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RE/SP suggestions

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 30, 2003 6:51 pm    Post subject: RE/SP suggestions Reply with quote

RazorsKiss wrote:
RPC's should be seen not only at stations, but in space. Dr._Qson is so popular because she has been very "action" oriented. Brother_Io does well in this regard as well.

a) Enforcers should be common, not infrequent. One of the best things I've seen, RP-wise, in this game is when the Enforcers showed up to fight the Soulthieves at Gurge/Evening's End. Very, very good to see, and very fun to interact with TRI's "fighter jocks".

b) Reporters, if they are writing a story, should be there - in their TRI shuttles - for a firsthand account. Make them superfast, so they aren't "easy kills", but they should be there.

c) The player actions should influence the story - regardless of whether it is good, or bad. There has to be a visible presence, in space, for a pilot to influence in any direction they choose. The transition between in-game, and out of it should be as seamless as possible. If Frank Verbis is wanted for murder - why doesn't he tell us on the forums, like everyone else does, why he's innocent? Let TRI Defense, or whoever is after him, show evidence to the contrary.

F4 Roleplay
Roleplay over f4 is almost always a bad one.
If only one person, and the RPC, know about it - what is the likelihood (since the conversation usually spans quite a while) that the person that was contacted will not only share that information, but post it in public?

a) If a secret needs to be shared, f4 roleplay is appropriate. Don't underestimate, however, the human need to have secrets. In most cases, the knowledge that they alone know a certain detail will ensure that it does not get shared. Don't expect information sharing to happen. There's a LOT of people good at keeping secrets.

b) Don't make something a secret to one person that could be a secret to a group. A small group, say 4-5, is the best unit for accomplishing most objectives in Jumpgate. Anything larger tends to be unwieldy, anything smaller tends to be ineffective. My suggestion? Use a well-traveled sector, or a mildly busy station to transact Roleplay. Use whoever is available - if they think they need help, they will most likely ask their squadmates. A well-traveled sector will yield several random squads - which will yield you a good turnout.

Yield to the temptation of "randomness". Pick a character. Pick something he/she is interested in today. Go investigate it. See who helps. See who hinders. Once you're done, write it up.

Here's an example.

Say... Brother_Io is concerned about the low in-flight numbers of Quantar pilots. Have him authorize a bonus for Quantar pilots only - bring such and such commodity - every towload gets 10 million credits. This bonus is also a thinly disguised move to take contruction materials needed at Hyperial to upgrade the docking facilities.

Hyperial doesn't like this plan. Commander Lou Bade makes a counter offer. 10 million credits for every Quantar tow kept from it's destination.

Now. The tows get 10 million for a successful dock at QC. But, they know Hyperial has people after them! So, they offer to share with their escorts...


A TRINN reporter has been hearing about the constant battles at OP between Squad X and Squad Y - the reporter gets in their TRI shuttle, and does interviews. Do a human interest story on a squad. On a pilot. On anything. Surprise us. Something in-game, pilot-related, and relevant to our everyday "life". Honestly, what Sarath V has to say means as much to me, as a pilot, as that water dripping out of the bathroom faucet.

GM support
Seriously. If you want constant news, ask us. We'll write it.

If a player announces a RP of any kind, announce it. We're that hard up. Have a reporter show up to cover it, if it's an event of some kind - do a play by play over the f5. If it's a combat event, have an Enforcer show up to "keep the peace".

Accept news submissions from squads/pilots again. Make a submission form on JOSSH, that if you want to see news about squads, wars, factional issues, and individual pilot efforts, you submit it. If it's well-written, post it. I'm not talking "glory-hounds". I'm talking "Squad X declares war on Squad Y" - Response from Squad Y is... Here's TRINN's take on it...

Official Storyline
We need an Official Storyline thread where new players or new-to-JG's-RP players can get up to speed and join in the fun both IN GAME and on the forums.

Either a thread, or a site address, that shows where exactly we are, with who, and where.

We need a calendar of sorts. We need a new Galaxy Gossip. A daily summary. Something. I spend 2-3 hours a day dredging every tidbit of news out of 7-8 places, daily. I'm not kidding.

Do you want a new Galaxy Gossip? Hell, I'll write it. I'm not kidding either. I'll do it every other day. Something. But we need it.
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