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New EU FM event (amananth)

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 19, 2003 9:28 am    Post subject: New EU FM event (amananth) Reply with quote

offtopic Excuse me while i resize to microfiche scale the flammable comments i had while this was in Flame War forum.
This was in Gameplay section and i was tickled pink they have a new one...right up until i heard they repeated their old mistake that happened the first time i was around to bitch. (that old "TRI Rookies in Unreg" fiasco + "-100pr ov" bullshit)
    looks like they think it's exciting to prove how dangerous the FM is to n00bs...Nibbles even went so far as to glibbly suggest <lvl15 can't take the mission. (completely ignoring the fact it's BEEN the only long lasting FM since the christmas bonanza)
Pity. i'd worked so hard to get the cool facts of the mission only to have it ruined by MG's pigheaded stubborn bigoted policies. YET AGAIN.


ontopic anyways, the decent quotes i could find in the flame war surrounding this issue have been placed in the n00b primer thread. (note those quotes are opposite to my personal feelings on this "n00b gank" fiasco)

The 43% blank TRI mission is just the holdover from the recent one completed a week ago

Click above pic to see the jossh new's article, and go here to see the forum news article
offtopic the below was my original post to GMSilk in the form of a very flammable complaint "open letter" (i use that term loosely) I've resized it so i can justify moving this out from flame war forum.
please be on the alert. we have GM/OPs violating RoC by griefing n00bs in the mistaken impression they aren't mirroring what the very connotation of griefer is.
quote="GMSilk"]Ok, we agree that RS and the noob met the sent several times already. So they knew it was around.
If I was in a situation where I couldn't expect to win a fight with a sent, doing something that I know would make the sent mad at me and then see a sent and managing to get away, I either try to get the hell out of there or take the risk and hope I don't meet it again.
If RS would have fought the sent, the noob would have had enough time to flip the beacon and run. If the noob had run straight away, he would have escaped. But RS choose not to fight to buy time for the noob and the noob flew to the beacon and flipped it while the Sent was flying straight towards him singing songs. Even with these blatant mistakes, the noob would have escaped if he had tried to evade a bit, as the sent was intentionally trying to miss. [/B][/quote]
[irony]*shrug* seems cut and dried to me...looks like the sent was in the right...i mean, christ! it's not like the damned thing tubecamped the n00b -- in fact, according to this [spindoctor] it's the extreme opposite of griefing.[/irony]
Problem is...what the hell was a sentient even doing within sensor range of a n00b? That's like some cop busting the local pot dealer while some freak coke dealer sells his stuff on main street...There's enough excitement for n00bs without some bored sent pilot thinking "scaring" a n00b is 1337 RP.

I don't care if you plaster BIG NEONS SIGNS of warning...You've made yer bed, now sleep in it GM_ROC; If you want to gank n00bs be prepared to be judged by the same rules you enforce as "GMs" (personally, i think a GM killing a n00b for any reason is griefing)
    WTF do you think i have a big "TRI Rookies" is under probation for risking n00b lives at the top of my n00b FAQ. sheeesh
It be great if MG employeers weren't so bloody pig-headed and actually realized they screwed up here, there and practically everywhere when it comes to our community. (news flash! n00bs actually don't enjoy being raped, mr.clueless; and i'll bet they use the same 'stfu carebear' argument. sounds familiar...)

Ah yes, once again MightyGames proves beyond a shadow of a doubt they never learn from their mistakes since it's easier to DENY making them than using the old noggin instead of yer gonads! (i suppose they even think the entire server uniting against their sentients is somehow "good RP")
    ten to one they think n00b ganking is now a good way to get free publicity about a new FactionMission
puke way to go 'powertripping' morons! wtg

ontopic Anyways, here's what the mission popup says ingame...

Please note that for some godforsaken reason MG thought boosting the XP by a factor of three was a good idea after reading just a couple of wynars moan about it on the forum news thread, here (WINGAME buttons!!)

EDIT (Followup): Okay, here is at long last my suggestion since i'm tired of waiting for MG to kick start their imaginations. (took me about an hour to think up from start to finish)
  • revert to the original XP payout
  • patrol 1 beek only - do ten amananth faction missions in a row
  • the first FM will start at the farthest beek from amananth station and each subsequent FM would be one step closer
  • have one infestation happen per FM at the entrance to that beek's sector
  • the first infestation will have the lowest armour setting, and increasing in strength to max for the last FM
  • Use sentients that need to "power up" the infestation so it doesn't just appear 'deus ex machina'
  • Have this infestation occur at the height of the individual FM - usually the prime time of users online when the % reaches 90 (and there's enough sentients to make it interesting)
  • sentient attacks can occur at other times, i'm not restricting sentient activity to the periods of infestations, nor am i restricting infestation occurances to just this storyline/event
  • Avoid killing n00bs. period (even if n00b tries to kill sentient. a player under level10 cannot in any fashion pose any significant threat to such an ubership even if flown by elite pilots in any numbers)
  • n00bs being those who are still eligible to be mentored. (this will prevent smart asses from saying n00bs = invuln.shield period)
  • The reasoning behind this is that it's bloody difficult enough for them, and please don't use the exploit terminology. (there's already tonnes of twink expoits that are far less demanding)
  • As for the *IC justification* for not ganking n00bs even when it "threatens the willing suspension of disbelief" -- Ever watched Predator movies?
  • and let people try taking that allusion literally (non-n00bs stripping themselves of offensive gear) to exploit that concept...the sentients can't detect weapon loadouts so the *IC justification* would be that they've realized that anyone under lvl10 poses no significant threat, even if a n00b is attacking them. (the "predator" movie allusion isn't meant to be taken literally, it's just something to stretch your minds a bit...perhaps even think of a better analogy/allusion/metaphor)
  • And the inconsistences in this "no n00b killing" are as trivial as "why don't roids move?", "why's there no sun?", "why can't we see our pilot avatars?", "why are there only 9 planets in the TRI universe?", "why can't we orbit planets?"
  • and the inconsistences in what i'm asking. (ie. to not kill n00bs) is waaaaaaaay less 'inconsistent' than the economy/gear/mission/pvp SNAFU

