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EVE becoming a success?

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 21, 2003 9:47 am    Post subject: EVE becoming a success? Reply with quote

I have two major gripes with EVE:

First, and the smaller one of both, is the huge galaxy, as well as generally the size of sectors, and similar issues: I mainly play this game as single player game.

The huge galaxy distributes players. Right now, they are good mining sectors, but eventually, with trade becoming big, it'll get worse. But even with local mining, even when there are people mining in the same asteroid belt, all I see is some square in the distance, not really bothering me.

The "local" chat in a sector is pointless. In Jumpgate, with typical distances being ~50k in a sector, and given the radar sizes, it takes you in the order of one minute to find out about a sector. In EVE, when you hear a "local" chat, the player can be a small square in one of the many asteroid belts, near a station, near a jumpgate, wherever. In essence, a sector is distributed into many smaller bubbles or subsectors which have no direct contact with each other. They only are separated by warp jumpgs. The "local" chat gets pointless as for the player, there's no difference between the subsectors and global chat like CORP chat.

My bigger gripe is the huge griefing potential this game presents. Grief in its truest sense, causing lots of grief making a player leave this game. I briefly talked with HTH about that yesterday on the UMEC channel.

There are two main points:

First, the absence of insurance makes it possible that a player looses his entire assets by loosing a ship with assorted cargo. This is the quite analogous to what Baadf00d posted about the JG pirating equipment and being the first MMOG that allows a player losing its complete assets. There now is a second MMOG, where it's actually an underlaying design feature. Yes, one can always say "don't invest all your cash", but who's going to do that when he just reached the level of his dream ship, or got a very lucrative trade route?

The second one, and even worse, is the final destruction of a player. Sure, one can buy a clone that has the skills trained (presumably for quite some cash). But hey, who's going to do that? Do we all backup our HDDs regularly? Nope, very few might do that, but the masses don't. So you start over with a virgin clone and loose months of skill training, and no chance to speed that up since skill training takes fixed amounts of time.

EVE will need some sort of insurance system.

Related to that point is that "fun PvP battles", like HG beacon wars, will not happen because losing a ship means losing lots of cash. That would be like perma-bountied squads in JG dishing it out.
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