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10 Things I hate about you

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Test Pilot
Test Pilot

Joined: 01 Feb 2002
Posts: 273

PostPosted: Thu Nov 25, 2004 11:51 am    Post subject: 10 Things I hate about you Reply with quote

Given Im still benned on eve-online :dunce:, and this post would likely get that ban extended by a week or so... :)-

FFS #1 - CCPs indecision
Basically, one has to question the worth of playing a MMO where the rules keep changing. "adapt" some say. Its frikkin impossible to effectivly specialize when the rules keep changing. In the face of changing rules the survival strategy is generalize.

#2 - Insta BMs
rant I dont like the fact that we can use these. I dont like the fact that we MUST use these.

#3 - Mining tired
EVE has taken mining, made it the core of the economy. And refined and honed mining into the most boring activity that anyone has ever paid money to do in the name of entertainment.

#4 - Crappy PvE combat balance
CCP, with each patch and major expansion are cutting down the number of ships that can PvE effectivly and focussing the game down on some kind of cookie cutter tanking build. ABs never worked ("correctly" sized ABs at least). MWDs have been beaten over and over again and now simply dont work at all in the new agent mission destination: deadspace. There are 4 basic ways to survive an encounter: tank the damage. Use speed to dodge fire at close range, use range to outrange the opponents. Or do maximal damage to destroy the enemy before they destroy you. The lack of functioning MWD + lack of ability to warp to anything other than 15km's has nerfed range in "complex" PvE. The lack of MWD means you cant use the proscribed means to close range to use a close range high damage setup. Oversized ABs are the only way of achieving close in speed to out track your enemies - MWDs sig penalty makes this option rieidulous.

The only option left is a tanking setup. tired The lack of an MWD and thus the ability to maintain range likewise constrains ships to either using frigate sized guns, or a webber, to hit frigates close in. And they will be close in if you cant MWD away. Either way youre looking at an ultra short to short range setup for all PvE combat. Unless you stick to doing asteroid belts, and you arnt going to see more than 100k rats spawning in belts.

#5 - Insta Gank NPCs
:headbang: As a gameplay mechanic getting blown up by NPCs is pretty damned sad - especially if you are not warned or otherwise initiate hostility. Im not sure WHY CCP bother actually having "NPCs" hanging around gates, or concord responding to hostility in empire space. For all the power of those ships CCP might as well just have gods hand come and swat any ship that accidentally stumbles into a too high sec system with drugs or a low standing. Why CCP allows us to do something that will result in the summary destruction of the ship with no chance to survive is just bad bad design. Either give us a fucking chance, or disable the gate/launch button.

NPCs with the ability to instant lock, and then kill with a single shot, NPCs in fact that can destroy you before you finish loading the new system nevermind get a situational awareness.. are just a stupid mechanic - absolute laziness on the part of CCP to solve some problem properly.

#6 - Ship Collision Physics
Ships get stuck in stations. Ships get stuck on each other. Ships get stuck on asteroids. :morn: All, very frequently, while being miles away from the object theyre stuck on! Bounce physics, as well as autopilot course selection needs to be improved. Scratch that. Implemented. This is beta code.

#7 - Trade Skills
Trade in Shiva is potentially cool. We can trade named modules now. wtg Can place buy and sell orders remotely. But are taxed to fuck, and can only place orders that last a max of 2 weeks! insane Plus the cash needed is committed. The character skills make the whole thing hard enough, but the taxes imposed merely for placing a buy or sell order make the market seriously dangerous. You need to constantly maintain your portfolio of orders, you cant afford to offer items that move slowley. To summarize - its just fucking stupid.

#8 - Multiplayer missions still arn't :headbang:
CCP have gone and decided to make missions hard enough to require multiple players to complete. But they still have no fucking way to share mission rewards. The only player to get the mission reward, mission bonus reward, agent and corp standing improvements is the mission taker. At all levels in the game therefore its usually better to simply do the easier missions for longer until you have a ship & skill set that can solo the next hardest mission.

#9 - Rats cheat
FFS Rats use impossible equipment combinations and are not succeptible to a number of EW and other measures that PCs are effected by. They cant be cap drained. They can use MWDs in deadspace complexes. They have damage & range combinations that are not possible using any combination of ship, gun, equipment and ammo. Therefore PvE setups and tactics are totally different to PvP setup and tactics.

#10 - Focus on PvP / elitist players.
CCP put all the best content in 0.0. POS are only really worthwhile in 0.0. The best minerals are only available deep in 0.0. The best rat spawns are only in 0.0 and, doubtless, all the best complexes will be exclusive to 0.0. All the best PvE content is thus trapped in 0.0 space, the zone reserved for PvP. Now, given that rats cheat - PvE players do not have the skills, equipment or inclination to deal with PvPers camping gates.
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Chief WO4
Chief WO4

Joined: 09 Feb 2002
Posts: 473
Location: Tripoint

PostPosted: Mon Dec 06, 2004 9:49 am    Post subject: my two bits Reply with quote


I'm sick to death of this new and improved nerfage. There's no common sense. it looks like CCP played 'whack a mole' with the nerf bat with ZERO common sense.

Why on earth did my favorite agent remove ALL my loyalty points except 10 for declining some spam advert for a few dogs? Is there no polite way to piss us off?

I don't like spam. if this keeps up i'm not going to enjoy doing agent missions for insulting propositions without a polite way to tell them to shut the HELL up (without penalizing us)...why the HELL do we have to jump through hoops (wait till offer expires) just because CCP thinks it's "appropriate" to stuff counter-intuitive new ways to add timesinks to every niggly thing they can think up?

