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GankFleets and Roleplay...

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 13, 2002 12:19 am    Post subject: GankFleets and Roleplay... Reply with quote

Wyx wrote:
There are good times and bad times. At times we have had good online numbers, really good. When we do people read our boards and see we are winning a lot and more people log on each night, meaning more online numbers, meaning more victories etc. Then something will happen, probably an alliance of enemies, this will give us some much more even battles and a balance will be acheived. You win some you lose some. This is my ideal time really, I love it when it's like this.

What happens next? More alliances form, people who don't normally go HG to fight us will start doing so (and the hardline of our RP means there's a lot to pick from), the balance starts tipping the other way. Maybe we have a few nights with low numbers and then people start logging on less and the whole situation is reversed in the other direction. A hard core of players will stick it out as always and gradually after a few victories things will start to go the other way again. We may form some 'alliances' of our own. And so the cycle continues. However OV is a strong squad in the sense that we all know each other well and mostly we get on well, so people almost always come back in the end.

I'm sure this is the same for a lot of other PvP squads.

Personally (no offence to DoR here) I'm glad we have gone to war with DoR. They don't like our stance on pirating of Octs so we will fight. I stopped playing very much while we were homed at LL because in prime time we just had overwhelming numbers on and I didn't like the way it was heading. Other squads wanted to hop on the band wagon too and join in on the side that had the biggest numbrs. In fact I pushed for a move back to GP specifically in an OOC way to stop another LLA forming. Now the balance is tipping the other way again, other people are forming alliances and lots of people who normally wouldn't know the HG button if it bit them on the ass are finding it because they are going to be on the side with higher numbers. Fine, that's OK, I've been here through the good and bad times before and I always willl be, sometimes trying to manouvre a small force round space when you know there are a lot of hostiles out there is incredibly good fun. The harder times make a squad function better as a unit if it continues to fight and it's a challenge. But as you said when you can't launch without getting repeatedly ripped it isn't good fun.

Trying to get all your squad flying together and getting good online numbers makes tactical sense though, and I'm not going to stop doing it.

Is there a solution to this. Well no not really. The only thing that does spring to mind is don't form OOC alliances, they suck, seeing squads with massively conflicting RP flying together just to make life easier for them annoys me.

I know we have pulled out of both sol and quant space in the past simply because we've had a really good victory and there aren't enough people to fight us (QS have done the same for us in the past, SL have a couple of times) and there's usually some poor sod who keeps launching again and again. Joko space command springs to mind, one day he died to us about 6 times, over the space of several hours, to scouts, nix packs and in a 1v1 with Fell which the stupid sod even fought under equipped (I did offer to let him have my pint to fire his novas but he turned it down ). Is that fun, well it was when there were others with him, but eventually it gets silly so we let him chase us out. Players like that have my respect, but noone is going to do that day in day out.

But when you have a huge fleet outside with little RP reason to fly together and you can't launch without dieing for several hours then no, it's not fun. I've died once to a fleet 16 times in 30 minutes, in an apty a MF a nix and various outher oct equipped ships, outnumbered with pilots on station, about 25-5 because I let them bother me by sitting there and taking the piss about us not launching again. Now I'll die a couple of times in a situation like that but really, then it's probably a good time to stop unless it's part of an RP event in which case it makes sense to keep throwing underequipped ships into a battle if there is a larger goal. I've also been on the other end of the larger fleet many times, and as I said it's not really much fun for me when I'm one of the huge amount of people running about.

The other night we had one pilot homed at OP and the rest at GP, we had a hostile fleet outside both stations, the pilot at OP launched in a ranger (DOH) and was taken down. He went civ in an underequipped ranger and tried to fly to GP. He was then civ ripped several times by the fleet outside, he literally could not leave the station, not for any particular reason and the squad in question claims not to civ rip. Is that going too far, well probably.

Now every PvP pilot I know has 'ganked' and been 'ganked'. If you have a massively superiour fleet it's stupid not to use it to your advantage, but I think a little professional courtesy would not go a miss, and if someones having a shit night and can't launch HG without going down then show some respect for them trying and leave it.

Actually on that note thanks to TBH. I was in a stock bountied apty outside OP last night. The bounty I'd taken was nothing to do with TBH and they left me. I was taken down by the pilot I'd killed to get the bounty which was fair enough, we have very hostile relations with his squad so I wouldn't expect anything else, but even with my 15k radar I did notice

*sigh* there really is no solution to this one rockape I don't think, we all like to win, it's human nature. I think the OOC alliances thing would solve a lot of the problem though. If people fought only with those they have a good reason to fight then it would stop a lot of and bad feeling.

I'm fairly certain this post is going to be pounced on and torn apart by various parties, and that lots of 'but you did this' accusations are going to start flying about now from the usual suspects, however I still think it needs saying so I'll risk it.

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