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Who are the badguys? (EU server)

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 04, 2003 6:57 pm    Post subject: Who are the badguys? (EU server) Reply with quote

First off the person "sonoslap9" never got around to playing the game and i actually found this during a search for Mission Connector bugs.

sonoslap1 (troll) wrote:
who are the "bad guy" squads? i am a newbie and want to join one...can someone help?
Corrish (06-17-2002 13:31) wrote:
Hard to say... as in RL who is "evil" and who is "good" lies in the eye of the beholder...

I assume you mean squads that like to shoot at a lot of things, especially enemy ships.

I try not to give any evaluation here. Read the boards, but take nothing for given. Judge by fact only and you will soon find out who has a lot of honor and who doesn't.

The most prominent pirat squad is The Dark Path, but they accept only pilot who have reached at least Lvl 26 and have 15 mil. credits.
Other pirate squads creep up from time to time and vanish just as quickly (usually to appear a short time later with a different name and some otherpilots).
Just a short while ago the second large pirate squad, aptly named Space Pirates, has dissolved.

There are some mercenary/rebel squads also, the best know are probably The Black Hand and Fatal Shadows.
Condemmed are a (very aggressive) mix of a Rebel, Pirate and Octavian factionalist squad. Sorry mates, I haven't really been able to figure out your role, but then, who says you have to belong to just one category.
As a sort of "good" mercenary squad there are UKM (United Kingdom Mercenaries).

And then there are the factionalist squads - there are lots of them and I'll list only the large ones.
Factionalist squads protect their own space (and often unregulated Space, too, although "protect" is hardly the correct word here). They also attack the Space of other factions.

Royal Guard
The Royal Guard is a pretty law-abiding squads and tries to keep Solrain free from criminals.

Quantar's Sword
While not hostile to TRI, this Squad distrusts the RI big time - though not as much as their Arch Enemies, the Octavian Vanguard (see below).

Wild Cards
WC basically share the same goals with Quantars Sword.

Jade Falcon
The most extreme factionalist squad, with a healthy dose of piracy in between. They attack or PoD (Pay or Die) every non-Quantar ship they encounter in unregulated (large sums if the option is given at all) and Quantar (smaller sums) space.

A honorable mention must go to the Preservers, who, while factionalist, are not a PvP squad but try to keep Quantars economy going.

Octavian Vanguard
OV is the largest Oct factionalist squad and has a rather extreme and aggressive policy. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that they like to "shoot stuff". They believe that the strong should rule and as the Octavian Empire is the strongest (at least in their view), Octavia should rule the galaxy.

Octa Armada
Not as aggressive as OV, they still try to further Octavias interests with any means possible.

If I left your squad, sorry, why don't you introduce your squad here?

If you think my assessment of your squad is incorrect, please describe how you see your squad.

Hope this was useful,


@Nicator: uuh, Royal Guard aren't really anti-TRI, now are they?
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