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EverQuest (evercrack)

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 30, 2002 11:17 pm    Post subject: EverQuest (evercrack) Reply with quote

SlashDot Article wrote:
This leads up to a lack of will at Sony to address their customers with any sort of respect. Often, sudden “game-changing” features will be added or removed in a patch, with little or no explanation given to the players, and no recourse for the players themselves other than to submit comments to the black hole at the Dev Corner. Other changes can render a class’ or items’ abilities weaker, slower, or even drastically altered or removed from the game. Again, the players have no say in the matter officially, and rarely get these changes reversed through massive online signature petitions. It is quite common now for these sorts of changes to come completely unannounced and unexplained, leaving the players themselves to bug test, figure out what happened, what is wrong, and leaving them again to wander off to the Dev Board asking what the purpose of the change was. Far too often in this process, the sheer discoordination and incompetence at Sony is revealed, as the changes happened accidentally or were not intended to occur in the manner they did. The bottom line being, you can go to bed one night with a great character and items, and wake up in the morning to find all that has changed; leaving you holding your member and your opinions mattering less than a pig’s squeals in a slaughterhouse.

comment wrote:
Maybe EQ needs some kind of player-based political system to make such could also add a whole new level to the game.
comment wrote:
Maybe the EQ players just need to get a life. I mean, if they want to experience a "player based political system", the US Govt is a good way to start. And the results are real.
okay, call me an idiot, but doesn't this seem like Sony's figured out that people actually LIKE the stress of patching haphazardly???
comment wrote:
I find it telling that the writer of the article mentioned casinos. That's what the EQ "junkies" ARE doing. It's the same obsessive compulsive behaviour that a gambling "addict" experiences. Neither gambling nor EQ are drugs. There is no *actual* physiological componant to the behaviour as there is with heroin. Any "withdrawl" is purely psychosomatic.

So why don't these people just up and quit?

Because they have the sort of personality that, even while they are experiencing distress, in some way are getting more positive feedback from playing than negative.

Or the autofight option? ewwwwwww ew ew ew ew
comment wrote:
You signed up for a monthly-subscription massively multiplayer online RPG with thousands upon thousands of 50-hour-a-week players, and you expected it to be anything BESIDES a level treadmill and venue for inter-class bitching?
comment wrote:
In his next review Sanftenberg is going to subscribe to a porn site, download porn, become addicted to it, complain that the porn producers won't have the porn starts do what HE wants them to do, scream about how slow the porn downloads are, rail against the repetitiveness of watching single heterosexual porn couples in the 3 or 4 most common positions, then rant and rave about how porn is addictive, drains all your money, and ruins your life. The whole review will be typed with his left hand of course.

Get a life.'s a decent rebuttal against the author that's neutral towards sony
comment wrote:
I frequently see the anti-capitalist rant. "The companies don't care about me. They care only about making money!"

When was the last time you bought something from Sony and gave them an extra $5 to help them out? No, you paid the minimum amount--just enough so that you could legally acquire what you were purchasing. Must be that you care only about keeping as much money as you possibly can. Your motives are selfish and greedy.

Sure Sony doesn't love me. I'm okay with that. I don't love Sony. Every now and then, they offer a product or serivce I want for a price i like and we do business. That's where our relationship ends. They provide me no more than I pay for, and I pay for no more than they provide me.

There are some exceptions--times when I've acted specifically to support a particular company. However, my efforts are primarily greedy because it's always a company I want to survive and grow, or a situation in which the company owner is a friend of mine.

Love your family and friends and get it in return from them. Business is just business.

And here's a VERY insightful blurb (though it's a little too subtle for most of the slashdot trolls)
Comment wrote:
Most of all, he likes all of that despite his bad perspective that convinces him someone OWES him something. It's a game and it's addictive because it lets you set your own goals and work with other people to achieve them.

Maybe his problem is just that he needs to work on how he sets his goals.

and here's something for anyone who just wants to know WTF this game is about
comment wrote:
He actually describes the game pretty well. :P

You create a character with six vital statistics, a spell/skill book, and a bunch of empty slots for inventory. You put armor and weapons in your inventory slots. You walk your blocky 100-triangle avatar out in a third-person view, you click on a monster to target it, and you hit a key to start auto-attacking it. You sit there twiddling your thumbs until either it dies or you die.

Once you get a few levels, you can start getting spells and skills. These make it slightly less boring -- you make your character sit, and memorize spells, and then drag them to a bar on your screen, and you can hit 1-8 to cast them in battle. It's still pretty boring.

