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Destroyer n00b mining

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Chief WO4
Chief WO4

Joined: 09 Feb 2002
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 31, 2005 5:27 am    Post subject: Destroyer n00b mining Reply with quote

Erxi wrote:
- Destroyers have craploads of high turret slots. I am thinking they could be good for mining. Am I right?

- The Eve ship comparer program lists "faction" as a race. Are these faction ships good, and how do you get access to use them?

- If I take a Merlin and fit it up semi-decently for combat. How low security space should I be able to handle rats in?
hello, erxi, welcome to the Eve-universe.

You're in luck, sorta. See, your race's destroyer is the best in it's class for mining. Look at your CPU output on the Cormorant, isn't she lovely? a massive amount compared to any frigate or destroyer out there. and the slots to use them.

XeCL. say it like a mantra. put a 'search' on it in the market and right click on the result and 'add to quickbar' (buy when you can afford it and only when it's less than 250k isk)
    sooooooo worth it
Train up your electronics skill and get the basic co-processor slot1 item. Boosts your cpu output by 6% and is CUMULATIVE (not like your skills)
  • XECL laser: 48 cpu
  • Cormorant cpu output 215[/*]
  • electronics skill +5% per level; level 2 means +10%
  • 'basic co-processor' gives 6% cumulative; cormorant has, unfortunately, only 1 low slot, so cumulative is sorta moot
  • you can power 5 XeCL mining lasers with lvl2 electronics and 1 basic co-processor. (you can't power 5 lasers with anything less, and you can ONLY power 6 xecl lasers with lvl5 electronics, lvl4 elec upgrades, and a co-processor techlvl II
  • combat: okay, so you've got a few hi slots left and 4 wonderful slot2 modules all free to use up. what to get? well, invest in missiles (low cpu) and get some shield tanking going...get a decent shield booster...heck, you can even try something fancy like overpowering your cpu limit. having your combat stuff OFFLINE and power them online when baddies show up. you WILL need a capacitor booster module for that. I recommend, highly, the 150 booster charge ammo.
no drones, but with the only decent mining drone being the harvester (at 6+ million a pop) you'll find the cormorant to do the job VERY nicely.

where was i? oh yes, other race ships. heh. i used to play 'jumpgate' where you were forbidden. not this game. just buy the skill - you get no penalty for training.

As for the merlin?'ll need to afford that cormorant and the skills, so i'm kinda out of ideas on that front. except, that you'd might as well keep mining in 0.9-1.0 space till you can afford a cormorant.
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Chief WO4
Chief WO4

Joined: 09 Feb 2002
Posts: 473
Location: Tripoint

PostPosted: Tue Feb 15, 2005 10:20 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

thrasher. 170 cpu, 2 low slots. Assuming you can afford that ship you can afford to browse the market for XeCl minin lasers (buy at less than 250k isk each)
  • electronics 2, along with 2 BASIC co-processors, gives you 214 CPU. Xecl lasers consume 48 cpu. That gives enough for 4 of them, and leaving you with 18 cpu extra (you could skip 1 basic co-processor and still fit 4)
  • unfortunately, even with electronics 5 you'd not be able to fit more than 4 of them...hell, you'd have to have electronics lvl4 plus electronics upgrades lvl4 plus 2 co-processor IIs to fit 5 xecl lasers, and believe me that just not worth it for a measly increase when you could just get a bigger ship.
If i was you, i'd train up Caldari frigate to lvl 3 so you could fly the Cormorant. now, she's a beautiful n00b mining vessel, imho. She can fit 4 xecl lasers right off the bat, and with that basic coprocessor set up, as above, you'll have 5 xecl lasers going; though you'd need the above advanced setup to fit 6

Anyways, do by an industrial as soon as possible. having said that please don't mine in 1.0 systems but try 0.9 systems so the chances of some "waste-removal-specialist" helping him/herself to your 'jet-can' is much much less.

You'll also need to know how to set 'insta-jumps' for this to work efficiently.

Personally, i'd suggest you join my corp, but since you're a stinking minmatar "freedom fighter" *cough*terrorist*cough* i'll not bother referring you to this page:
[url="]1st month walkthrough[/url] ([url="]backup[/url])
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 02, 2005 5:53 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Taken from here

Coercer 160 cpu/4 lowslots
Catalyst 170 cpu/3 lowslots
Thrasher 170 cpu/2 lowslots (1missile)
Cormorant 215 cpu/1 lowslot (1missile)

Miner I 60 CPU usage - 40 m3/min
Gaussian 51 CPU usage - 42 m3/min
Dual Diode 54 CPU usage - 44 m3/min
XeCL 48 CPU usage - 47 m3/min
CU Vapor 57 CPU usage - 49 m3/min

Electronics 5% boost (non-cumulative) per level
Basic Co-Processor 6% boost (cumulative) per module
Co-Processor 7% boost (cumulative) per module

Assuming we train to lvl2 electronics, lvl2 engnrng, lvl1 elect.up and slot as many co-processors as there are low slots, here is the data:
  • Coercer = 230.7 cpu 3 miner Is or 4 of the others.
  • Catalyst = 229.1 cpu 3 miner Is or 4 of the others.
  • Thrasher = 214.1 cpu 4 XeCls or 3 of the others.
  • Cormorant = 253.1 cpu 5 XeCls or 4 of the others.
training electonics to lvl3 gives:
  • Coercer = 241.2 cpu 5 XeCls or 4 of the others
  • Catalyst = 239.5 cpu (no change)
  • Thrasher = 223.8 cpu 4 Dual/Guass/XeCls or 3 Vapor/MinerIs.
  • Cormorant = 264.6 cpu 5 Guass/XeCls or 4 of the others.
training electronics to lvl4 gives:
  • Coercer = 251.7 cpu (no change)
  • Catalyst = 249.9 cpu 5 XeCls or 4 of the others.
  • Thrasher = 233.6 cpu 3 MinerIs or 4 of the others.
  • Cormorant = 276.1 cpu 5 Dual/Guass/XeCls or 4 Vapor/MinerIs.
At this point you've got to realize there's really no point in trying to make a destroyer do what it wasn't intended for in the first place...i would highly suggest you forget getting all fancy with electronics beyond lvl3. it's really not worth the time and effort since training to cruisers would give you more to play with anyways.

And for that, you have a complete walkthrough
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 28, 2005 8:17 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

it's simple:
  • find a decent 0.9 security system (because that's one of the two sec levels that don't spawn npc 'rats)'s best to find one relatively close to the best 'buyers' market for whatever ORE/mineral you hope to's also wise to find such a spot with lots of asteroid belts in the same system
  • have yourself frigate lvl 3 and spaceship command lvl3 and your faction's 'industrial' skill (NOT 'industry'; '<faction> industrial'...two different skills) This allows you to fly an 'indy' ship, which is a big bulk freighter
  • train for 'destroyer' skill, which will allow you to fly your faction's destroyer, which has lots of CPU & turret slots (for miner lasers)'s wise to train electronics skill to get electronics upgrades so you can fit some 'co-processor' modules (increasing cpu load)
  • grab that destroyer and start mining. It's a wise idea to eject the first load of ore and then drag/drop the stuff each minute into the created 'jetcan' (it lasts 2 hours; it holds 27500m3)
  • once you're close to the 2hr mark, warp back to the station you parked that 'indy' hauler at and jump aboard that so you can transport your ore to station. (hopefully a station with a 50% refinery service)
  • normally, selling the ore is okay, but you'll notice that you can haul ALOT more minerals to market than you can ore
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