exciting and dynamic than the average space sim. Jumpgate also has a very different combat engine than most, which adds a lot of value. None of us could stick with Freelancer because of it.
<Virgil> It's different than the other (E&B and Eve) MMOG space sims in that it lets you use a joystic. And joysticks are where it's at ;)
vapourware empty promises for feel good effect is considered trolling. *snip*
<Arch0n> One of those is that it challenges something other than your free time. That is, it takes some actual skill to accomplish the tasks in the game. When so many other games treat combat as pushing a button and then getting up to make popcorn, I think JG has an edge.
<Arch0n> The other is that it gives you freedom. Most other games out there have gone out of their way to make sure that players can impact the world as little as possible. In Jumpgate, you can pretty much do whatever you'd like, there's no restrictive classes, there's wide opportunities for PvP, economic impact, ownership, etc. It's not everyone's cup of tea but I think it has a lot of depth you don't see in your DIKU MUD clones.

<Technogeek> HiTekHick asks us: "What kind of things can we look forward to post EP2? Or actually, What kind of things are being looked at now that EP2 is released?"
<GM_Istvan> Well, immediately, of course, we want to tidy things up a bit. In the near-term, Jumpgate desperately needs some sort of facelift. Our graphics are a few years old now, and we lose a lot of potential players who log in , look around, and never bother to get a feel for how the game plays.
<GM_Istvan> Also, I have some interest in seeing things like the economy get a good look.
getting starry eyed is considered trolling. *snip*

<Technogeek> Speaking of the economy, here's a quick one from Nicator: "Where are economy changes on the post-Ep2 fix list?"
not answering what's asked is considered trolling. *snip*
<Virgil> Jumpgate has had a history of being extremely overstocked, and the sudden changes are going to take a little while to settle in, but we'll be tuning things from here on out to get thins in a much better, and more fun, state.

<Technogeek> Here's a question directed towards GM_Istvan from Nelson: "Do you think in the future we will see more faction stations and space?"
<GM_Istvan> Space? Yes. Faction space? Yes. Faction stations.... maybe. ;)

<Technogeek> Here's one from HiTekHick: "ill the noob ships be upgraded or rebalanced with the mainstream fighters?"
<Technogeek> Er, WILL the n00b ships. Sorry.
no means no *snip*

<MadCat|Desktop> Istvan: back to that Mp3 question: will the randomizer ever get fixed?
Using gobbledeegook when "huh?" is appropriate is considered trolling. *snip*
<MadCat|Desktop> it's been that way since Beta
<MadCat|Desktop> every time you jump it plays track 1
* GM_Istvan makes a face at MadCat
oh, poor Isty can't take hard questions? too used to fanboi/wynar's trick pony?
* MadCat|Desktop makes a face back
* Shual remembers someone asking for ponies back in the 3DO stress test...
<GM_Istvan> The real reason is that it's too expensive to give the pony the gen-therapy.
yeah, and i remember GM's prioritizing stupid queries back then too
<MadCat|Desktop> most people who've been playing long use 3rd party players to get new music piped in, winamp works great
* GM_Istvan swings the nerf bat
* MadCat|Desktop ducks

<Technogeek> AvPPoW asks: "You've gone the distance to support many joysticks, but how about some of the recently released precision gaming gloves?"
vapourware empty promises for feel good effect is considered trolling. *snip*
<Technogeek> From Mrxknown: "What type of events will EP2 allow you as GMs do that before EP2 you couldn't?"
replacing foreshadowing & backstory with NDA is considered trolling. *snip*
lying about the fact the most crucial issues ingame aren't published as storyline is considered trolling. *snip*
<Technogeek> From Mrxknown: "What good will the giant asteroids do that current asteroids don't provide?"
Using "playability feature" instead of "cool" is considered trolling. *snip*
<Technogeek> And from MadCat: "What is being done about pilots getting 'stuck' on a Player-Owned Station becuase they over-filled thier cargo and can't launch or sell?"
getting away with not answering the spirit of the question is considered trolling. *snip*
<Technogeek> Sniper asks: " Will the simulator be added to the Player-Owned Stations? cause im sitting in one right now and a damn faction station is like ages away!! :P"
Using "if it's popular, yes" when "no" is appropriate is considered trolling. *snip*
<Haltyr> are custom factorys gonna be in by time freighters come out
<Haltyr> so we can get the size 6 engines for them?
Bait and switch when "we don't know that" is appropriate is considered trolling. *snip*
<Dubious> Will the UC artis that aren't used for repair beams become useful in the future?
<sniper[away]> I wanna buy my own sectors! :P
<GM_Istvan> new sectors are US$20,000 a pop. Thank you, I'll give receipts at the door.
notice the 3stooges tactic? CREAM PIE! yup. i'm laffing that i know you're emphasizing the obvious fact you're only human so you can dodge the curve balls.
Session Close: Thu Mar 20 20:04:33 2003
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