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Sentients (or, GMs that violate Darwin's law)

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 31, 2002 10:56 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Some Sentient Tips
S_K wrote:
These are just a couple things that will help keep pilots alive and help pilots destroy sentient threats much more quickly. If you want to kick some sentient ass, read this. And feel free to offer your own suggestions!!

What qualifies me to give these tips you ask? Well, nothing really. Sure, I have triple digit sent kills and I have been playing JG for a long time, but I am really not any "better" of a pilot than most of you. What follows is really just a bunch of ideas and suggestions. A lot of it is common sense. I hope someone finds it helpful.

Coordination is the key. The sents may be few in number, but they have very good ships and they are very well coordinated. No player can hope to simply take on a group of sentients effectively by himself.

The first thing to do is to start getting pilots together and set up a channel. Make sure to get as many of the sent-fighters on this channel as possible, preferably get all of them to join the channel. Whoever is available with the most experiance fighting sents should lead the attack force.

Once there is a large force that is able to communicate, ships should start heading to the sent area, all arriving through the same gate when possible. If pilots must arrive from different gates, they should still all group at the same gate. This gate should be the one that is closest to the nearest station.

The attack force should remain in the general vicinity of a gate whenever possible. Rather than chasing after the sents, pilots should let them come to the attack group. If they won't come of their own free will, a couple of pilots should bait them and lead them to the gate. KEEP THEM NEAR THE GATE!!!

The key is to keep the attack force together. The sentients will usually have superior speed and maneuverability compared to TRI ships and therefore have a very easy time breaking up the attack force and picking pilots off one by one. Also, if the attack force is grouped together near a gate, it will be easier for arriving reinforcements to join the battle immedietly.

For weapons, pilots should load up depending on the type of sentient. Currently, the most common type of sentient is the c9 against which, lasers are the weapon of choice. It is far more difficult to hit them with ammo and ammo also brings with it an added risk of accidently hitting other pilots. Missiles should not be used against the small, fast, maneuverable sentients. Missiles (especially MS) create more of a hazard to other pilots than they are a threat to c9 sents. Missiles will also lag up an already laggy situation.

Often, sents will start to disengage and run away at high speed when damaged. Don't chase them! By chasing them, you are playing right into their hands. There is nothing to be gained by chasing them because they are faster than your ship. They can run as long as they want to, rather you chase them or not. The reason they run and make you chase them is that they are trying to split up the attack fleet. If they can pull pilots out of the fleet, away from the gate, they can start picking them off one by one. Since the sents are faster than the ships attacking them, they can get to a pilot to gank him faster than ships from the attack fleet can arrive to assist him. Also, letting the sents lead you away from the gate reduces your chances of survival. If the situation starts getting bad, it is a much longer run to the safety of the gate.

Finally, it is an undisputed fact that the sents like to gank. When possible, a tow should be used (because of its high damage absorbtion) as the ganked ship. The sents will probably not gank a tow as their first choice, but they can be provoked into doing so. Once they are attacking the tow, pilots will have a good chance to damage the sents and the tow will be the ship absorbing the sentient damage.

In summary, the key is coordination between the pilots in the attack group. Stay together and stay around a specific gate, forcing the sents to stay in a contained area. Make sure to equip the right weapon for the type of sent and don't use unnecessary weapons that will only cause lag and danger for other pilots. Listen to the person with experiance in fighting sents and your chances of surviving the battle, as well as getting a kill yourself, will be greatly increased.
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 19, 2003 5:31 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

GMSilk wrote:
Sent pilots don't [have an agenda]. The sents themselves of course have one (I hope you appreciate the difference).

Hot damn! Last i heard Sents were NPCs following a strict *IC justification* that fit within a larger storyline we have yet to "research"...please explain to me how the very slimy connotation attached to Wertex's use of the word 'Agenda' can be cleaned up with a little spindoctoring? (Personally, i'd opt for having you saying something more intelligent than that semantic flame bait)
    i mean, i just thought this up on the fly ffs:
    Paraphrase of GMSilk (new and improved)
    "Sents & the GMs/OPs flying them have no agenda, per se. They follow our storyboard concept to the hilt...If you want to attribute "agenda" to an alien thought pattern that's your choice, though i'd hardly call it surprising you think Conflux can't take things personally if you just killed their cousin 2 times removed and his/her entire family on a vacation to pulsar."
come to think of it, why the hell can't you stop playing with your My1stSpinDoctor playset and start getting real?
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