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phpBB version 2.0.4 released!

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 18, 2003 9:13 am    Post subject: phpBB version 2.0.4 released! Reply with quote

we are on version 2.0.1

i'm requesting permission to update the forums. i've backed up the forums already and will be awaiting the word to proceed. Once i do get permission from MadCat, i'll be backing the forum database and all image files i've done so far (and a smiley pack) and updating...It'll take a while, since i think MC hardly checks the forums anymore.

PhP news article
PhP forum announcement
PhP download page


Added check for non-empty smiley code and url in smiley admin
Deny inline topic review listing to users without auth_read permissions
Prevent display of topic notification checkbox if user cannot read forum
Fixed deletion of uploaded avatars when changing to remote/gallery
Remove email to group moderator when approving new members
Fixed non-handling of HTML in poll options
Fixed moved shadow topic from being bumped upon reply
Fixed inability of admins to upload avatars via user admin panel
Fixed non-deletion of private message text upon full box overwrite
Fixed incorrect alt-text for "Stop Watching Topic" image
Fixed non-check of permissions when deleting a topic via Moderator Control Panel
Check approved users boxes by default in usergroup approve form
Fixed non-notification of no support for certain databases in backup/restore
Allow deletion of avatar and simultaneous upload/linking/gallery selection
Fixed non-updating of user rank when changing from special to normal rank in rank admin
Fixed non-deletion of announcements and polls when removing forum contents in forum admin
Fixed non-pruning of watched topics table when pruning related topics
Fixed database utilities failing to backup data with MySQL
Fixed signature parsing in User Admin
Fixed ability of users to edit polls even after they have received votes
Altered PM icon to show new image until messages have been read
Fixed unread and new PM user counters to decrement appropriately in all situations
Fixed inability to edit username of guest poster - vHiker
Fixed ability for guests to post with certain registered usernames
Fixed incorrect field size for forum pruning - preventing days > 256
Fixed inability to use ftp as a protocol for the [img] tag
Fixed incorrect handling of [img] tags containing %20 encoded spaces
Added workaround for modcp IP lookup and links to Anonymous user profile
Fixed broken bbcode parsing of quotes containing bbcode in the "username"
Fixed excess slashes in [quote=""] first pass encoding
Fixed bbcode quote breaking when username contained ] before [
Rejiggled validation code, may eliminate "Username disallowed" issues
Fixed differing initial "public" setting of forum permissions between different files
Added check for invalid (non-compliant) email addresses to upgrade script
Added GMT + 13 to English lang_main, all translators are encouraged to do likewise
Update users watched topic if a post they made is split into a new topic

1.ii. Changes since 2.0.2
Fixed (hopefully) issue with MS Access and multiple pages

1.iii. Changes since 2.0.1
Fixed potential gallery avatar exploit - Ashe
Fix sorting of smileys on each function call - Ashe/psoTFX
Fix regex for avatar remote urls
Fix non-updating of user post counts when deleting whole topics
Set default forum when splitting topics
Fix non-deletion of uploaded avatars when switching to gallery
Allow ( and ) in BBCode [url] tags
Fix avatar issues in user admin
Fix missing Username label in user admin
Fix typo that could cause problems with sorting in the memberlist
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 21, 2003 7:56 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

hmmmmm...well, i didn't notice any changes at all. so weird. hmmmm.
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 22, 2003 4:32 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

ooopsie. slight problem. posts not showing up on the index, etc until you press "Refresh"...i went and asked for help, here
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