That, right there, is the game in a nutshell. You use a mix of auto-attacking and spells (or, being honest, either one or the other depending on your class) to kill creatures and level up. There is no plot, no rise in stature beyond who has the best items (aka phat lootz) and highest levels. Oh, and one thing the article writer forgot to mention -- those high-level planar raids have to be signed up for on a calendar up to two months in advance.

Yes, that's the game. What people get addicted to is the in-game chat, the shared experiences and what people share when they've got little else to do. I played EQ for two years before getting bored with it, and never got beyond lv20 -- my fondest memory of it is just BSing one night with a friend, drinking myself silly in-game (there's actually an Alcohol Tolerance skill) and doing drunken leaps off the bridges of a tree city called Felwithe.

The author's mostly just a whiny little technogoth -- but the game really doesn't have that much to offer. For the cost of the game and four expansions, and a few months subscription, you could easily buy an XBox and a copy of Splinter Cell, or upgrade your video card and play Doom 3 in a few months... or, my preference, do something nice for your significant other. Believe me, I'd rather have warm arms around me than an item in EQ anyday.
and we're back to the races...weee :steering:
comment wrote:
Indeed. The fastest way to kill a MMPORG or MUD.. Is to give the players everything they want. Players are, by and large, whiney greedy bastards. They all say they want an environment where they have complete control and the best stuff, but the second you give that to them is the second they get bored out of their mind.
comment wrote:
Exactly. And this in itself is part of the problem. In order for a game (MUD or MMORPG) to get popular/profitable, it has to attract as many players as possible. In order to do this, the developers cater to the "lowest common denominator" (i.e. the idiots). A small list of common features: 1) unlimited lifespan, 2) minimal punishment for death, and 3) using time as a measure of advancement (not being good, just being patient).

In the end this creates an atmosphere where "everybody is a winner!". These games generally take little skill and will reward repetitive tasks over thoughtful gaming. Not that this is generally bad, but it does make an atmosphere where you feel a sense of accomplishment with comparatively little work done on your part. And that's what these games are about: accomplishment.
comment wrote:
ironically similar to the American public school system these days...
yeck! sounds like our "matter farmers" and "quake-in-spacers" ain't working about too well for NetDevil (good thing too)
    i'd shudder to think what would happen if ND removed the death penalty of losing one's gear/cargo
ooo...goody! we've got the armchair psychologists going at it now...
comment wrote:
The most startling fact about EverQuest is how well it conforms to the Skinner Box model, making one believe that Verant specifically designed their product around principles to make it more addictive than it would be otherwise.

Here [] is an interesting read on that subject.

Honestly, if the company is exploiting psychological theory in order to make their game addictive on purpose, its not much different from cigarette companies using nicotine or cola companies using caffiene IMO.

Bad? Maybe... I've heard of a lot of otherwise well adjusted people playing EQ to thier own detriment. But then, ultimately it is the responsibility of the individual to take care of themselves.
insane yernuts
comment wrote:

Programmers would seem to me to be very well conditioned for EQ addiction.
Gandalf wrote:
"He loves and hates the ring, as he loves and hates himself."
comment wrote:
EverQuest offers a flat monthly rate. Some people pay something like $10 an hour for this, because they only play a couple hours a month. Some people are logged in sixteen hours a day. From an entertainment point of view, the people who are 'addicted to the game' are actually getting more value for their money. Read that again. Addicted to EverQuest: Hopeless gamer, or thifty shopper?

Maybe they don't update their site as often as they should. Are site updates part of the cost, or can anyone access them? If you're not paying for it, it does not apply to the 'value for money' problem. Poor updates, inefficient game masters... If you don't want to deal with this, don't buy the game, I suppose. On the other hand, I wouldn't rush out and buy a game that claims 'Kick-Ass Support!' and 'EXTREME GAME-MASTERING.' Game companies in the future will likely feel the same way, and just keep putting hot chicks on the boxes in the store.

All in all, I do appreciate the honesty of the rant, and I do believe that many people may not understand the value proposition of EverQuest before they buy the game and start playing. On the other hand, caveat emptor, baby!

now for a little comic relief...(parody)
comment wrote:
The second thing you have to know is that slashdot stops begin fun and informative. By that time, though, you are "addicted" to slashdot comments but you don't realize it. Comments become a source of frustration and anger instead of news for nerds, stuff that matters. It becomes a chore, a job. You plod away at the keyboard, obsessed and consume with getting modded up, or seeing how many people you can get to respond with flames to you "troll" post, while so comsumed you begin to hate the website. Vehemently. It goes on forever, and one that you can never win.
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