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Escrow missions

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 06, 2005 1:38 pm    Post subject: Escrow missions Reply with quote

Archbishop wrote:
Basically its used to "send" items to other people or to your "alt" character.

You open the MISSIONS window in a station, then choose the "place items in escrow tab". You'll get a window that lets you select which of your stations to escrow from, the price of the escrow (if they're buying something from you), the time limit (7 days max), the name of the person (if its for one person only) and a comment blank.

Then just click in the items on the left (in the mission window) to pick the escrow item(s) and submit it.

Note if your picking only one person to escrow to you need to enter their name PARTIALLY in the name blank and CHOOSE it when it pops up in search. DO NOT enter the full name and go on you MUST "Search" for it for it to be valid (some kind of bug since forever).

You can also put items on escrow for sale by leaving the name of the recipient "blank" so it goes to everyone.

When you enter missions and choose escrow pick the "available escrow missions" tab to see escrows other people are offering.
Braaage wrote:
Don't do the missions they r bugged or being exploited, most accept and then pay colateral but there's no mission to do.
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 28, 2005 8:01 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Braaage wrote:
Escrow is activated by clicking the mission button in a station and selecting Escrow.

To put items on escrow you can be anywhere and don't even have to be in the same stations as the items your putting on, so long as they are visible in your station hangar (u can't enter items on escrow that are in containers).

People collecting the items will have to come to the station to collect it but can buy from anywhere where your escrow is visible.

Escrow holds a limited number of items in the top view which everyone anywhere (with a station with a mission button) can see. The items are dropped down a level (into region view) once the top galaxy wide view has a new item placed on it (kinda of a first in first out, last in last out). Then those in regional are pushed down into solarsystem and eventually station view.

You can enter 2 types of Escrow, one to a particular player or to everyone. The second tab on the escrow screen allows you to put items into escrow. If you want to sell an item to a particular player (or maybe transfer to another alt) then you specify that players name in the relevant box. If you want to sell to everyone simply leave that name blank.

To see escrows sent to a named person, that person used to have to come pretty close to the selling point or he wouldn't be able to see the escrow. I believe that has been largely fixed as named ones to me I haven't had a problem seeing lately from a distance.
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