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*OOC* attack on official storylines

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 21, 2002 8:40 pm    Post subject: *OOC* attack on official storylines Reply with quote

There is a real bitch fest going on and it was brought to my attention here. There's a number of good debate points and here's the most objective one:
Chicod wrote:
I agree with the feelings that the US RP environment is lacking b/c of NO INTEREST. We don't get much GM help and we haven't heard from anyone in ND for about a year. They are too busy doing [insert next "Soon" comment here].

TheGang did affect the RP environment quite well in their attempt to attack Aman, and actually affected us more on the annouced "reattempt" that they didn't pull off so well. I have only seen so many ships together before, once... Stress Test in Beta.

So far, I have gotten bored with PvP in the past (beginning of Retail) b/c I knew that it was just going to be the same mush with slightly new ships. I have enjoyed the limited amounts of run-ins that I have had with some of the new ships and weapons, but I have returned to Cargo hauling. I love it. The community within just -=MACK=- squad are among the best that I have found in the game. We do our own events and all the people that are interested are encouraged to join. No one is forced to do anything that they don't want ad we just are a bunch of guys drinking beer (those that are old enough) or tea (for those that are not) and have a fun time playing the game.

Now, I don't want this to be viewed as a plug for MACK, but I would say that this type of model would be good for the game as a whole. Most of the American players take everything in-game waaaaaay to seriously. I am guilty of that myself, but I normally have someone (Hurricane & Winkkin) whispering in my ear that everything is ok and not to worry about it.

In addition to having a more laid-back game that doesn't charge up people's emotions so much when they get ripp'd, we need to have a consistant effort by Themis to have STORY night. Maybe a Tuesday night or a Friday night or sometime that is EVERY WEEK to do something that progresses the story.

I haven't seen anything that I would consider a story YET... just a bunch of loosely connected set of circumstances that went the wrong way and the "story" continued on regardless of the outcome of the event.

(Cause + Effect) x Consequences = Fun !!

I'd agree with him about NO INTEREST, but i'd hasten to emphasize that it's not only the lack of player interest (pvp RP is invariably "spiced up/ruined" by squad propaganda *IC* & *OOC* , naturally, and therefore too biased to be of official use in all but the rarest cases) but also from a disconnect between squad politics and ND's "three year storyline" (now under control by Themis Group)...To prove the seriousness of this i'd like to quote
GameSpy wrote:
Currently, most of the missions (once you can afford a decent ship) are fine and good, but the combat between factions seemed somewhat lacking in excitement. Player-controlled skirmishes felt a bit disjointed and seemed less than integral to the main Jumpgate storyline.
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