Last edited by MajorFreak on Fri Feb 21, 2003 7:45 am; edited 11 times in total
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 24, 2003 8:47 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

OP-Toast wrote:
Sorry, I'm not cleared to discuss newbies with you any more...

GM/OP lurkers: np. i'd rather spend time on mining FAQs than throw myself on grenades that nobody thinks is close to anyone we care about. I mean, hell, i didn't know that newbie, right? What the hell, who cares if someone gets pissy about a silly gank. This is a game, right? If sentient RP clearly doesn't differentiate n00bs from high ranked TRI pilots, then that's that. It would have been nice to have an explanation why a "predator" type *IC justification* doesn't fit with MG's storyarc, but i guess that's simply because we're not supposed to know anything beyond the effects they have. okay, fine enough. i can operate with a complete void of feedback...scientists do it alla time.

General community (those few handful who haven't /ignored muffy)
Right then, we know sentients targetting options aren't "predator-like". That tells us a heck of a lot right there. The problems now arises with the fact sentients aren't rampaging like griefers in core stations. (we all know the best way to destroy TRI is to go after the recruits and demoralize them; that's what we'd do right?)
    okay, so we have an apparent contradiction that needs an unofficial *IC justification* which might even help us build up some kind of "how they think" manual for those of us silly enough to try the diplomacy route. hey! better something than a whole lot of nothing we get from MG, right? (if you count fluff as something, i've got some prime real estate in florida for sale)
So what's the best explanation for n00bs being targetted in amananth sector doing a FM that's anti-conflux in nature, and the lack of core station n00b ganking?? (which would be the most efficient means of destroying TRI) Beyond the *OOC* "DUH! go figure", i'd have to go figure that the recruitment of TRI pilots aids conflux machinations/agendas/whatever/whocares. It follows that Conflux agents like the ThriceSeven who converted are a valuable resource. (ignoring the fact ROLEPLAYING a conflux agent is, well, stupid if yer not OP/GM rank)
    what's this mean? Well, it means MG is really in need of basic mathematics skills. If poor wittle muffy can add 1+1, then the rest of us can too. even why. isn't. this. part. of. the. official. story. more. often.
Okay, so pretending MG can add 1+1 (shocker!) we have a situation where MG has decided that TRI goes out of it's way to bombard pilots with random news flashes instead of mentioning that, "yes, isn't it strange how conflux agents kill pilots of all ranks during an anti-flux FM, but fail to go on the offensive with deep strikes against our recruits near core stations"

OP-Toast wrote:
I'm gonna get bollocked for this, but I think I can justify it as a general RP discussion... Muffy, you're not thinking enough like a flux to be close enough to the official (and private - we've already got RP cover for not ganking all newbies on sight thx, and no we're not telling you yet [wouldn't want to spoil the storyline by giving out too much info, huh?) reason. Oh, and skybolt/edcluney (same guy) successfully RP'd a conflux agent during the bombing of Amananth (albeit with MG support in its final stages). Try to keep up

Well, gee wiz. that's about as NDA violating as i can imagine. They stall and stall and stall giving out "why" until i give up and guess, and then they blurt the answer like it was a "haha muffy got it wroooooong"?? wtf OP-Toast needs serious lessens in how to converse while talking about *IC* stuff. please see HERE if you don't understand.
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 01, 2003 10:25 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

storyline wrote:
I must warn you that while the Amananth patrol may seem to be easy, deadly sentient raiders been sighted in Amananth space.

gee. how many weeks since it began? it's 5%. "Easy" does not attractive make. (just look at scout "picture" missions. they're stupid easy; they're also ST00P1D!)

lol. gods. i told them to scrap it and start anew with smaller chunks instead of thinking anyone in their right minds does patrol missions of TEN sectors. period (i didn't state that exactly, but it sure was heavily implied)
    i'm working on detailed mission template analysis, so i'm sorry if i can't show how inefficient patrol/scout missions are related to all the other methods of levelling
I'd shuffle this off to Flame War forum, again, but this is illustrative of the official mindset (and very close to why i'll eventually say what killed this game)
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