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/PoD wishlist (ala. FireMarshallBill)

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 05, 2003 7:18 am    Post subject: /PoD wishlist (ala. FireMarshallBill) Reply with quote

FuzzyDice wrote:
Workin like this for example:

Pilot A targets Pilot B, types /pod <amount>,
Pilot B gets a message sayin he's been issued a PoD demand for x credits by Pilot A,
Pilot A gets his status changed from /Ally to /Pirate (or maybe more easily gets a temp bounty) until Pilot A docks to clear his status.

This command would be for PoDding in regulated space only and all other podding in reg space would be stated griefing. Also the command would be limited for maximum amount of 250k and larger PoDs wouldn't work.
Mulligan wrote:
And why would TRI issue a temporary bounty to someone that has just attempted to extort 250k from a pilot? They either (a) get paid (dock at nearby station to clear tempbounty, after all - you were sitting outside the station typing /pod <binky the trader> as they approached the docking rings, weren't you?) or (b) you don't get paid so *bang*, nothing changes - one more [civ]rip or dock and try the next unsuspecting victim. It doesn't "solve" anything.

This is assuming that the /ally to /pirate targeting code isn't implemented, which it probably won't be given past history. Man, I sound like Muffy now. I need another beer.

Living Color (school skit; paraphrase) wrote:
Howdy, kids! I know what yer thinkin' "We're all perfectly safe in The Reaches sector", right? Wrong! Just about everything you see in there is a potential hazard. Let me show ya somethin' Let's just say yer changing the radar setting in this here...c-c-c-cockpit, and ya accidentally set it to minimum like so *BEEP* Later that night, you jump into Reaches sector and head off to the other jumpgate but start drifting towards Emma. SURE! Looks like fun, but it can be very very deadly. Now, let's just say yer about to realize your radar setting is at minimum, but a griefer types "/PoD 1" and ya get a popup. Saaaaaaay, those miners did a nifty job on Emma. Shall we study it's basic elements? You're heading towards it and it's pitch black. A DEADLY COMBINATION! Lemmie show ya somethin' Let's just say for the sake of argument that your friendly PoD popup opens just as you notice you're about to have carnal knowledge of Emma. You've got your 'Deny PoD' under one finger on your keyboard and your FlashFire button under another on your joystick, but you get confused and next thing you know. *BOOM*
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 06, 2003 6:19 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

rey23 wrote:
PIrat must simple type /pod <pilotname> and in that moment victim must see dialog box

warning u poded
pay 250k or die
if yes - money automatically transferred - if no - automatically exploded
or more simple - money transferred and victim destroyed together

or even more simple - i see a great red window
"unfortunately u meet a pirate
ur ship destroyed
ur account decreased for 250k credits
have a nice day assheaded miner"

rofl lmao 8O X_X
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