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KH Meltdown

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Sgt 1st Class
Sgt 1st Class

Joined: 13 Jun 2002
Posts: 54
Location: Muffy went off on somebody and all i got was this lousy T-Shirt

PostPosted: Fri Jul 19, 2002 12:36 am    Post subject: KH Meltdown Reply with quote

Being on the inside for this one, I was laughing the whole time on bcom. During all of this, I formed my own squad, and said in IRC that I should just start civ ripping because I was bored. Next thing you know, I'm getting F4's from GM_Archon about my plans to grief/quit. I don't think I've ever heard a more chaotic event on voice comms since -=M=A=- broke up nearly 10 months ago.
Jesus saves, the rest of you take 5d20 damage.
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 19, 2002 8:42 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

okay, let's hear the rest of the story. what was your thoughts on the preemptive strike from Arch0n for one. other stuff would include your thoughts on the politics behind such a move on his part.

Personally, such preemptive strikes are the result of faggits pushing their heads up certain arses until one cannot tell them apart. One gets the impression from your post of the obvious. that ND/TG has no idea what the hell's going on because they rely on hearsay from bastards.

in all sense of the word.

My question to you is. what speed did arch0n respond to you and what presuppositions did he have that removed his ability to give you credit. (since you've blatantly posted that he took your IRC chat at face value and more, one wonders who planted the seed that sowed his preemptive strike)
    for the complete naive asshole outthere, please note a) i'm fucking drunk. b) preemptive strikes are ghey.
There's a propensity (i've noticed) for developers and GMs to accept dick sucking at bargain prices, because the dicksuckers (in general) will hype the wynar sydrome to stupid proportions to enable one's dick sucking efforts to be ballooned waaaaaaaaaaay out of proportion to reality. which is in essence a complete waste of time because a dick sucker is still a cocksucker no matter how "necessary" they portray themselves as.

personally, if you ask me. fuckers like innominate, frogman and royofCA play a huge roll in this game regardless of how many hoops they have to slither through to suck dick.

I hate sychophantic cocksucking political expediency made popular by Machiavelli. (and i'm not fucking paranoid. there are people out there who see $10/month as a joke compared to their usual salary.)
    am i making sense? the only reason dipshits like Arch0n make preemptive strikes is because someone's feeding them bullshit info that makes them microfocus and not realize that EEA and KHA will reform shortly into LLA or fuckallA or some bullshit
Asshole RPers who don't have fucking goddamned aborted lives think that hopping pilot names/squad names/station home names is 1337.

when will these asshole GMs realize that cocksuckers are cocksuckers?
    i'm pissed drunk. any snide comments will be regarded in the harshest light
Dr Evil wrote:
That makes me angry. and when dr. evil gets angry, mr. bigglesworth gets upset. and when mr. biggleseworth gets upset, people DIE!!!
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Sgt 1st Class
Sgt 1st Class

Joined: 13 Jun 2002
Posts: 54
Location: Muffy went off on somebody and all i got was this lousy T-Shirt

PostPosted: Fri Jul 19, 2002 12:24 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

If I wasn't at work, I could check Vorgon logs to be sure, but I think I had about 4 good sentences along the lines of:

<me>I'm forming my own squad so I can shoot who I want when I want
<me>civ, hg, unreg, reg it doesn't matter.
<blah>so you're gonna start civ ripping now?
<me>ya, i've got a billion credits, its not like having a bounty hurts
<blah>you could get banned
<me>getting banned doesn't bother me

So about 25 min later, in the middle of shooting sents, archon f4's me wanting to talk. I dock, and archon says "i heard something about you planning on going on a civ rip/quit rampage" "i don't see you as the type, so i wanted to ask you about it"

This is where I started laughing, out loud. So I said, "no, i'm not quitting" "i will rip a civ here and there, but nothing like cmd_cain" and his response was, "ok, i saw a couple of posts from you lately and you didnt seem satisfied with the game" (or something like that)

After that, I decided to change the subject by telling him that the sents sucked with ammo, and I could own them in a 3v1.

So I gather one of two things happened:

1)Archon was logged into IRC and afk and scrolled up and saw what I said. In this instance, I don't have a problem with what he did. In all fairness, my comments could be seen to indicate an impending grief spree. He may have thought that by talking to me, he could have stopped me from ruining the "play experience" for my victims.

2)Archon logs into IRC and I get ratted out by <bleh>. This I do have a problem with. In this instance, Archon does not have first-hand knowledge of the statements, and is acting on info that may not be completely accurate. An example of this is the current "Death Threat" thread, in which a modified chat screen is presented as evidence. While I have no doubt the threat was made, it's all the text from the poster that is missing.

