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PostPosted: Tue Jan 07, 2003 3:47 am    Post subject: Abattis Reply with quote

I hear that the Abattis doesn't work. That it isn't widely used is no myth, but it does seem to do something.

In-game description: "A thorough examination of sensor logs has allowed the Quantar science team to produce a device that turns shield harmonics to provide improved protection against certain Conflux energy weapons."

Open up the offline sim, and use the default ship (Storm with Omnus shield). Take the ship outside, bring it to a stop and type /ai to generate a C1. Now rotate the ship on the spot to face the squid, and count (visually) the number of flux laser hits before you are armored and before you are killed. Repeat a few times with and without an Abattis fitted. I found precise values vary by about 5% between identical tests.

Without an Abattis, you'll be armored after about 42 hits, and dead after about 82.

With an Abattis, you'll be armored after about 50 hits, and dead after about 96.

From this I conclude that the Abattis reduces damage to shields and armor against a C1 by about 15%, and that the reduction in damage is about the same proportion for both shields and armor. Its apparent ability to reduce damaged to armor may go against the notion that it is just a "Shield Enhancer", however it should be considered that C1 fire is sporadic, and between bursts there is time for shields to recover by a percentage point or two, so that might explain the similar level of protection afforded before and after armoring. Or it could be another little coding glitch.

Such a simple test doesn't answer the question what classes of flux/weapons is the Abattis effective against.
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 07, 2003 6:13 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

thanks. it's so useless compared to other highly valuable modx that to equip one is to handicap your ship. (i thought it was 10%. thanks for the update. BTW, it's noncumulative)
    i split this off from the conflux thread because i don't want n00bs to get the impression it's worth even talking about
Personally, i wish it was 33% against conflux laser wpns, 25% against featherfires, 16% against plasma and 10% versus snail/barrak manta rounds.
    Until then, i won't even talk abattis as anything but a Lemon
BTW, i'm pretty experienced at playtesting stuff. what you need to do is equip a shield; shield & abattis; noshield; noshield and abattis......each phase you test by getting in front of a c1 while out of range and slowing down to let it catch up so it's firing constantly. The most important bit is that you goto external view (once you're at 249v and lined up at 1050m) to count the hits until you see armour damage (for shields) or death (for noshield)
    it's such a useless peice of crap i won't even bother testing it, but kudos for putting in the effort.
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