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Trading 101

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Merchant Prince

PostPosted: Thu Jan 20, 2005 12:25 pm    Post subject: Trading 101 Reply with quote

Your's Truly wrote:
    Okay, so corporations tend to sell/buy the same thing across all their stations, mostly, so all you need to do is dock at one of the corp's stations and jot down what it sells and what it buys. The important bit in this is not to write down pricings, but to write down how many they sell/buy
    And the best way to find out what the station you're at BUYS, you simply go check out the corporation details listed here: background
    So you've found station A over here that sells lots of stuff that another station B elsewhere buys lots of. what now? Make sure stations B sells something station A wants, or another station C will provide something to sell back at station A, preferably a base that will buy something from B.
      the point being to make profit in both directions, otherwise you're chopping your revenue by half if you're flying empty
    Now you've got a list of a few corporations and the items (and how much) they sell/ now look up the item information and figure out the volume of each item. You now figure out how much cargo space your industrial ship can handle - with giant cargo expanders. Put any station that sells/buys less than your cargo capacity (though some might be worth it if it's within 5%) at the bottom of your list
    I just look at what the station i'm at is selling and see if there's a profit to be made hauling it to another station (and if the buy order is equal to or greater than HALF my cargo capacity)
      the game seems to think that two transactions is enough to boost prices beyond profit range
    And if the buy volume is less than half my cargo capacity i delete it from my list entirely.
  • GIANT WHAT?!?!
    This is where investing time in escrow/market looking up best prices for named cargo expanders pays off. the critical thing is to only train industrial skill and buy named cargo expanders to get giant secure containers into your hold. Otherwise, it's a complete waste of your time and money. (training gallente indy to lvl5 is another story tho)
    Finally, you've got a list of stations you can make profit on either direction. What happens now? Make custom bookmarks ('insta-jumps'/bms). Takes soooooo much time to do but it pays off, especially if you're new to the game and don't have a clue what "Iteron V with Local hull expanders plus 10mn MWD" means.
    Okay, so you're rolling in cash but nobody wants to sell low and buy high anymore? Go mine, or run missions or hunt 'rat spawns...or, go back to step one in a completely different part of the universe.
i post this because i'm #$##$%$@ sick and tired of listening to whiners go on and on about how the game sucks and all you do is mine, "cause it's the only profitable blah dee freakin blah"

Besides, you can get stupidly rich this way and be able to afford stuff like opening your own factory with blueprints. imagine that? Actually having an impact on the commmunity...though, do remember that CCP considers Laboratories to play a critical role in this community "affect", why else would they be so hard to acquire?

EDIT: p.s. the quickbar is your friend. keep it for commodity trading only. ("search" on market then rightclick to add to quickbar)
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 14, 2005 11:21 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Oriella Trikassi wrote:
Cesaria Barbarossa wrote:

1.When i view the market buyer/seller for an item how is it that can tell the stations that are maxed out on a product?

NPC prices have default values that change for the worse when players Buy/Sell and then drift back over a few days. For example for Antibiotics they are 305/370. Are you asking how you can find out what those defaults are?

By observation. After Exodus some of them changed so I tracked prices for a while, now I have a list for the stuff I'm interested in.
Sometimes too much player supply can depress the market over an entire Region. Yesterday in Lonetrek for example I noticed that all the NPC Buy offers for Antibiotics were around 335, presumably because several Traders are hauling the stuff.

The skills you need depend on what type of Trading you get into. Myself I have around 40 Buy/Sell orders out there which keeps me busy plus I have the tax reducing skills cos I'm not a dumb Caldari that thinks paying tax is a duty.
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Chief WO4
Chief WO4

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 11, 2005 9:50 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Marketing + Visibility Trade Skills

Letouk Mernel wrote:
This is a relatively new tutorial, and this is a new post on the various skills, including visibility, that might answer your question.

No, you can never trick the buyer into buying goods outside the range they specify. If they specify a "station only" range for their buy order (NPC's do this), you can't sell them the goods until you first move them to where they are.

Marketing lets you sell things remotely, as in, if you have the goods there already but not being sold, and someone finally puts up a good buy order at that station, and you decide "it's good, let's sell".

If the buyer sets up his order to buy from the entire region (but the originating point of the order is in station A), then yes, you could sell him the goods from station B. Those region-wide orders show up as green. Players can set up these region-wide orders, but most don't.

You bought goods at a remote station, and now wish to sell them remotely too, and not haul them. Have someone else haul them for you (from a remote station to another remote station) with a courier mission.
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