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United Mining Exploration Commission: A group of friends playing JumpGate-- "a MMORPG that launched smoothly, breaks from fantasy character setting, emphasizes PvP, and is the first persistent world space simulator that nobody talks about." ~Scorch
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PJG pimps JG to Penny Arcade...

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 08, 2001 9:13 am    Post subject: PJG pimps JG to Penny Arcade... Reply with quote

Thread on PA on PJG

Comic Strip: realtime mmog? where?

The conversation came up when we were checking out Final Fantasy XI pics at The GIA. Gabe has this sort of all-purpose jihad against what he thinks are "turn-based" games, which is well documented. Here's the thing, though: when truly pressed (that's the comic) on which games are and aren't "real-time," he can't really tell you. He was under the impression that the time between his attacks in UO was entirely lag-related, and I've probably ruined his rosy recollection of the game with my infernal truths. The problem is that any game which does not have a one-to-one correlation between him clicking and and individual attack falls, by default and probably unfairly, into the reviled "turn-based" category.
Basically, let's email him and tell him about JumpGate...Seems a nice opening to let him show Gabe an example of a "RealTime" mmog.

To that end i just emailed him this:
    Dear Tycho;

    Love yer comics! Sorry, no i haven't sent you any donations. *g*
    About your musings about any massively multiplayer games having realtime combat, we at JumpGate (the rabid fanboi's) have decided to plug our sorry excuse for an internet addiction to you.

    "...Do any massively multiplayer games have real time combat, yet?"
    Why yes, there's one that's retail since September, 2001. It's called "JumpGate", and was developed by NetDevil and published by 3DO. As for fighting Crustaceans? hell yeah! we get to do that all the time...We call them "Conflux" and they look like purple lobsters. *g* These "Conflux" are the only version of AI ships in the game and we get to kill them mercilessly)

    As for killing real live pilots? here's an example in technicolor:
    That screenshot shows a brave human pilot attempting to evade a missile...Unfortunately for "Innominate" his light fighter exploded shortly after i took this pic. (BTW, there was a distinct lack of clicking going on...not to mention nary a whiff of lag)

    UMEC squadron, JumpGate pilot
    Quantar's Chief Cartographer
    P.S. I hope i'm the zillionth JumpGate fan that you have relegated to the SPAM bin. *g*

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 10, 2001 10:32 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

w000t! w000t!! we gotta response!!!
Gossip gets all misty eyed
Looks like we've got recognition from our favorite comic strip.
Tycho wrote:
Anytime one says that there isn't something, and seeks to be resolute about it, it is only a matter of time before they are proven wrong. I'd known about Jumpgate, because I'd received frequent reports from joyous beta testers - but it falls a little outside the prime continuum of most multiplayer RPGs. It seems to take its cues from Privateer and the original Trade Wars, which - while you're taking cues, and all - are pretty good ones to take.

MajorFreak wrote:
PA forums
"IMHO, i've a lot of friends tell me that JumpGate lacked CONTENT. (ships, economy, missions, things to see and people to do)

I love this game because i played Privateer1 for months and yearned for a multiplayer option in a persistent universe. This game gives me that SPACE SIMULATOR experience in a mmog. (Sort of like Allegiance, but with less AI and a more persistent universe) The great thing about a SIM game is you don't get Elitist players dominating the game with 1337 player skillz and character stats. (though you do have to deal with politics if you stick yer nose into any MMOG)

FYI, you don't get to jump out of your ship and wander around in an avatar on a station or planet. It's all ship, no nude elves! (the economy and mission formats need improvement, but are okay if you just joined and don't know all the quirks yet)

You can shoot newbies if they wander into the wrong can even shoot any midlevel character anywhere in space. Though it's not a PKgriefer's dream world *g* (the penalties to XP for running amok are pretty ludicrous, atm; Not to mention the poor support for PvP pirates currently...)

To whit, if you want an "EQ in space" try waiting for "Eve online" or "Earth and Beyond" to arrive in stores near you; Don't try JumpGate if you want a carebear/clickfest fantasy life."

UMEC squad
Quantar's Chief Cartographer

BTW, i betatested for 8 months straight and am into my 2nd month retail. I guess you could call me a biased fanboi (most people call me a troll)

I still play this game (now in it's 3rd month of retail with no major networking problems) hoping that the developers continue their trend of releasing regular patches that tend to give us things "they think we asked for." *g* (and yes, the forums are bitch-fests. :razz: What forum isn't?!)

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 17, 2003 1:10 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


oh look, ND forums have commentary on PennyArcade today:
Tryon wrote:
Hrm, now that I've spent 30 seconds or so thinking about it, Penny Arcade just might be the way to go for ND/Themis. I'm talking about advertising here. I know that when Penny Arcade ran an ad for “A Tale in the Desert” (a “social experiment”/MMORPG), the game was undulated with new players that had become interested due to the PA ad. I know that ND/Themis has advertised with Scott Kurtz in the past through PVP online, but it wouldn’t hurt to try another one of the largest read web comics on the net.

Maybe someone should give Tycho or Gabe a call and see what they charge for advertising. Also, give Scott another call and see if he can come up with some new stuff for EP2 (I loved the ads with Francis and Brent last year). Given Scott’s current theme going on (the gang playing SW:G), it’d fit in pretty well. Plus, it never hurts to try!
Goatbert wrote:
Actually I brought this up to Archon a week or two ago and it sounds like JG will be advertising on PA in the not-so-distant future.

I hope its really successful, I wouldn't mind seeing more than 80 pilots on at a time :)

there's two hits on PA forums for "jumpgate"...i was going to check those earlier. good thing that thread reminded me. (oh, nm, it's just totalnoob pimping JG)
    he didn't manage to elicite any comments pro or con

BTW, you can catch the PvPonline advert blurb here
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 17, 2003 1:52 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Yeah, I suck at pimping :grin:
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PostPosted: Sat Jul 19, 2003 9:15 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

GM_Virgil wrote:
We actually advertise with PvP and PA on a fairly regular basis, for a number of different projects. As for Jumpgate, the limiting factor has been the budget allotted to advertising. That said, you should see a bunch of ads for JG up soon, in a variety of places - we're just waiting for them to come up in the site schedules. For most of the sites we work with, it takes a bit for banner rotations to open up.

A temporary no cc program while those ads are running? That's not going to happen - it's pretty much standard practice now, for accountability reasons. The credit card is used to verify the billing address, which is used for account ownership identification. This allows us to make sure that the free trials aren't abused nearly as much as they could be. Not to mention that, statistically, there is a very slim chance that someone that is unwilling to enter in a credit card for a trial would then be willing to enter one in to subscribe to the game. The vast majority would be free trials by players with no intent to actually subscribe. While the number of trials created would go up, the conversion rate would drop accordingly.

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