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The Ammo Rant (redux; EP2)

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 19, 2003 7:05 pm    Post subject: The Ammo Rant (redux; EP2) Reply with quote

Hooligan wrote:
I've been using ammo weapons for as long as I've played this game. Ammo has always gotten a raw deal. The mortar weapons are a complete waste of time. The duelist sucks for anything but immobile targets, the hitman runs out of rounds too quickly, the power consumption of ammo over lasers never has made much sense to me, ammo users have to deal with additional weight (which in the Nix is very noticable). Ammo has always been too easy to dodge, IMO. Now add additional POS module requirements.

The two advantages ammo has over lasers are range and damage. Problem is, even though the speced range is much greater, the effective range isn't that much better than laser. Add to that a really crappy, crappy combat computer (i.e. duelist -- the US Navy has target acquisition systems that are more accurate), and you might hit 1 out of 3 shoots at effective range. The fire rate and ammo capacity virtually guarantees you'll run out of ammo when you need it the most.

So when you see a pilot like Russian, with over 1200 confirmed kills, who uses ammo exclusively, look in awe. There is a pilot with some mad skillz. Take an excellent ammo user and pit them against an excellent laser user -- the laser user wins every time.

I'd like to see things squared up eventually where ammo weapons are updated to be on par with laser weapons. I don't see that happening any time soon.

Even so, I still love the sound of hitmen popping and enjoy having to lead my targets. I'll keep using ammo for as long as it's a viable alternative to lasers. If at some point ammo becomes unusable, you'll more than likely seem me flying a tow and giving up on PvP altogether. To me, lasers are just not that much fun.
SimianSam wrote:
I was >< close to tossing the re-arm module out the window and switching to Lasers last night. I have been an Ammo user since FRG_Hammer first talked me into the squad. I love ammo. It requires work to knock the target down, and some dynamic flying to keep the target vulnerable. Get 'em into a "float" and they come out tore to h--l and back or dead. Got em trying to dock in a station? 3400 distance kills will give you wood.

Going off to Flux space (if we can ever find that dang key) with ammo is folly. With no way to re-arm, you're gonna die. Nope. Flux space was made for Laser users.. plain and simple. I had hoped that the RB's would allow some re-arm function... but no. I had hoped that some re-arm capability would come with EP2... but no. The only semi-effective way to use ammo in Flux space is to put a PoS near the entrance so you can bop out and get re-armed.... provided you have plenty of Keys there so you can buy a ticket back in. Nahhh... looks like ammo is dead now.
Achilles wrote:
Well, after a few hours of cruising around, I have the following opinion on this ammo thread. First lemme take a sec (for those who don't know me) to sell my qualifications: I'm a Sol, fly the tens mostly, and the Cuda occasionally. I flux a fair bit. And I am an ammo user. Exclusively. Couldn't fire a laser if I tried.

I took the time to cruise around last night, spent around 4 hours playing. In that time I killed more squid than I have seen in a month. My barraks went into meltdown. I found that I could last between 10-15 sectors before being forced to reload. Now I hear that I will not be able to reload in flux space. Not effectively anyway. Getting deep into the flux galaxy will not even be an option. Like many of you, I have worn the shortcomings of ammo. I have modified my tens fluxing tactics to use only my raks when fighting snails and squid, saving my hitman cannon for nastier flux. That way I am able to stay in space for longer periods. Up until now, that hasn't been a problem.

Repair/Rearm combo modules? I have no opinion on, as yet. I do not own a Station, and do not plan to for a while. I wonder at the shafting of ammo users, though. What I feel we ammo users need is larger ammo bins. I can't survive in space for more than 20 minutes with the current level of spawns. How am I going to have a hope in hell in the Flux galaxy? If all the dire predictions turn out to be true, then JG will lose its appeal for me. After all, the main reason I was waiting for Ep2 was the flux galaxy.
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 20, 2003 10:56 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Rubberduck (haha i can't believe someone posted a rebuttal the next post after achilles) wrote:
I don't use ammo, but I do like diversity of equipment in the game, so I put an ammo shop on my PoS in GVB to serve passing ships.

If even a couple of dozen people put rearm modules on their stations, won't that mean there will be double the opportunities for reloading ammo weapons compared to EP1? I don't see the situation as that dire.

And would someone puhleeeeez explain to Achilles that we can place POS anywhere but conflux space, plzkthxdrvthru

Petition to increase Ammo bins
    Current bins
  • Straker = 1000
  • Barrak = 850
  • Cobra = 800
  • Hammer = 800
  • Landlord = 250
  • Senator = 180
  • Hitman = 200
  • Peeler = 120
  • Rasp = 100
  • Vantage = 150
  • Flail = 220
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