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Xindaan's n00b tips

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 27, 2002 6:49 pm    Post subject: Xindaan's n00b tips Reply with quote

Xindaan wrote:
My general recommendation:

Start to fly transport missions to nearby stations, that do not lead you to dangerous sectors with high lvl flux (C4-C6) in the beginning.

Restrict yourself to stations of your own factions, in your example, perhaps settle for the route Great Pillars<->Oct Core, or whatever is shortest.

Transport missions have a nice payout of both experience and credits, and are relatively quickly done.

The advantage of restricting yourself to your own faction is that you'll soon get 125 pol stat, which means that you get the Nova medal for your faction, equalling 10,000 experience points bonus.

The credits payout allows you to improve your ship soon, to buy a better powerplant, better engines, and/or improve your weapons (put the emphasis on a powerplant first, or you'll end up with cool equipment but no energy to actually use it. Play a bit around with the ship configuration (in the sim), to check the equipment you want to buy, and if it'll work.

Eventually, when you got the hang of fighting and simmed a bit in the conflux simulator, you can kill flux on the way. Doing this in combination with trannies ends in a very nice exp/credits payout, and you'll level even quicker. Example: Let's say a tranny pays out 800 exp, but on the way, you encounter a 2 C1, 1 C2 and 1 C3 Squid, you get 1400 extra exp and also credits (forgot the exact payout) for it. Plus, it makes it less boring.

As long as you feel unsure with fighting, make sure that your ship can go faster than 300 m/s (at least with AB), which will enable you to run from anything up to a C3. You'll usually also find nice people to broker you Flashfires (they give you a significant 10 second bonus in thrust), which are a lifesaver for young pilots when they get cornered by flux.

Eventually, you'll notice other different things in the game, like beacons, which now give a very nice exp payout. Doing combined trannies, fluxing and coloring beacons will improve your level speed quite drastically.

I hope this helped a little bit.
Xindaan wrote:

Okay, as level 4 (real lvl4, not resetted with tons of game experience), I would, in general recommend a combination of Transport missions with fluxing[1]. They have a nice, balanced set of experience and credits.

If you feel like it, you can also go for beacons, as a BCU is lvl 4. Beacons have a few tricky things with them. Recently, Fellblade wrote a nice summary on the ins and outs of beacon coloring/flipping. Note than on the map, you can click the arrow (below the "All" switch). This one will alter the display to not show faction space, but the beacon color. You can then check for uncolored beacons in regulated space (preferably your own faction's space, to be on the most safe side, but in general, nobody will shoot you as lvl 4 if you color a grey beacon of another faction, just don't go HG), head there and color it. I would not recommend going into Unreg.

A nice reading might be to browse through ND-Forum newbie FAQ. In there, you can find recommended ship loadouts for lvl 4 (plus what you can get with the next few levels), several levelling tips, and so on.


[1] The Solrain (which I assume you are by your avatar logo, didn't check JOSSH) lvl 0 ship is quite nice for engaging Fluxes up to C5. Train in Sim. Beware that in regulated space, you can run into a few sectors which may spawn C6 Mantas. These are deadly for inexperienced pilots. There is a map somewhere showing deadly flux, unfortunately, I do not have an URL at hand. Get some FlashFire ModX (lvl 10, get it brokered, they are cheap), these are lifesavers. Flashfires provide a 10 second boost to your ship's thrust (by +200%), allowing to get out of dangerous Manta areas quickly.
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