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Recent posts on ND forums

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 15, 2003 1:01 pm    Post subject: Recent posts on ND forums Reply with quote

just going to slap this stuff here until i can get around to stuffing them into the right slots (smorgasborg of topics really)

Spork wrote:
Stripping will never be profitable if you only make equipment profitable when bought at a producer. TRI isn't just going to stop taxing gear some places and increase the tax other places. The most logical solution is that actual "demand" for foreign gear should cause an increase in the buy/sell price at non-producers. It currently does this, just not by large enough margines to cover tax.

Open up JGWT and look at Instigators. The price at Aman is 1.75m where there are 7k of them. The price at non-Aman is 1.83m...1.75 * 1.1 = 1.925, so it's still not profitable to move Instis. But, if non-Aman base prices (0 quantity) were increased to 1.93m, then there would be some real incentive to take the risk of moving a tow of Instis. And it would be very unattractive to strip a non-Aman station of them for your POS at 2.11m each.
    50k profit each would be a profit of 8.3m on a tow full of 166...assuming you took them to an empty station. Plenty of profit to share with an escort or two. Plenty of reward for all that uninsured risk. That 50k/Insti figure might be high for practical application, but you get the drift
Actual supply and actual demand high enough to compensate for tax rates. That's the ticket. And that's only IF we think hauling equipment for profit is a good idea. I'm not sure it is...though if it were profitable (and risky), there certainly would be a lot more of it hauled and made into possible pirate targets...requiring more escorts.
Hrafn wrote:
I am level ten right now...gonna hit 11 tonight. I will try and make good headway to 12 as well--so I can buy duelists when they actually make it to QC without a broker. So, how does a poor n00b like me arrange for a convoy to QC of bullseyes, VTCs and duelists? I suspect a tow run to QC could be make some good cash, since there are NONE in the sector.
Winkkin wrote:
Unfortunately, hauling any type of ship hardware or equipment looses money. The loss on buying one duelist at Great Pillars and selling it in Quant Core is approximately 7,500, because of taxes. Thats no profit and no covering expenses for time, effort and risk. That means delivering a tow load (500) costs the hauler 3,750,000.

Then there's the problem of getting them. JGWebbTrcker shows theres 420 at Pillars, 500 at Evenings End, 366 at Wake and a couple odds and ends elsewhere. Theres some listed in POSs but they're usually more expensive.

Speaking of POSs have you lookd in some of the open POSs in the areas your working. JGWT shows some at a station that starts with a krak[bleep]srus in Ekoos Stop...JumpDemon has an excellent tool that you can use at to fined exactly what you're lookin for. In fact if you're considering making 2nd or 3rd level commod there is nothing finer than Jumps' production lister. Stop by and register. (oops, *embarassed look on face*)
JumpDemon wrote:
um. JGWT is available at Winkkin. Now over at the site you listed is also another traker that can aslo find stuff for you.

*elbows Wink
Hrafn wrote:
I don't understand why it is so costly now...last year there were tons of duelists, bullseyes and VTCs on QC...why the change? Is it the POS's?
JumpDemon wrote:
It's the lack of players. There isn't enough players to move every different type of item arround the universe. When there were 300 a night on then you might have had quant haulers taking a load of some cargo mission goods to sol space and return with a load of whatever. Now, well now nothing. -=MACK=- used to get lot's of contracts to haul to quantar. They're not getting too many now. So go get all your friends to play.
MC Farm Ho wrote:
What changed is the elimination of Mat farming....people aren't nearly as willing to stock at huge losses to themselves anymore....of course POS's set for squads didn't help the situation (unless you happen to have a stocked POS, which of course we do )

The real issue is whether or not as a community we want it to be easy or hard to outfit a ship for maximum effectiveness in all situations. As it now stands it is much more costly in terms of time to die than it used to be. It is difficult to always find what you want in space. Personally I like this others don't...well to each his own I guess.

The best advice I can give is to get some good online friends, or join a squad that interests you. Any squad worth its salt should have a load of all this kind of equipment socked away in there POS's for you to use. If they don't, feel free to apply to TRI Marshals.

And for the answer to all economic questions do as others suggested and check . That is how I learned about production.
JumpDemon wrote:
There was always plenty of stuff everywhere before matter farming. This has nothing to do with it. This game was not designed with farming in mind and it runs fine with out it. However, it was not designed with POS in mind either. That seems to be a player idea. I think the only thing that POS's has changed is that it is now extremely difficult to be squadless even more so if your a low level pilot. Which of course, all new pilots are.

nah, Farming did have alot to do with "it" since there were different exploits in the past as well. The reason it wasn't so noticable was because of all the account wipes during beta. *g* POS also have alot to do with it, as well as the lack of pilot population growth of any meaningful magnitude.

BTW, i believe that gear hauling should be made a little more profitable by lowering the tax to within "break even" (ie. setting up a "farm" would break even or even a slight profit on instigator runs)
    hell, think about it: if instigator farms ran, who the hell wouldn't jump on the burglar modx? plus the reduction in price on the insti/antag is just the ticket to begin calling for this, besides the total essential need to balance the POS hoarding/stocking (the "altruism" boasted about by most truckers was simply squad logistics despite the PR spin)

    thing is, thinking about all this i realize that we looked to FACTORY modules to pick up the slack in this hoarding issue post EP2...
lol! omg! someone mentioned the damned, "custom producers only work one way through the tunnel" roflmao! god, but that's an old one.

