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TAOSP Battle Report: RaiD Ent. Training Exercise

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 19, 2003 12:54 pm    Post subject: TAOSP Battle Report: RaiD Ent. Training Exercise Reply with quote

Atlas (RaiD corp) wrote:
Due to TAOSP´s open war on Endless Corporation and open hostilities towards RaiD Enterprises, we have decided to declare war.
Molle (TAOSP corp) wrote:
3 days have now passed. The gemini region has been revived.

In all fairness, we must state that the Raid war declaration is a joke. They have prepared nothing, done nothing, shoot no one, not even shown their faces. Raid, go back to playing with lego. This is the big guys pond. And I'm sad to say that you do not qualify at all. We were hoping you would show up for some decent fighting since our warriors are getting bored, but nope. Nada. The whole of your fleet of 7 pilots, has not been visible anywhere. If you are declaring a war, and then go to sleep, we don't really see the point of even declaring the war. Jonathan Pride, this war declaration is a joke and it has failed miserably. Now, either get into your ships and show some action, or butt out. We got better things to do then sit around and wait for you to show up anywhere.

Words is not enough, make them count, or shutup.
Shin (TAOSP corp) wrote:
The Gemini region may be unstable, but those who have the determination are able to operate within it. You say that it is impossible to achieve anything, we say it's just difficult. This illustrates the basic differences between our mindset and yours.

I will have you know that in the span of 2 days the pilots in Gemini defeated a total of 4 battleships that had been terrorizing the region. Two were with other individuals who deserve equal credit. The other two we defeated alone.

It is your choice to believe me or not. Of course as battleships are unavailable in even the most secret blackmarkets in Gemini, you surely will have a clue as to who possessed these battleships. You can ask them yourselves to confirm my statement.

The anomalous conditions in Gemini affect us all equally. If we are able to operate and hunt for an enemy who, after declaring war on us, makes excuses as to why they cannot battle with us in earnest, then we have every right to call them weak.

Or perhaps we were wrong to assume that the war was to have taken place in Gemini. Maybe RaiD's war is intended to take place in their own minds where pilots fight with words and ships are fuelled by fiction.
ThunderCloud (phoenix rising corp (ec splinter squad)) wrote:
I wish all involved in this war a quick ending, because hostilities is certainly not a favorable decison to make against another.

However, I do not think TAOSP is just ready to just roll over and die. They have proven to be quite the hyena. I do not doubt the EC war machine can prove to be a formidable force, but I do not believe simply adding another brother-in-arms will suppress this pack of scavengers. It will take a high concentration of fire-power and vigilant defense to keep TAOSP from getting what they want.

However, I must admit I am mearly speculating.

I bid you all good day.
Kemical (EC corp) wrote:
Speaking for myself...EC tossed TAOSP a bone when we publicly awknowledged their existence... Thats not a reason to inflate your already swollen ego's. And you certainly dont base your entire reputation on it. I would tread carefully, if you wish to take your new bone and show it to Raid... They are the bigger dog. Good day.
Molle (TAOSP corp) wrote:
The "bigger dog" has no bite. Mearly a weak bark. And the mighty EC's bite is still as weak as it ever has been. Peacekeepers? lol. They sure do keep the peace, probably trying to calm things down internally instead of seing that their own pilots are getting slaughtered as soon as they show their faces.

Until todays date, there has not been a single casualty in our fleet caused by either Raid nor EC. The bigger dog needs to get teeth so it can bite. Remember, words don't count when you can't back them up, so either put up, or shutup. So, mighty fleet of EC and Raid, are you going to get your act together or are you going to keep throwing words only at us? If that is your goal, to shout us to death, and insult us to death, i wish you luck. We will be waiting where it counts and where **** blow up.

Sit Ubu, sit.
    IRC chat wrote:
    [05:54] <MajorFreak> you know WTF they ar5e on about with the ghey assed RP?
    [05:55] <MajorFreak> is EC at war with TAOSP?
    [05:55] <Starfisher> yeah
    [05:55] <MajorFreak> after or before the silly raid squad declared?
    [05:55] <Starfisher> last i read, taosp was attacking their pilotss cause it made them money was fun
    [05:55] <MajorFreak> lol
    [05:55] <Starfisher> so EC pulled out all the RP guns, and now they're at war

Shin (TAOSP corp) wrote:
Mission Start: 0100; 18-Jan-2003
"Like a thief in the night"

Hunt RaiD corporation members
Test multi-phased tactical operations

3 task groups consisting of 5 cruisers each: Alpha, Beta, Gamma.

