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C.J.Cherryh (An Author/Writer of Fiction)

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 11, 2003 10:59 am    Post subject: C.J.Cherryh (An Author/Writer of Fiction) Reply with quote

They just moved. oh happy day!!

Here's my favorite non-SciFi fantasy novel: Paladin. (below is a snippet from the book i pasted to another thread; Paladin was the book of the month during May 2002)
The Paladin wrote:
Excerpt from The Paladin by C.J.Cherryh
Pp.145-6 (last paragraph of chapter Eight)
The sword slid past her. "Turn," he said. "Give me your point. Now."
Her sword came around to his fingers. He held it. And stopped. "Stand," he muttered; and stood holding his sword and meditating the lines of her stance, and the likely response to a move like that.
She remembered the moves he guided her to. She could repeat them. He shifted an elbow, improved a line like a sculptor in clay.
A smaller man, a lighter man, could turn a more powerful blow if the blade were angled just so, if the force slid along the steel; a swordsman of excellent balance could follow the force and slip under it.
It was not the way his father had taught. It was the art of Master Yenan.
Forgive me, he thought to his ghosts. It was not pure form. It was a constant compromise, it demanded agility and the excellence of balance that, thank the gods, the girl had in unusual measure.
It took perfection of style and turned it askew, to do things more common to the inns than to the teaching-masters.
What has philosophy to do with pigs?
Or what abstract does she understand, except revenge?
"Again." He took up his guard. He followed the perfect, the schooled line, the natural course for the blade.
He brought the sword down solidly. It slid.
Harder this time.
With real force, his heart in his throat.
Steel grated and flashed around toward him and up again, in the wheeling stroke he had taught her.
It was, he congratulated himself, a move of some subtlety.
Her eyes shone.
With hope that turned his stomach

As for her Sci-Fi fantasy novels i adore and worship her "Company Wars" series, especially RimRunners and DevilToTheBelt (compilation of HeavyTime and Hellburner)
Except from Hellburner. chapter4 (massive spoiler warning for that link wrote:
"I had, if you want to know, lieutenant, specific orders to pull Dekker off that demo, because Dekker's legal troubles were going to surface again the minute his name hit the downworld media - and it would have."

My one attempt at JumpGate adaptation is found on the BrainStorm forum, here (Belters) and in FanFiction forum, here (Belters)
    both of which need a serious look at towards renovations, especially in light of that Roleplaying FAQ that has shed some new light, here
There is also another Cherryh book i'd recommend and that one is Chanur's Legacy, and for general reference and cool stuff see this fansite and of course don't forget the official site here
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 08, 2003 11:27 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Here's a bit about heroines/villainesses being "common" and "ruthless"
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