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UO mob packs...

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 17, 2003 4:41 pm    Post subject: UO mob packs... Reply with quote

anyone play that game Ultima Online during the era griefer packs could slay anyone outside towns? I remember even before i got into MMOGs that there were massive losses of customers until they blocked the ability to loot. Because all a mob pack had to do was come along, kill someone and grab the loot left on the body and move to the next target. Those criminals in UO got "criminal flags" but that never stopped them

JumpGate culture shock
Escorting/Vigilantism will finally be a playable career

And believe me, escorts are now going to get really popular not only because TOW pilots will START hiring escorts now that they stand to lose millions, but also because there will be more combat jockeys realizing they are actually needed (cost/benefit ratio more attractive to hire) AND most importantly,if /give is removed, the customers whose very playstyle is geared to Escorting (the CIVvigilantism/HGdueling; consentual pvpers) will be finally attracted to the Actual JumpGate career path.
    pirates can no longer hide behind (civ tags/no bounty) and threaten a convoy with PoD...without /give the whole culture of escort careers & vigilantes comes to life. (whereas before, it never had anything but an ephemeral existance)

What's to prevent JG mob packs from swarming n00bs and other easy targets that can't afford escorts?? (bombs better be a dime a dozen, literally)

We need ND to address the very real possibility of griefers stealing Transport Mission Cargo from anyone, especially n00bs. (revenge is nice, but a n00b doesn't care because a n00b just realized they wasted their time on something that's the only decent way to level, period.)
  • mining isn't decent. it's horrible. I'm not talking about Quantars here.
  • cargo is suicide for a n00b
  • patrol is bloody low pay versus tranny for crazy dangerous & longer mission time than tranny. not to mention #1 on F5:help queries
  • scout? my god. a n00b can't even begin to think of this. for one the choices are hardly intuitive of the danger on one hand, or the utter boredom of the other for crap XP...not to mention the "lvl" choices are confusing as hell and aren't localized near the n00b at all.
  • combat is okay, but it's the most difficult thing on the mission template...besides we ARE talking about alternatives for the tranny to n00bs, not 2nd accts. (and teaching ship reequipping techniques is 2nd on the list of complexity/frustration)

I'm pissed off this issue hasn't been even mentioned in, i mean, how the hell could you like it if your n00b tranny/cargo mission to GBS went smooth as silk except for that kinda scary buzz cut that big ship gave you AND UPON LANDING YOU FOUND YER CARGO GONE
and don't gimmie that fuckin BS lawyer sp33k about how n00bs should be wary of unreg, BECAUSE this same event could happen just inside a docking ring...all a griefer has to do is lurk just outside the dock port or follow a n00b and steal right before dock!!!
like i said before, bombs better be dime a dozen literally; or tranny mission cargo's are invulnerable to theft; or those damned mission rewards for the other stuff become worth it. (ie. more exciting than watching paint dry)
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