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Babylon 5

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 10, 2002 4:02 pm    Post subject: Babylon 5 Reply with quote

okay, i found this link page while on a google search for "diplomatic reception" no less. lol. enjoy. top notch stuff.
I'll get around to chatting about this TV show i never watched later. gotta dash!
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 10, 2003 10:33 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

hmmmm...well, sunk my teeth into the episode guides for season 5 and it's rather complex. a little too complex with telepaths on all sides and crazy soap opera stuff that makes the show a little too murky for a direct comparison to JumpGate.

Telepaths in a storyline isn't too smart in a MMOG. you'd get laffed off the face of the server! As for some of the mushy soap opera stuff it would get razzed so bad, especially by folks like me.
    SPOILER ALERT! Well, i only really liked it when they started into the epic warfare stuff...Kinda disappointed the whole thing was simply to get the instigator wolloped. (regent being mind controlled and all that sloppy BS)

    Too tell you the truth i didn't watch anymore episodes after season 5 episode 17 where the war ends, so i'm kinda thrilled about reading further.
It's actually crazy how two major races decide to bash the crap outta the 4th race while the human race plays catchup -- and all because of someone griefing the heck out of innocent transports, and nobody putting 2 and 2 together to wonder if it's all a big frickin setup -- not to mention the whole mess prodded along by a comedy of errors. (remind you of anything? heh)
    personal opinion: waaaaaaaay too many hotheads and a little too many "convenient" plot points that hinge on alot of people being really really dumb
They know that the aliens that worked for the Shadows were able to use the Shadow leftover technology but they don't know how much. Lyta suggests that an alien race could use these pods to set up the Centauri and turn everyone against them. Franklin agrees, adding that the Drazi could never tell the Alliance about the pods because they have always competed with the Centauri for trade. A Centauri war would be in the Drazi best interest. Because the pods are advanced technology, they'd have to turn over the devices to the Alliance for study.

Sheridan figures out what the strategy is to split the Alliance, alienating the Centauri, forcing the other races to attack Centauri Prime. He commands Franklin to contact Garibaldi and make sure he continues trying to get through the Drazi and Narn fleets.
I'm interested in how the Babylon5 crew deal with the information surrounding the "setup"...will they wander around clueless or will they start bashing heads. I mean, seriously, the Drazi are personally responsible for no letting on about what they knew, so i'd expect them to pay the reparations for the war themselves the slimy buggers after the Baby5 crew rescue their Centauri friend and kick the snot outta the Drakh who set the whole war up in the first place.

AND NOTHING GETS DONE ABOUT IT! talk about a plot hole so big you could dock a tow sideways through it!
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