BTW, reading another thread i noticed that Bullseye and VTC1 (the poor man's duelist combo modx) were switched to solrain only production instead of TRI wide...strange how old news like that creeps up on you.

Pericles wrote:
Bill, I gotta tell ya that I've been creeping around JG since release as well, and I can count the number of times I've had pvp forced on me on the fingers of one hand. As a rule, I don't fight other players if I can avoid doing so. It's not because I don't like fighting, it's the fact that there's a very nasty and mean-spirited personal element that flares up so often (dig up some old EEA-era posts) when squads really get going at each other which totally turns me off. I personally find by keeping the amount of "high-risk" behavior like hanging around in unreg or mouthing off to other players to a minimum, I've been able to be safely ignored by the rabid pvpers who see everyone else as floating bullseyes. As for the "I suck, so I'll never be on equal terms" argument, well, I know it's frustrating to get your a$$ kicked, but hey, it kinda has to be a skill-based part of the game, doesn't it? Where would the fun be if JG combat was point and click or turn-based? And those almighty uber-pvpers DO have bad days, you know. I even beat MadJackal on one of those very rare accasions when I did fight someone else. In an old, nerfed, nova nix even. Did I get lucky? Probably. Would MJ own me in a best-of-5? Almost definitely. But fighting back CAN be done, dude. But in order to win a fight, you can't decide you're going to lose. If you do, you will. That simple.

don't really see the logic in that argument. it's a compelling opinion, but falls flat on it's face because it's just another, "got griefed? grab a gun or quit!" line - A good one, worth quoting for understanding PvP context, but still irrelevant because the facts of the matter is that PvP really never was the core reason most peepz quit playing (though the "griefers" vs "carebear" camps always loudly proclaim otherwise)

Axy_99 wrote:
Displacer back into production?
I noticed just recently that not 1, not 2, not even 3 but 5 displacers were sitting at Amananth station (and i was at wake hmmmm) they were bought shortime after that but I also noticed that the items that made the Displacer, (Being Cobalt only used in Amananth to do that, Displacers, and nothing else) that they were being used up until all the Cobalt was depleted, its very likely that it is back into production (and was about time) so if someone can supply the needed commods to Amananth and test this will be appreciated by everyone.

Again this is just a guess.
Elpirata wrote:
I don't think production is back online, but maybe some of the remnants of the Devs/GMs making some displacers for those helping Ackers' research initiative in Outer Storm.
beginner wrote:
It's only temporary until you guys decide to get your fingers out of your nose and Role Play on its return.

uh huh...or an excellent way to get noncombatants to kiss arse in a major way. Why conduct 'Dynamic Real Content' when you can simply disable an essential part of the game engine that affects only a select few who end up sucking up to any stale RP excuse TG pukes up. Crouching Stick, Hidden Carrot...

JumpDemon wrote:
My god man, have you no pride. Get on with it. Whatís done is done. You have been expelled from -=MACK=- by executive order. Thereís no going back. Youíre not the first, and you wonít be the last. This type of event doesnít happen often. Nevertheless, when it does, it is always because someone has no regard for their fellow Solrain and squad mate. Behind the genetic alterations and uniforms, we are people. We are not clones who can master their tasks but have no history, family, nor personality. We are thoughtful, creative thinking individuals who make decisions based on our many experiences from our personal and adventurous lives. We live breath and take each step in our lives to reach our goals that we have conceived of and dreamed of. We strive for honor and integrity of purpose in our meager lives.

Many have left -=MACK=- of there own volition to seek such dreams. Not because -=MACK=- held them back or threatened to prevent their dreamís fruition. Yet because they loved -=MACK=- and wished that their own desires should not bring harm to the squad or its member. You never felt this way toward your squad mates. When people left -=MACK=- over your personal ambitions you brushed it of as inconsequential. When members asked you to stop you brushed them off and assured them that you know whatís best and have the ultimate plan. When Senior Operators of -=MACK=-, and the Founder Hurricane, asked you to stop this madness you not only ignored the call to honor but responded with disdain as if you live without consequence. You treated your fellows as if they were merely more clones at your disposal. No one that has ever walked the halls of -=MACK=- Station is irrelevant my friend.

biteme wrote:
Hmmm so exploiting the game mechanics to make cash bad -- Exploiting the game mechanceics to shorten the fm missions good.

isnt an exploit an exploit? Now what kinds of crazy rationals are you guys going to use to explain to me why using brokers on a fm isnt an exploit? Oh ya you cant use the fm is boring and it would take too long rational because thats the reason people use the exploit to make cash.

ah yes, this is an excellent bullshit reason to slam FM brokering. Now, let's turn that around and explain to the n00bs that this is WHY the tow pilots parked doing brokerage duty see the n00bs as more useful and more efficient than simply "oh, i'm just doing this out of the good of my heart"
    actually, never really thought of it in that context, so it's nice to turn the tables on the trolls AND have something useful one didn't think of to emphasize before. *g*
Though, on the other hand the "recycling" mission commods saddens me no end...i've been demoralized ever since ND made that gaff. (the logistics of resupplying the broker was HALF the fun)
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