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New Miner

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 20, 2003 3:22 am    Post subject: New Miner Reply with quote

Name: Blackwing
Age: 24
Planet of Birth: Perasca
Current place of living: Corridor station
Ship name: Falcon's Shadow

I was first drawn to the life of a miner by my fascination of space. Growing up on Perasca gave me the chance to continue my growing obsession of space travel and exploration.

I came from a long line of miners and I was expected to follow in my ancestors' foot steps. At a young age, I joined up with the Jenos School of Mines, and began my early training towards my future. I slowly worked my way up within the system to the point where I was able to head out into space on my own, mining anything I could find.

But there was something that was still bothering me about the life I had chosen. It wasn't just following in my ancestors' foot steps that brought me out into space, it was the chance to explore and to feel completely in awe with the sighte one can see.

Sensing my growing distaste of the job at hand, I turned in my resignation with the company I had been with and began to explore. At first it was absolutely fantastic. Everything that I could dream about I was finally starting to see. But after awhile I began to realize that I was living without a purpose. I had been moving around from sector to sector without and sense of need. I had forgotten my true destiny of following my ancestors.

And then I came upon your squadron and your devotion to the rebuilding of our galaxy. Finally I had found my purpose. Mining and exploring for a reason. It is now time to continue my obsession with space.

(ooc) As with Ionus this is my first attempt at an ic story. I hope you liked it. I am new to UMEC and I look forward to meeting all of you in the game at some time.
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