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PostPosted: Mon Dec 02, 2002 7:51 am    Post subject: poGBS Reply with quote

BlkPrince wrote:
As far as PoGBS went, yes some players were from the game itself (and many still do play under various account names, I'll draw no more conclusions than that), a few also were 3DO employees abusing the powers they had to their greater enjoyment (conspiracy theorist [read Muffy] always maintained that this was a part of 3DO trying to kill jG). They spawned wherever they wanted using whatever they wanted, and pretty much made life in dereg a living hell. As commented by ND later on, it was another of their "Strategic Decisions" (btw, thank you Virg, I love that quote, it's oh so useful now).

eh? Don't you love people who use the word "Muffy" to describe lunatics? I'm sure he was using that as an abstract since i never said that either literally or figuratively. *shrug* Besides, he's got a vested interest in spindoctoring any discussion on poGBS as "poor pvpers got raped by officials. *sniff*" and every interest in marginalizing the [muffy opinion] that the "poor pvpers" knew exactly what was being planned and when their little 'infusion of spontaneity' came up against /home and sim-like respawn they got all jealous and had a temper tantrum of "gimmie gimmie gimmie" writ large all over the general forums. (and that isn't a conspiracy theory. it's FACT. it's quotable)
    as far as 3do? they were pulling the plug, knew about /home when noone else did, let in pvpers to help where they should never have done (idiots like royofca and innominate & co.), acted *IC* in *OOC* wynar fests (ignoring the fact they even bothered to respond in those threads. gah), and worst of all they totally botched the introduction of this event which caused the whole thing to spiral out of their control. Deus Ex Machina
heh. I'm confident BlkPrince gets off on the fact he's twisting my words. always did. that F5:help groupie.

FYI, that bit where i talk about 3DO "acted *IC*" relates directly to the one statement they made about how their ships weren't UBERized. (which was the central argument used in the wynar posts)
    please note at no time did 3DO ever confirm or deny whether their claim they never used uberized ships in the poGBS event was *InCharacter* for TRI or an *OutOfCharacter* statement by 3DO officials
I use the phrase "acted *IC*" because too many highly respected players (ie. not pvper junkies) made public statements about uberized poGBS ships. This is offtopic because it's a moot bloody point we'll never see the truth of, and it's useless for pointing out anything other than wynar posts. Since it's offtopic i'll add my speculation about the reason 3DO used ubergear and lied *IC* about it: Here's a few 3DO GM's getting vertigo over the speed in which Nazgul/Jade/Therapists found out and counteracted against poGBS. An event that was supposed to be secret got blindsided by a bunch of incestous little twits more interested in pre-empting anything other than stories about them. Add to that the people who leaked this info to Nazgul/Jade/Therapists were also feeding the 3DO GM's such brilliant advice as
volunteer poGBS helpers wrote:
"oh, don't mind the wynar posts. it's all *IC* because just look at how many pilots are now involved against poGBS. you guys are great! don't worry about the UBERgear since poGBS couldn't survive without them and everyone is having fun fighting them so good show! BTW, why don't we lie *IC*?"

Anyways, it's a very nice illustration of how to deal with volunteers and events and what NOT to get involved in debating. (it's ironic that BlkPrince had responded to another thread an hour before he posted the poGBS history lesson with this)
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PostPosted: Mon Dec 02, 2002 6:31 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Kami wrote:
My opinion on threads about PoGBS is that those that were involved probably had an NDA and have broken it enough times. My respect level goes down for anyone that breaks promises they make.
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