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United Mining Exploration Commission: A group of friends playing JumpGate-- "a MMORPG that launched smoothly, breaks from fantasy character setting, emphasizes PvP, and is the first persistent world space simulator that nobody talks about." ~Scorch
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N00b/Veteran F.A.Q.

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 04, 2002 1:36 am    Post subject: N00b/Veteran F.A.Q. Reply with quote

First off, for anyone interested in this game (not played it yet) please see this introduction
For Billing questions you might have, see here

If you're playing on MightyGame's EU server, please see OV Squadron's page. Oh, BTW, my opinion of this "TRI Rookies" squad is pretty darned low. If you're reading this and considering joining that squad, i'd recommend against. Certain "events" lead me to believe MightyGame GM's have no concept of what a n00b is anymore.
host site provided by Razorskiss.
JG manual in PDF (critique in the future. it was published at release, so it is missing alot of info...nice read though. take a bit of salt when you read it, it's a bit "airbrushed")
(ie. if any links are broken, be patient)
n00b primer <-------- mandatory!
Screenshot of a docked ship. w/ descriptions
/Mentor discussion
JumpGate IRC (unofficial external public chat booths)
    under no circumstances should you accept a mentor invitation unless said mentor is willing to hang off your wingtip 24/7 (Illustration)
Octavian levelling tips Free Baby Bits!
Quantar levelling tips Finger Lickin good!
Solrain levelling tips Smurf Laws of Profit
Level 4 ship loadouts (all factions)
PowerLevelling (fluxxing)
PowerLevelling (missions)
PowerLevelling (skill stars)
For those of you with a mouse with no scrollwheel/middle button
MightyGame's FAQ wrote:
:?: Why won’t my mouse wheel let me toggle between targets? 8ball Probably because you’re using a Logitech mouse and driver which prevents the mouse wheel from working in Jumpgate. arrow press CONT+ALT+DELETE and then close the "EM_EXEC" task (it is also possible to do this ingame). To remove it permanently you’ll have to deinstall the driver however or, for advanced users, you can leave search on for "EM_EXEC" in the "run" branch of the directory.

Having problems with chat lag?
Site i trust the most for dealing with hardware performance
Joystick recommendations. stuff
windows XP router problems]
Radeon users w/WIN2k
First off, If you have never flown in Jumpgate, you would do well to spend some time at the Flight Academy (visit US jossh/EU jossh and follow the links to the academy) before pasting your ship into an asteroid. Jumpgate simulates near true physics in space, which means flying may be a little different than you are used to in more arcade-like space games. In addition, the Flight Academy provides suggested first steps on your first day in Jumpgate, details on how to use the chat interface, and basically everything you need to get started. If you hop in without reading the Flight Academy, expect to hear a lot of "RTFM"s (Read The Funny Manual) from the more advanced players before they will answer your questions.

You should visit the Jumpgate Operating System SHell (JOSSH at US server/EU server) often, as it contains near-real-time statistics, server status, and in-depth information on the everything in the entire Jumpgate universe. There are also web forums to get in touch with other members of the Jumpgate community, for role-playing, advice, in-game contracting, and just plain hanging out.
JOSSH post-registration tips
Ship screenshot gallery (up-to-date)
Artifacts 101 Cascading links; updated-current
Mining 101 Cascading links (up to date; current)
3rd party programs Cascading links (up to date; current)
JG economics 101 Cascading links (up to date; current)
PvP rules 101 (coding)
Pirate rules 101 (unofficial)
PvP dogfighting tips
Faction Missions (haven't been any since august 2002) :(
Flipping Beacons
What should i do at lvl6?
Wondering about joining a squad?
How does one kill 'Kraken' conflux?
Let's define honorable and lame PvP tactics
Rotacol Programming?
Faction selection: why did you?
Ammo & targetting comps
New pilot - how to earn credits?
Weapon Energy Requirements
Custom Producers & other buildings
Insurance Calculator...
Honor Guard Policies Page2
oi, let's talk about JoySticks
What defines a griefer? Page2
Stacking modx (esp. arty)
Gun Ranges?
Commodity cost/mass and profit %

Miscellaneous n00b queries vol.0
Miscellaneous n00b queries vol.1
Miscellaneous n00b queries vol.2
Miscellaneous n00b queries vol.3
Miscellaneous n00b queries vol.4

Old BBS address? (betatesting forums) Nuked :(
Old UBB address? (3DO forum archives) Nuked :(
Link to archived helpful topics from old 3DO forums (some of it's obsolete, but still jam packed with info)

The public booth for Quantars was, is, and always will be F5:qbld (not QBLD, nor quan)