Having discovered RaiD Enterpises corporation offices in Urag III several weeks
before RaiD declared war on TAOSP, once the war declaration was made a 24/7
rotational watch had been set up encompassing the vicinity of the station all
the way to Gashnag. Primary purpose being to monitor all RaiD and Endless
Corporation traffic in the area.

On 18-Jan at approximately 0000 hours, RaiD ships were spotted at Gashnag I
and immediately tailed to the Filparel constellation. TAOSP battle groups
standing ready were alerted and ships, formed into 3 task groups, headed off
to rendezvous at Belfinor at the boundary between the Imunil and Filparel

Standing orders for the task groups were as follows:

Alpha: Assault team. Objectives being to prevent RaiD ships from escaping,
cause maximum casualties and lure out any enemy forces in the event of an

Beta: Containment team. Objectives being to blockade Urag III station, prevent
any ship from entering and eliminate any ship leaving the station.

Gamma: Variable operations. Objectives being to support Alpha or Beta as

TAOSP forces start from Belfinor and commence a series of jumps to Urag III.
However due to jumpgate anomalies considerable delays were incurred and it was
apparent that RaiD forces were more and more likely to dock in the station.
The operation being at risk of failing due to delays, an override was called
and all ships were immediately ordered to make all possible speed to Urag III
and comence blitz tactics.

Combat was sudden and frantic as the initial clash commenced. RaiD was caught
completly off guard and lost ship after ship even as TAOSP forces continued to
warp into the station's vicinity. When the last member of the task group
arrived, all that was left of RaiD were frozen corpses and floating cargo.

Dormy of RaiD Enterpises was the only one allowed to escape for undisclosed

The TAOSP forces remained in the vicinity for 30 minutes before proceeding to

Multi-phased tactical combat will have to be tested on a future date. However,
a clear message was sent to RaiD Enterprises.

Mission tallies:
TAOSP losses: 0
RaiD losses: over 10 frigates

Mission End: 0230

My reply/opinion wrote:
RaiD and plotholes

Yes, i remember this stuff. It's called 'carebear powergaming'.

That's the bit where people, who think they know how to roleplay from reading harlequin romances, making grandiose claims about this and that epic venture that treads on real toes of real squads of real players. They declare war and expect pistols and sabres at high noon with poetry reading afterward...Which is all fine and good if you like harlequin romances.

I'm sure it would be nice to fight these staged events where noone loses and everyone keeps their honour by using *OOC* means to ensure this outcome. But, you know what? It makes a mockery out of *ICA=ICC* by allowing girly-men to get away with flouncing around in tu-tus.

In any event, i'm sure RaiD will run some "damage control" by hiring some spindoctors to write some decent poetry for once, but it'll still be a harlequin romance.

It's a shame RaiD doesn't know how to Roleplay for real. Maybe they should look MUD roleplaying tips on ? Because they don't know when to keep their grandiose paranoid fantasies to themselves. (ie. they poopoo themselves when someone goes nonconsentual and says, "stuff that! We're not playing that boring module!")

P.S. If i join TAOS i'd have to deal with dyntheos' whiny garbage. bleh. (not to mention luffable frsty.) i think i'll stick with UMEC
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 20, 2003 2:36 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

okay, hold the phone, what the hell's this carebear rant doing in an RP forum no less?
Shadow Stalker wrote:
I think we've all learned a very, very valuable lesson from this: TAOSP does an excellent job killing both unarmed mining convoys and n00bs in starter frigates! First rate work, kiddies! I salute you!
Lyrics wrote:
hahaha! Is this man supposed to be a reporter? What is this about unarmed mining convays anyways and noobs in frigates? you make it sound like it was TAOSP's fault that the said mining convoys and n00bs were unescorted and not prepared. Damn you TAOSP, you should make sure you attack escorted mining convoys!

Yeah, okay, so lies and rumours are great to use *IC*, but SS spouting the "innocents ganked" line as though that's a major crime is kinda furkin stupid when supposedly one doesn't suffer any *OOC* penalty for 'counting coup' during a war?? Who the hell does this INO reporter think he is mouthing carebear crap, especially right after CCP release the new trailer that just screams "Nonconsentual pvp" about dumb. Why set yourself up for a fall? (Is INO actually working for TAOSP, or do they really believe the carebear 'moral turpitude' crap they're spouting?)
    i mean, even in *IC* language SS is shooting her/himself in the foot with that BS. Just boggles the mind how a "reporter" could use such black&white statements and not smear her/his own reputation

See trailer here

followup: apparently this SS character has had her/his credentials removed by INO for 60 days *IC* reprimand. (personally, i think SS just has another account to draw upon if she/he wasn't a retard)...At least INO has moved to cut this smear on their reputation as well. See here for specifics
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