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Muffy bites the head off a carebear

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 24, 2003 2:50 pm    Post subject: Muffy bites the head off a carebear Reply with quote

MG general forum thread
on "pirate scum" and how "griefers" are making people "quit" (ie. oh woe is me the reason teh game sucks is because the community sucks)

Luma_Morod wrote:
I'm beginning to get more and more convinced that Muffy is right. JG is a game where PvP fighting took, and takes, some serious consideration and all the other elements are just there to add some colour and background.

If this was a truly persistent universe that simulates a growing and developing space faring civilization, the ruling authority would provide the means to assure the safety of the Reconstruction. Meaning a police.
We have to rely on vigilantes for safety and we all know that it is not the best of ways to do things.

On that note one should take a peek at my "PvP Playstyles" thread, here
MajorFreak wrote:
*bleh* in general, i do know the utter despair of which you folks speak. I've seen good friends quit over Rollio's "roleplay"...i'm hardly immune to the horrible affect ND's PvP policy has on the community culture on both servers. (not talking about the "inhibitor chip" scandal at all, though it's a symptom of their singlemindedness)
    i mean, come on, give me some credit here
*blah* BTW, i do know the honour your squad upholds. The squad i joined holds you folks in high regard, so i'm not flapping my lips merely for exercise here...

FYI, you must realize that this "pvp issue" is just one among many GAMEPLAY issues that are simply moronic, but easy to juryrig a temporary fix, betaquality "bells & whistles"...In other words, regardless of how "central" PvP is to this Sci-Fi Space Sim MMOG, it doesn't mean PvPs the main reason people leave. (though it's certainly the most popular "straw that broke the camel's back")
    the one reason i believe the EU server is populated HELLA more than US server is that MG doesn't buy the load of BS about how "farmers" and "Quakeinspacers" and "Anti-RPers" are somehow the game's niche market clientele...MightyGames does so much for the EU server's popularity: The bannings, the economy tweaks, the PoD limit (hopefully made obsolete by /give removal), and the support for n00b Rookie squads, the support for, the FACTION MISSIONS, and a host of really cool shit (warts and all).

    unfortunately, regardless of MGs or TGs effort, my point is that NetDevil's betatest quality pvp, ships, missions and economy are so poor that Gameplay for the most part (beyond "farming/quaking/nullRP" ah-ti-tude) sucks loads. capiche?
Sorry for the tangent. I was talking about "Straws" "Camels" and chiropractors...oh right! PvP may be the most popular flame war topic (mainly because it's got so many rabid fanbois on the hardcore side), but it certainly doesn't prove it's the main problem. Far from it. But the point i'm attempting to make is that it's not THE COMMUNITY'S lack of understanding, but NETDEVIL's vigilante mindset. (kick em when down; quaker/farmer/nonRPer/powergamer ah-ti-t00d)
Druid_ wrote:
You have to remember that pilots who fly in unreg with hg tags on are advertising the fact that they want a fight. This tends to advertise the squads tags and they stick in peoples minds.

We have pvp pilots in RD as do MA im sure but they choose not to break the squad rules and we enforce them ridgidly. Should anyone break these rules they are kicked end of. This rigidity meens the rep of squads like us gets known to all the pvp guys who we get on well with because we know where we stand. This is not to say we dont pvp if we want to but it is only in a controlled RP style . Our RP's are ridigly controlled and ROE's are enforced .

What I am trying to explain is if you act with honour and respect you can gain respect and some freedom within this game. But you have to have the right people behind the squads to do this. Its no good asking a pvp squad for an NAP ie TDP and then go about blasing on :eng chanell where they are to all and sundry . OV have started more wars over people not acting with honour than most and rightly so .
The original topic was about Community and it's "failings" ...this brings up another topic. Honour. (specifically, the quote by BaadF00d, here) Not to mention the "Carebear" point of view, here and the combined "Playstyles" linkage is here
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