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Good Day UMEC

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 21, 2002 5:52 am    Post subject: Good Day UMEC Reply with quote

Hi everyone.
I am sending this to all squads we have a NAP with. As we have a NAP with you I wanted to share this info with you as soon as it came to my attention. As you know for the most part the =RG= is a quiet bunch but one of my pilots had a run in at GBS with ISU squad. He and an escort were running cargo from Q-Core to GBS in heavy Tow. The escort was downed and he was taken to hull while running for the station and told to pay. He engaged the docking mod and docked. He never fired a shot during all of this, I even talked to his wife that was watching as it unfolded. ISU says he said he would pay once docked, My pilot says he never said that. The =RG='s stance is if you pay once you will pay forever so we just do our best and mostly die, lol. My pilot ran for station and made it. After selling cargo he launched and ran for reg-space. Well he didn't make it, They had him down for the count so he just kissed a gate and denied them the kill. They got mad and put the =Royal Guard= on there War list.

I talked with Ridgeway of ISU. He was cordial and of coarse he insisted our pilot had lied his way out of GBS but the reality is one of our pilots went town on the way in and the other on the way out, Both in Un-reg. He explained there is a "Docking Fee" at GBS. NOT Pay Or Die BUT Pay To Dock or Die???? Lol. Well? Ok, whatever, lol but we DID NOT know this. I told him I was sorry if one of my pilots had mislead them and that I would post to the Squad that if the =RG= go's to GBS there is a docking fee, be prepared to pay this fee or die, Or just don't go there. I have done this in our Squad forums. It's kind of funny but not, I find it hard to yell at one of my pilots because he misleads someone that was holding him up, lol. It would all make sense if they was stopping ships and telling them to turn back or pay the docking fee, But to down an escort, Hull the tow then try and get a docking fee is a bit off color. They should have told the incoming ships what was going on before a shot was fired. I have been in this situation before myself with honorable squads and it was up to me to turn back or not then all is fair. Although it is a stretch, The =RG= "could" pay a docking/trading fee as part of a RP rather than a simple hold up.
Any way, I thought you should know what is going on with the squads you openly NAP with. Ridgeway said he would update the war list and I do not know what that meant but what ever comes of this I don't want you all to get evolved because of us..

=RG= Council
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Command Staff

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 23, 2002 3:11 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks for the info Sleeper, at leaast we have a warning of what to expect, and thus try to avoid the situation.
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