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Obsolete Combat FAQ

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Chief WO4
Chief WO4

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 01, 2004 12:38 pm    Post subject: Obsolete Combat FAQ Reply with quote

Arleonenis wrote:
Losing bs when you are unprepared isn`t very difficult, try to hit with main cannons a orbiting around you (5km) ship (cruiser) and you will know what i`m talking about.
Many mission runners aren`t a npc farmers, they don`t know how to fight with multiple enemies and they outfit isn`t very good for that kind of tasks.
Especially jumping to 40km to few cruisers, no hardeners, no shield boosters(!!!!), no web to catch target and finish with main guns, no drones to short range support and decoys... all of this makes mission runners a easy target for npc`s.

personally, as a n00b i find myself with no ability to equip anything other than the "civilian shield booster" (which needs no fancy skills) especially when i've invested in a social networking character. Though, the gallente drone capacity and default skills really saved my bacon.

Anyways, i'm amarr based and was testing out gallente characters just for the hell of it (not)
  • most important thing is to put that civilian shield booster to autorepeat and keep it on your hud display
  • your n00b gallente frigate can power 2 Light Ion Blaster 1s with the booster (slot 1 is free) with enough capacitor storage for use all at once -- HAVE YER FINGERS ON F1 & F2 TO ACTIVATE THEM
  • make sure you get some "Hobgoblin" drones cause they dish out the best damage quickly (though if you didn't specialize you can only control one of them, but hey! -- MAKE SURE YOU HAVE DRONE BAY OPEN
  • Your scanner should also be open before and during combat because without targetting skills you can only target 2 ships. here's a pic of the auto scan settings you'll want.
  • you MUST set a rally point outside the system you're going to be fighting in so if your HULL starts taking damage you can hit "autopilot" (course, even at low levels there are missions that have AI ships that block you from warping the mission journal entry for red text)
  • for gallente turrets, unless you branch out, don't equip short range ammo. have long range ammo (iron charges) equipped and antimatter charges in your cargo bay just in case your enemies are zipping around you close quarters
  • your drone(s) should be launched once the enemy has targetted and is approaching you. that way they'll be ignored, but that means you'll have to click on them and order and attack of the target you've locked and selected (they'll not need any more prompts after that) you can "select all" not only from the drone bay but their minipopup making their window larger
  • make sure once your primary target is almost dead that you select the next locked target as primary so you can set your approach vector of choice, plus get the lasers firing on it as well without skipping a beat
well, that's about it...i took some pics of the battles i've had so far and i hope i can find one that will illustrate what should happen once you've warped into kill mission area.

  • between pics 1 & 2 you should does three things at once:
    1. launch your drones -- first thing you do when you warp in and are able to do anything
    2. then you target the closest target in range.
    3. Order your launched drone(s) to attack. they'll continue to attack anything in range, as long as you've target locked the first threat and ordered an attack after it's highlighted
I took the 2nd pic right as i'm ordering the approach pattern. Approach patterns are always going to depend on your combat style. The gallente Tristan frigate has 300m3 drone bay, 1 missile slot, 3 gun slots and a misc hi slot. It's got enough speed and mid/low spots to be a serious threat. I prefer to order an orbit 500m range to maintain top speed and dodge slower tracking turrets of 'rats.
  • between pics 2 & 3 you must engage your shield boosters (maintain visibility on these and rely on the function keys to enable your weapons)oh yes, another few things of note:
    Setting waypoints for complex courier missions:
    Don't you hate it when some stupid agent tells you to go here, there and everywhere but isn't polite enough to set the waypoints for you? Well, i figured out an easy way to set them up...Open up the journal mission details with your people&places set to search for stations. well, here's the pic:

    And here's a gander at the level 2 frigate skill ships that are equivalent across the races:

    And here's the level 3 frigates i found close in stature to a combat vessel for munchkin n00b style play:

    and do the tutorials and training missions. the latter because you get 1.0 standing in your faction, once you've done the last one, and that's REALLY handy (think there's only seven of them)
      that's probably close to double the rate you normally get, and they're ALL in-system

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