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MMOGs pro and con

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Chief WO4
Chief WO4

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 14, 2005 10:23 am    Post subject: MMOGs pro and con Reply with quote

Starfisher wrote:
MMORPG's worm their way inside and latch on to the "omg increase number" impulse that everyone has inside them. Some are more susceptible than others. Ask your doctor about what WoW can do for you.

Really. At the end of the day you get to look at your level 99 character with immense pride and then realize you have just invested insane amounts of time into creating something that doesn't exist while dulling whatever mental capacity you may have had at the start in the process. I mean, you didn't get anything from it. You aren't physically stronger, faster or more agile (usually quite the opposite), your mental capacity and ability to judge reward has been fried due to the game's progress system (which is designed to gratify and get you addicted) and when the server goes down for maintenance you realize how pathetically worthless you've made your life. It's like watching television all day except that it's even easier for you to shun reality thanks to the increased immersion.

In short: MMORPGs are timesinks designed to rot your brain.
The5thElement wrote:
Honestly Starfisher you have completely left out the entertainment factor. There are thousands of things we do daily that have no true or inherent meaning behind them (whatever that is) but we do anyway because we enjoy them. Following your logic we shouldn't eat food that tastes good cause usually good tasting food is bad for you, and we would be healthier with just bland nutrient rich gruel.
Rincewind wrote:
Let's not pretend we're playing MMO's for anything else except the community. There is just something ccompletely different about partying with a bunch of human beings instead of just a bunch of stats. Also, I love how the game forces you to co-operate, since the best experience can be only gained through teamwork.

Dr. Starfisher, what is then a normal "reward system?" The ridiculous "Compete! Compete! I must be the best! I must please my bossess!" that seems to abide nowadays in the business world?

i think frstkor13 said it best once, long ago: "you don't have to wait in some WON-type lobby to join a server. you can log on right away and continue where you left off" (paraphrasing cause i forget where i stuff this quote among my archives)

NewYorkTimes article (mostly fluff, but interesting fluff)
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