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Anomalies and 'debris' (but what of 'wreckage'?)

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 14, 2003 11:53 am    Post subject: Anomalies and 'debris' (but what of 'wreckage'?) Reply with quote

Bureau of Stellar Cartography/TRI Research Release [Minor] Report

Below will be edited as to be more friendly towards officials. later
TRINN wrote:
Billed as a "discussion", this document also includes many previously classified bits of information and recommendations, according to the authors.

yeah, suuuuuuure. lemmie guess. any backstory that's not been released because of pure lethargy has a FUN AND EXCITING "TRI classified" tag on it. (Well, wooop dee freakin doo)
    the only unknown bits we've got are "well, we haven't decided yet between two equally likely probabilities with an equal possibility of us being completely wrong. Man, this fence really hurts the old sphincter"
At first blush the "big bang" & "space debris" theories seems to hint at the fact the artifacts might be from somewhere other than our local slice of the universe. ("there can be only one" theory; akin to the conceit the universe came into being with a single "big bang")
    of course, this is only a tease as the space debris theories don't add weight to anything but paper...they don't talk about "wreckage" at all, but just those stupid eyecandy stuff noone cares about.
The whole discussion starts to lose it's even keel right off the bat as obvious counter-theories are forgotten as soon as they are brought up. Personally, i'm not inclined to humour the fiction writers because this obvious $^@#$ should have been backstory ages ago.

I've decided this needs to be given a Roleplaying *IC* context. Since there's so many horrible errors (there is debris in quantar), no talk of 'wreckage' (artifacts), and the fact the 'debris' is faction specific and is never foreign...alot of it is pre-collapse ruins too.
    To avoid insulting GM_Moll i'm going to assume this is merely TRI propaganda that follows the nastiest tactics of such
  • what we should look for is that which is NOT talked about (artifacts). because what is not even mentioned in propaganda statements is usually the truth. duh
  • The lies are merely that, and can be proven wrong, but to do that would merely encourage yet more lies (counter-counter-semantic-clarification)
  • The irony is that telling the truth just encourages the same CCSC game..."Hobson's Law: Damned if you do and damned if you don't"
  • Okay, so when attacking propaganda always stick to one point. the central one. (ie. don't be sidetracked by the 'Debris' topic)
  • The fact all debris tends to fall into a localized pattern and doesn't seem to support TRI's propaganda is a red-herring. (focusing on the 'debris'/'anomaly' issue instead of the 'artifact'/'anomaly' issue is a waste of time because the former is a LIE and the latter the TRUTH)
  • anyone who's seen these 'debris' fields for themselves knows the history of these ruins date back before, during and after The Great Collapse. (ie. hyperial ruins in Hyperion Gate, etc)
  • *shrug* horribly OOC: GM_Moll possibly got her info from Grinder, but since she's written that there's NO debris in quantar one has to figure she's lying for *OOC/IC* reasons (not dumb to have missed the many references to Quantar debris in that thread)
  • luckily, we have alot of experience dealing with Official Outtakes (ie. GBob's "2nd" GVB war) *cough*dumbass*cough*
  • I'll probably borrow alot from Xindaan's old artifact fan fiction to tell the "truth" *shrug* later than sooner.
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