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Conquest:Frontier Wars

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 08, 2002 10:00 am    Post subject: Conquest:Frontier Wars Reply with quote

C:FW is the cutest game. i find myself going back to it just for fun now and again. It's a 2D sci-fi RTS similar to starcraft (but exclusively in space and with capital ships), and a wonderfully done one at that...At least the multiplayer action is wonderful. (i got pissed off at the lame SP campaign though)

If you see this game in the bargain bin, and like sci-fi RTS please check it out. (hell, the demo should convince you of it's gameplay and content)

Anyways, your intent is to build factories and tech facilities in order to build the units and research the goodies that will aid you in defeating the enemy base. (basic RTS goal)
  • you have asteroids to mine, and gas pockets to collect...combined with command point restrictions (ala starcraft) and a unique logistics system which adds a new dimension to the game's charm.
  • plus autonomous fleet commanders that actually assist in combat and stuff by acting on their own and allowing additional fleet commands that make controlling large numbers of fleets possible. (plus their own personalities and attributes for all three races)
  • plus "terrain" that can affect your ships, but not block them (unlike the disgusting SP campaign, yeck!)
  • intuitive user interface which makes hotkeys a pleasure and not a brainteaser.
  • The one similar thing to jumpgate is CFW's actual use of jumpgates and sectors...this'll be a no-brainer for you folks
I did create a FAQ back in 2001 for this game: Adv. checklist for terran. demo map settings (std)
Oh, BTW, this might help as well: hotkey page

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 19, 2002 9:39 pm    Post subject: This game is fun! Reply with quote

<sorry, I accidentally posted this on the wrong thread earlier>

This was my game for about 6 months before I discovered JG. The biggest change from a standard RTS is that your ships must be supplied. Each ship has a certain amount of supply, and when it's used up your ship can't fire or use special abilities. You must either resupply with a Supply Depot or send Supply Ships with your fleet. Also each of the 3 sides has admirals that can increase their fleets stats and give a central command/control interface for fleets. Also admirals have semiautonomous control of their fleet and you can give them orders to carry out as they see fit.

This is necessary because the map is a series of systems joined together by Wormholes, which you can build Jumpgates on. (sound familiar?) Jumpgates block enemy ships from passing through and establish a line of supply to buildings on the far side of the JG.

Overall a very fun and addictive game, that unfortunately got screwed by the publisher. This game was started by Chris Roberts at Digital Anvil, then got dumped by MS right before it was ready for release. They sold the rights to the developers, who had left to start their own company. It was shopped around by the devs until UbiSoft picked up the publishing rights. In many respects it is very similar to JG.

If you go to you'll find a bunch more info on the game, and the developers post pretty frequently on the forums there.
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PostPosted: Sat Jul 20, 2002 11:27 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

yeah. it's a pretty sweet game. i can see how microsoft would have dumped this. it's too "starcraft" in feel, but not enough uniqueness. you'll notice ALOT of the critiques say that each race used a planet to base it's stuff at.

the intent of many, if not ALL of the critiques implied that some race should be able to build bases in deep space, and thus break the "mold". (dickheads are dickheads, and as a rule are the lowest common denominator)
    regardless of "rank" within the corporate media
TL1Mossman and i play this game occasionally, you should drop off your ICQ number and get in touch with us. i have the best computer so i usually host, but if you have something top notch we'll let you host a game. *g*
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