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hay check out dark path's(eu server) new policy..

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PostPosted: Fri May 02, 2003 4:50 pm    Post subject: hay check out dark path's(eu server) new policy.. Reply with quote

i came across this squad web page witht the policy:
** Classified Updates **
We have been hired by some rebels to take by force some key points in TRI space.These points will be controled by us. We will not allow passage of any kind. You will be given warning to turn away or die. We are also underway of the project "Defend Unreg" All pilots caught in unreg space are to be killed on sight. They may beable to beg for mercy and try to talk their way out of death..but for the most part..anyone caught in unreg will die. For those that have PoS in unreg space that have open access to DP pilots will affect our reactions towards you. Those who dont wish to lend us the aid of their PoS will be put on war list for cluttering up unreg space and for not getting the permission from the ones who call unreg their home.Also all PoS stations in unreg may not charge more then 1000k for refuel ect. Anyone caught over chargeing will be relived of his extra cash.

i have never seen anything interesting like this on the US server now. but in the past it did.[/i]
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PostPosted: Sat May 03, 2003 7:43 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Raiderr was in US betatest since the beginnings, and formed DP way back when. It never had much of an impact until right before beta7(stress test) which was just after CL broke up as an effective unit.

OEC was the premier squad, but it never really was able to resurrect itself...I was sad to see them disband recently.

So, let me repeat, the only time DP ever had an impact was at the tail end of Beta6 in the US. *shrug*

Ever since that "war chest" to his reputation he's gone overboard in his self-righteous tirades-cum roleplay

Oh, BTW, Raiderr was known as the Disco King and was the forum clown along with RoyofCA. Though, at least Raiderr didn't roleplay a righteous politically correct little shit. (well, just the righteous shit i suppose)
    *shrug* He adds flavour to the game. i wish him and Rollio were banned years ago, but since they're not i just throw my hands up and shake my head over NetDevil and MightyGame's stupidity over the difference between 'Roleplay' and 'PKgriefing'
It's a real pity too, and one wonders why /give is still in place, self-defense was never coded & f5:help is fanboi/wynar camping zone. NOT.

mark my words, "i believe the situation has been deteriorated since the beginning and ND & MG have been humming & hawwing over a PKswitch since way back - they don't have the ability to learn from their mistakes - once they realize that (subconsciously) they'll announce to the world that unrestricted PvP is impossible and "we did everything we could to balance, blah blah" and whammo! 'Inhibitor Chip'
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