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Pirate Hunter Cheerleading FAQ

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 18, 2001 5:43 pm    Post subject: Pirate Hunter Cheerleading FAQ Reply with quote

PJG us server general forum post
The below is a nice bit of advice for anyone under lvl10 when dealing with pvp, especially pirates.
Wild Bill,

As you can see here the pirates don't care about riuning everyone's fun, making people leave the game, etc. They will be perfectly happy to have 4 level 35+ fighters shoot down a level 15 shuttle, and if you complain about it they have about 3 standard answers:

1. Shut up.
2. One of our pirates disobeyed a rule, prove it and we will "discipline" them (LOL)
3. We have it so hard because of the PRs and bountys and the whole server hates us.

Now everyone knows this is crap. But you really can't do anything about it on the message board. The only reason to post this here would be if you wanted to hear those same 3 excuses again for scientific purposes or something.

But there are a few things you CAN do. You are in a squad right? This gives you some benefits you are apparently not taking advantage of.

1. You should not have cash flow problems when you are in a squad. I'm surprised that your squadmates have not offered you finincial assistance. But unless your squad only has a few low level members, someone is bound to have some credits for you if you ask.

2. Don't pay pirates! Your squadmates will most likely be happy to give you credits, but they damn sure won't give you more if you just hand them over to a pirate. Tell the pirates to go ahead and kill you, you aren't paying. Fight them. Of course you will get podded. You might not even land a shot. So what? Go refit your ship and head back out. You will be amazed to find that if you don't let it bother you, it doesn't bother you.

3. Fly with your squadmates. Now there are exceptions, but most times these pirates won't mess with a group of 4 ships. They will wait for an easier target. We all know that this contradicts their claim to love PvP, but they have excuses for that too. No matter. The point is that you can use this to your advantage.

4. Level up faster. Get your novas and supernovas. Get skill stars. Kill lots of flux. Get in a fighter. They are less likely to attack a ship with more guns, which is funny because they have the skills to kill any ship, but as I said before they go after the easy kills.

Have fun man. Pirates only ruin your fun if you let them...

Wolfpack Squad

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 20, 2003 8:05 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Crossreference to another "Risk versus Reward (fun factor)" rant. There's another thread that's more appropriate for "the dangers of Unreg" in an *IC* context. see that here. BTW, the pirate FAQ is over there
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 25, 2003 8:30 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

-Vortex- ThunderEagles (antipirate squad) wrote:
Allowing Pirates to fly free in the same sectors certain factionalist squads claim to guard can cause severe problems.

For example: OV "bred" pirates in their space for a long time. The pirates were allowed to PoD anyone not pro-OV, in addition OV flew together with the pirates at any occasion they could see the faintest advantage in it. By doing that OV helped to create big piratesquads like TDP or Tar-Aiym/-DoR-/ any other assembly of those foreign ( OOC: german ) Pilots.
    Look where it took them. At the end they had to fight their former allies ( ok that may not have been seen as a disadvantage by OV ), but it costed many innocent Octavian citzens their lives.
Allowing pirates to plunder or feel safe in your space may cause trouble once the pirates have grown strong and feel they should let equality reign ... and just PoD everyone. In addition, I'd like to point out that Octavians and Quantar are actually members of TRI too, just as Solrain. So in the end solrain squads let solrain pirates plunder ur allies. And I think the allies within TRI are the only ones Solrain has got against the conflux threat
HrHrHr wrote:
not so long ago, a squad called Jade Falcon was operating from around and within Quantar space, this squad was among the most Hated in the universe but did the quantar faction squads attempt to kick them out of quant? The answer is no, for the very simple reason that they had no good reason to do so as long as Jade Falcon left loyal Quantar pilots alone.
This is no different, why should -=MA=- for example, who are a trading squad involve themselves in removing another squad whether they be pirates or otherwise when they have absolutley no viable reason to do so? The same goes for SL/SDLC why should they waste there time chasing a pirate squad around in what would basically be in defence of Quant and/or OCT pilots. They are Solrain factionalist squads and as such should act in the best interests of both themselves and the great Solrain commonwealth.

ironically enough that thread was started by Nazgul squad on a "Beek Thieves R Us" roleplay binge in solrain space. kicked off, of course, by braggadocio in the Roleplaying forum...reading that thread was an exercise in /ignore (what has flipping beeks to start a supposedly good-natured HG fight got to do with pirates?)
    the irony lies in the fact Nazgul loves to emphasize how honourable they are. that's the entirety of their roleplay, and it's a pretty hypocritical one at that
  • HG exploiters who imply their opponents are OOC cowards, perverts, liars, bad actors, ghey, etc with amazing Chutzpah...They play the GMs/OPs like a violin, and get everyone worked up and call that "RP"
lmao check out Nazgul's use of a dummy forum account (ie. sockpuppet)...
Winston Churchill (paraphrase) wrote:
"I cannot forecast to you the action of [Nazgul]. It is a riddle wrapped in a mystery, inside an Enigma."

I can't forecast what they'll do next, but i can sure tell you what they are, how they do it, and what they get out of their politically correct grief-spree (which is, unfortunately, exactly the kind of behavior NetDevil has attracted with their PvP coding)
  • they like to imply on the sly that they speak as Official Spokepersons
  • they like to tie in RL analogies that make jingoistic sounds (usually highly controversial ones at that)
  • they like to say "innocent" remarks that smack of out right insults, unless yer an anal retentive forum moderator who thinks trolls dressed up in politically correct language ain't. (wolves in sheeps' clothing)
  • they like to boast long and hard about their HG policy, which is really quite silly when one realizes it's quite a hollow and selfserving "RP" just like CIVigilantes are as well. (one only needs to take a look at the draconian PvP bounty rules to see the exploits for the braggadocios; not to mention looking at their squad's roster and the obvious times they've civripped and repaired their PR)
  • They use sockpuppets to say the really nasty lies and insults. (notice the low post count, just-new look to the worst troll posts supporting Nazgul's POV; counting on the fact the moderators are too stupid/lazy to check IPs, or use anonymizers - easy to do, and why not?
  • They lie. why? because it's easy and why not? In their eyes "RP" is ghey anyways and merely the means to an end - ganking. Besides, they switch squads/pilot names enough that most don't build up a picture of them as habitual liars. (not a real smart thing to have as your known reputation)
  • they don't like admitting mistakes even when it's obvious. why? Roleplay. why not ignore one's mistakes? it's just a game...act the arrogant ass, because they can always change squads/pilots if they gain too low a rep.
  • They pick the easiest targets to pick on, and since those are usually the pariahs of the community they've feasted long and often during their unwelcome stay. (though i'm sure ND loves them to bits, seeing as how their code attracted these motherfuckers)

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