So now we are down to Archon's actual handling of the situation. He could have:

a)banned me arbitrarily. This is bad, allowing players to have the ability to point a finger and shout "Off with his head!"

b)spoke with me, determined that it was my intention and banned me. This is bad as well, and rings of Orwell's 1984. Punishing me before a crime was actually commited? I understand that banning me removes my opportunity to carry out a plan like that, but who is to say that I couldn't have changed my mind 10 seconds later?

c)what he did, spoke with me, found out i had no intentions to rage my way out of the game, and left me be.

Anyway, I'll post more when I have the actual logs from IRC.

As of this posting, I have not ripped one civ since my statements were made.
Jesus saves, the rest of you take 5d20 damage.
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PostPosted: Sat Jul 20, 2002 11:52 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

RazorX. see your private messages. thx.
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 25, 2002 2:46 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

hey, razor. you didn't exactly answer my question.
okay, let's hear the rest of the story. what was your thoughts on the preemptive strike from Arch0n for one. other stuff would include your thoughts on the politics behind such a move on his part.

not WHAT or what OTHER options you think he could have taken, but what you thought of arch0n's presupposition that civ-ripping = grief/quit syndrome. (since you're implying that you didn't say the word "grief" or "quit")
    the assumption on my part is that you're not yanking my leg here

Let me repeat that: what is your opinion why arch0n made that presupposition, and if you hadn't thought of that yet attempt to explain why that thought hadn't occurred to you (or why you took that for granted)
    how he received this intell is immaterial, since i'm assuming you weren't on a grief/quit rampage

let me also remind you that my judgment of what a grief-rip is compared to a civ-rip might, just might, have something to do with my 1 1/2yr long full-time stay here with over 1200 non-afk duty hours to boot (the fact you stated an intent to acquire a negPR wasn't automatically an intent to see "KTRI-BOUNTY" with your name like it was going out of style)
    at least, that's my interpretation from reading your thread here. and the fact i see arch0n's "i don't see you as the type [to grief/quit]" as a cute way of saying "i'm covering my ass here in case i have to ban this customer" (he's got no idea of your intentions, past present or future, because he doesn't have a clue about how the pvp system is perceived by the community because he hasn't a common frame of reference (ie. an understanding of how pvp affects the community through experience of being a player in that community long enough to be weened off JOSSH misconceptions.)
If you want my personal opinion, i think his context was/is purely "the most players having the most amount of fun [with the current game engine]" (fun being some utopian EQ-like MMOG dream enhanced by JOSSH misconceptions)
    Has anyone wondered how silly it is to not treat n00bs as the most important aspect of a MMOG?
  1. Remember the "autodock" modx that had/has so many bugs that n00bs were/are more harmed than helped?
  2. How about that "wonderful" neutral mission bonus that does more to harm than help?
  3. How about the term "honor guard" being applied to those with negPR, and the fact one realizes vigilanteism is not only encouraged by the developers, but violently opposed by almost the entire community? (if you think a nonconsentual pvp based MMOG like JG attracts carebears, then you're out of your mind!)
  4. How about the stupid missile system...have you ever heard of a game that can't even provide a modicum of safety for n00bs from the most basic AI without TWINKING, and the low lvl missiles/rockets are so useless it's insulting?
  5. How about the n00b cargo limitations. has anyone thought about how disempowering it is to realize you have to put in 200hrs+ (for a true n00b, not some powerlevelling twink/2nd accnt) to reach lvl20, and once you get a decent cargo (50+) you realize that most commods are so cheap you can't make a good return on your investment at the budget you have, and you suddenly are able to experience how fucking stupid JG's "supply/demand" model is - regardless of the cuteness of the system.
  6. that just brings in comments about the n00b ships. Anyone remember Privateer? where your Tarsus ship had 50 units (minimum) and the max was 200 for a cargo hauler? not to mention the stupid limitation in radar size for the scout, the pvp limitations of the light fighters, the lack of smuggler abilities for the lvl12 tranny's, etc etc. (let me repeat: what the hell are they worried about? twinks? gee, i don't suppose the whole game being coded around twink wynar nerfage has any bearing on the stupidity of this issue, eh? pffft!)
  7. how about the n00b gear? has anyone given thought to how useless those "long range" size1 lasers are? How about the power deficiencies that make the n00b Premia suck without twinking - ever tried to fight off a simple conflux as a n00b and your shields don't regenerate? and forget buying missiles at that level restriction, since you can't get anything but 2 rockets. (boy, bet you can't hardly wait till you get to lvl6 and find out how bad the missiles suck)
You can see quite plainly that ND not only expected, but biased their coding for powergaming of twinks and left n00bs high and dry. Not only that the conception that powerlevelled pvp freaks are "bad" if they bad, they have never been allowed self-defense against vigilantes.

ADD 1 AND 1 PEOPLE... twinks + vigilantes = stupid fucking game
Grinche wrote:
good kid; baaaaad judge of character

    and you wonder why i quit, eh? TG isn't the bridge i assumed they were...they're a buffer.
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