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Cloaking 101

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 10, 2005 2:46 pm    Post subject: Cloaking 101 Reply with quote

BlackHole Bob (edited to correct massive typos) wrote:

So you want to know how cloaking works....and how it actually can help you....or not.

First, lets dispel any myths about cloaking and contraband....CLOAKING DOES NOT HELP YOU KEEP ILLEGAL ITEMS HIDDEN FROM CUSTOM OFFICIALS. In laymens terms, don't run contraband and think cloaking will save you... are the facts on cloaking. We tested everything with two very good and stable computers side by side using two Apocolypse battleships and a Prophecy Battle Cruiser and the Amarr Covert Ops kit (ship and module)
  • You cannot activate any other module while cloaked

  • You must wait upto 30 seconds to target lock anything after uncloaking. (the better your cloaking skill, the more you reduce target lock activation timer after uncloaking)

  • You must wait 30 seconds to use the cloaking module again after activation. (30 sec timer)

  • You will take a 90% speed penalty when using cloaking on any ship except the covert ops ship WITH the covert ops cloaking module

  • The current going rate for the Covert Ops ship and Covert Ops cloaking module kit is around 40-50 million ISK (As of Feb. 9th, 2005)Someone states they got theirs for 29 mill so its good to shop around.

  • Think of cloaking as "scouting" only.

  • You must uncloak to jump or dock. You cannot jump through systems cloaked or enter docks while cloaked.

  • Your ship becomes completely invisible to others even though you will see it as a clear morphing ship. Other players cannot visually see you once cloaked even when looking close.

  • Once you are target locked by a player or NPC rat, you cannot cloak

  • You can cloak while someone is trying to get a target lock on you or you are locking them....once again....once a target lock is established, you CANNOT cloak.

  • The Covert ops ships and Covert Ops module for cloaking are used to achieve no speed penalties while cloaked. You must have both the "covert ops ship" and a "covert ops ship cloaking module" (special cloaking module). These two items combined will allow you to fly cloaked without receiving any speed penalties.

  • Once again no modules can be used while guns, no targeting, no anything except flying is all about scouting[/i]

  • You CANNOT cloak while you are within 2km (2,000 meters) from a static object like a gate or dock. Once you are cloaked however, you can fly upto anything. You can un-cloak and immediately jump or dock.

  • When you cloak or un-cloak you make the same sounds as you would if coming through a gate and uncloaking to go to your next jump when flying normally. So players can "hear" you if they know what they are listening for when you cloak or un-cloak.


I will try to come by and update this with information relating to being cloaked and splash damage / combat in area once we have done actual testing.....basically, covering if you can actually be damaged while cloaked.

Hope this helps newer players understand cloaking better and beat those myths down a bit.

We use cloaking to avoid trouble while hauling (works very well in low sec space when used with patience). We also use cloaking to spy and camp and trap pirate players. Of course, the cloaked ship is just doing what we discussed...SCOUTING.

I personally have sat silent and quiet and been in the middle of huge battles enjoying the show from beginning to end between players. I have witnessed more interesting things - Things I would have never seen - in EvE while cloaked than I have running without a cloaking module. We value cloak at a very high level. Especially when traveling or doing operations in deep 0.0 space.

Most of all it has saved my bacon so many times hauling, I cannot count.

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Trikki Ninja™

PostPosted: Mon Mar 14, 2005 9:13 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Kai Lae wrote:
Cloaking is very useful, though I question how useful it is in empire. First, it's not 10k it's 2k. Second you can use it in a battle. However, you must realize there are 3 kinds of cloaks. A prototype, a improved cloak, and a covert ops cloak. The first 2 allow you to cloak, but you are nearly immobile and cannot warp while cloaked. They also impose significant targeting delays when used after decloaking. They have their uses, mainly by putting someone several hundred K from a gate (usually above or below) and watching what comes through. The covert op cloak allows you to warp and move at full speed when cloaked. This is very valuable, since it allows you to scout out enemy movements. Another use is to move 15k from a force at long range from you and then to warp to the covert ops frigate; the gang then will warp in literally on top of the enemy and likely eat their lunch. They are also used to move high value items to and from 0.0 as you can't fire on what you can't see.
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Chief WO4
Chief WO4

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 20, 2006 6:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Caleb Paine wrote:
yup, you can't warp while cloaked, you can't jump while cloaked and your speed will be very low. You can't target or activate any module while being cloaked either. The recalibration time is indeed the time it takes from decloaking to being able to use a module.

Also, when you are targeted, you can't cloak yourself.
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