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Dealing with Hate Mail (& ingame abuse)

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 09, 2003 1:05 am    Post subject: Dealing with Hate Mail (& ingame abuse) Reply with quote

Nim wrote:
If you send any of the offending email's to MG make sure that you include all the headers. It should then be a reasonable simple matter to trace the culprit right back to the server through which the mail was injected and, consequently, the culprits ISP. They will be able to find them from there and, once the scum is identified, well......

Wyx, I am sad to see this happen to you. I've only met you the once and you looked remarkably blurry and out of focus for some reason, but you seemed like a nice person. Fell has also told me of the kind of person that you are, your inner strength, I know, he is very impressed with.

Personally I think you should channel your displeasure into a campaign of revenge. I am sick and tired of the nasty people and the damage they do. They should begat more in return than they dish out.

Right. i'm pretty sure you're not supposed to forward the email, but save it as email file and send as attachment? I think it's high time i looked up tutorials on how to do this...
Xyleth wrote:
Nor for sure. There are plenty of ways to make yourself anonamous on the internet.

I'll admit they require at least half a functional brain and I'll also permit the point that the little turd who did this (may he burn in a hell of his own making for eternity) problaby only has two or three functional brain cells at best, but there is always the chance that they took some precatuions

hmm yeah, that's probably the case, but remember criminals are dumb and usually slip up. especially the bragging kind. too bad noone sticks around long enough to care.
BigBang wrote:
I posted this before anyone receiving unwanted emails can use this piece of free software to delete them before they even rexeve them, it's called mailwasher and is available from . I've used it for a long while to get rid of the barrage of Korean porn i get (don't ask) it bounces the email from the server giving the sender the idea that the mail address is no longer in use. Hope this helps anyone affected.
Agard wrote:
for info: I find very useful for tracking back spam mail (those which dont know how to hide source properly) and for those port scanning my pc

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 12, 2003 6:38 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

ND General forum thread
heck! while we're at it, let's deal with nasty popups & banners!
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 26, 2003 7:26 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

EU server OOC abuse protocols
JG_Saga wrote:
I have a question (Player Behavior related)
If you're insulted while you're flying around, for no reason whatsoever, is there anything you can do to report the offender? Notice it is a totally OOC offense, so no roleplay excuses apply.
Xyleth wrote:
If it's obvioulsy OOC abuse and you have a screen shot of it (always have to have a screen shot) then mail it to MG ( ??) or direct to one of the GMs (can't remember which, sure someone else can tell you). That is the established process.
JG_Saga wrote:
Yes, it was pretty obviously OOC. Is there a specific key to take screenshots in JG, or does Print Screen works just as well?
GM_Iskander wrote:
Print Screen copies a screenshot into your clipboard. You can paste it into Paint or Photoshop. Or you can tell me in an email what words to search for in the server's chatlog.

screenshot programs i use for exploration and research, but can be used for this sort of thing:
Active Screenshot FAQ
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