How do i join IRC chat? (plus sound files) [updated-active]
JG economics 101; n00b introduction [reference0006]
Amananthians? [reference0007]
Miscellaneous n00b queries vol.5 [reference0008]
Best screenshot proggie? [updated; active]
Question about medals [reference0010]
How do i lose this -PR? [reference0011]
Okay, how do i put in a new HUD [reference0012]
A n00b perspective (on griefing) [reference0013]
JGShipCreator 1.2.0 Released [reference0014]
What is "matter farming"? [reference0015]
Yaw, Pitch and Roll...what do they mean? [reference0016]
Joystick recommendations (focusing on saitek) [reference0017]
Joystick recommendations [reference0018]
Basic PvP Self-Training [reference0019]
QPC: a 3rd party program for the JG connoisseur [reference0020]
3rd party proggie: Bounty Hunter Tools [reference0021]
JGShipCreator 1.2.8 Released [reference0022]
Wireframes of Every Ship (to scale) [reference0023]
Arty pricing?? [reference0025]
Skill stars and glory stars [reference0026]
Roleplaying, past history and n00bs [reference0027]
Timski wrote:
JG Jargon
Trading 101
Unofficial Manual Addendum

Faction Mission Rewards? (mightygames forums cascade link)
How do i use a BCU? (direct MG thread link)
Commodity translation book. English --> Deutche
Changing pilot name? (MG forum thread)
Chat Macros? (MG forum thread)
FellBlade's Guide to Insurance
FellBlade's Guide to Dodgy Stuff
FellBlade's Guide to Factions
FellBlade's Guide to TRI Sensor Array Beacons
Boy666's n00b primer (translated from German)

If you cannot find the answer to your question herein i'm afraid it's never been asked, or answered appropriately before

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 22, 2002 1:42 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hello, welcome to UMEC's JumpGate Frequently Asked Questions index. Here you will find practically everything that's been asked or talked about in a constructive manner, on the main forums (US & EU server) regarding questions&answers about making your new (or old) life as a JumpGate pilot rewarding and fun.

Remember, it never hurts to post your questions on the forums. someone will invariably answer your questions. just ignore the insults and other spam directed at your opinions or perceived lack of such.
RockDoctor wrote:
You should expect to get flamed when you post in here. Its standard procedure.

People are alot more inclined to take the time to make negative comments than they would be to type something positive. If someone agrees with whatever it is you are saying, they probably wont feel the need to add anything seeing as it has already been said. Those that disagree or have a personal reason to be a jerk are far more likely to reply. Get used to it my friend and dont take the internet pubescents so seriously. Youll enjoy the forums alot more if you learn to laugh at them and move on.

Regarding Repair Beamers
BhaChewy wrote:
s1, s2, s3 are all made at Sol Core. they require UC-4, 8, 9 respectively and 1 eacj of Matter Converters and Magnetics. The s4 is made at all core stations (I believe) and requires UC-12 and I Don't remember the commods necessary. Whne in the proper sector, Taarget the Custom Producer and idt will tell you exactly what is needed. HTH

Plus looks like someone made a training squad for n00bs. See here [reference0024] for policies and linkages. (looks like someone took a page from the EU server 'finally')

Also, we have official word on why there's no money transfers across sectors...
Apocolypse wrote:
Credit Transfers
Ok guys, if you can send money from your ship to another ship in a sector why exactly cant you send it anywhere else? If you can send it through space, then why is it restained to same sector only? If we can broadcast over all the know sectors in the JG galaxy should we not be able to send credits all over the JG galaxy? Its like putting money in your account and withdrawling it from a MAC machine far away. It really makes ne sense to me :/
GM_Arch0n wrote:
The Solrain bankers prevent it, so that they can retain their monopoly capitalist lordship over the proletariat Octavian and Quantar laborers! Down with the TRI Solrain Capitalist Running Dogs! Vive La Revolution! Alternatively, it was just a game design decision that encourages travel for player-to-player interaction.
maddogjt wrote:
From TRI Tech:
Although galaxy wide communication between pilots is possible through the use of subspace transcievers, this network of communications posts cannot facilitate the transfer of credits between pilots for reasons of security. In order to transfer credits, the Solrain Bankers Union has established that for security purposes, all transfers must be made using an encrypted line of sight laser link. Any traffice over subspace can be intercepted and the results of such an intercept could be devastating to our economy.

we got some yahoo flaming Arch0n about the "because stone cold said so" tone he used, but it was petty "Quake in space" whynar with no redeeming suggestions. *sigh*

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EU Advisor

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 08, 2002 1:21 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

JG Jargon
Trading 101
Unofficial Manual Addendum
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PostPosted: Sat Dec 07, 2002 11:12 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

AirForce Slang
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 11, 2002 1:05 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Duelist (vtc1+bullseye) targetting comp. FAQ
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 20, 2003 10:18 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

UMEC proudly announcing the completion of The JOSSH recruiting Tour:

Special Introduction by UMEC squad & guests
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