I'm starting to get very very very very sick of watching my ship warp through planets, stations and other things that threaten my 'suspension of disbelief'

they should call exodus, "Eve: suspension of common sense"

idea what would be considered "common sense"? gee, i'd like the ability to say, "please don't offer to be an agent of interest until further notice" (sort of like a toggle)
    is that so hard to do? when my GAME starts acting like a FREAKING EMAIL ACCOUNT FROM HELL the fact i'm paying decent RL cash to play SpamFilter kinda ruins my fun, JUST A LITTLE BIT


the randomness: storylines and deadspace enemy types
the blandness: MWD disabling with ZERO rationality other than a blatantly obvious timesink.

idea you know, it would be common sense to quit being lazy and sort the deadspace rat types the way normal space missions are like

idea as for MWD? make it a structure based effect. destroy the structure, ability to use your MWD again

...if this is the way of the future the game is gonna suck (for even the newest n00b)
    you hear the same old refrain from devs the world over, "but it's just because you've played the previous patch that you're so jaded and cynical. new players see a fresh wonderful game" BS. they see it for what it is.
you know what really makes me sick? waiting for new players to this game to quit and call it not only "repetitive" (actual quote) but "random"

i know another game like this - completely random and repetitive. a space sim game that i'd rather not mention the name of the developer.

:headbang: and people like Papasmurf saying they'd rather eliminate the 'division' agent bias towards certain missions and go with something remotely promising to offer less than random missions based on player acceptance of missions. (smells like, oh goodie! let's get players to decline more missions to add yet ANOTHER time sink. weeeee)
oh joy, bland mush is tasty. please sir, may i have some more?

:strategy: and another thing: Why on god's green earth do you have to make the "merge/group window" so damned finicky?!!? i swear to god it's plain common sense that the "best option" in OPTIONS would be to "group similar windows together" LIKE AGENTS.


fuck. a little bitchass consistancy is all i'm asking. just a little common sense is all.

WYNAR oh, and the cutesy new left drag "wheel o' death" option that some buttmunch picked out of his teeth shouldn't have a "detect player wants to really use our option instead of say, LOOK AROUND FOR CRYING OUT LOUD...

omg. and the worst? having this new and improved launching mechanism that stops you dead. You do realize that a TEENSY proportion of your stations have sphincter issues. big tubes. oh, it's a pure joy attempting deal with this issue.
    best wya to deal? BY HITTING ACCELERATE! where the flying fuck did you think your launch at max velocity was a problem to be nerfed? helloooooooooooo...i'd rather some coder fix that launch capacitor charge BUG than fiddle a bit with needless niggly bits
i'm starting to get the idea they instituted so hamfistedly that we'd forget about the old niggly bugs...i'm sure they figure the best way to deal with bugs is make new ones in a continuous cycle.

<3 don't get me wrong, i still like the idea that i'm creating something of value in a certain corner of the galaxy that at least shows a smidgen of uniqueness...i'm seeing that flavour nerfed before my eyes into randomness...i'm seeing my sense of immersion become rather tenuous.

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Chief WO4
Chief WO4

Joined: 09 Feb 2002
Posts: 473
Location: Tripoint

PostPosted: Sun Dec 26, 2004 6:58 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

"if it ain't broke, don't fix it"

first off, i see agents as providing only one advantage: standings. I don't do them for rewards. it's pathetic. it's ALWAYS been pathetic compared to mining.

secondly, i'd like to thank CCP for improving the journal so we can set destination; have info on cargo size; non-deadspace information about rats.

thirdly, i'd like to make suggestions before i rant... (1) please PLEASE put "agents of interest" at the bottom of the agent list at stations. (2) make deadspace spawns match the region they are in for spawns.

lastly, i'd like to point out why i think those two suggestions are important enough to make some noise. (1) "suspension of disbelief"; i like this game, warts and all. i accept the fact that i'll be flinching while flying through planets under warp, because i know it would be difficult if not impossible to code a way to avoid such quirks quickly and easily...what i can't accept is agent SPAM that can easily be coded to NOT be spam. (2) randomness is fun, except when it conflicts with the game's rationale; I like the community. it's why i play MMOGs. the game engine isn't terribly important to me, but consistency is. If i'm playing a game i'm playing a role. hero, average joe, CEO, whatever. I enjoy the background stories and locales, and expect some solidity to the NPC corporations/empires. If sansha nation isn't a dominant force in the region, WHY THE HELL ARE THE GURISTAS AND OTHERS VACATIONING IN SANSHA REGION.

don't baddies have turf? what? are they all friendly and cozy and sh*t?!!? some form of alliance or something where they "share" turf but can't BE FREAKIN ARSED TO JOIN FORCES AND DESTROY CONCORD??!

*ahem* [:oops:]

Emerson once said, consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds...i've got another quote for you:
"A foolish consistency may be the hobgoblin of little minds, as Emerson said, but serious inconsistency is the downfall of many theories."
~Tibor R. Machan
*shrug* i like to make a roleplaying rationale around my character, then i can forget about the role and just hang out with my friends...having to be reminded of my character and having to redefine such on SOME FREAKIN WHIM is not appreciated.

it wasn't broke. why the hell "fix it"? there's no good damn reason to randomize the spawns. not even coding time constraints can justify the randomness of spawns.

You folks spent alot of time developing the deadspace and journal improvements along with other bells and whistles. I'm plainly asking you not to ignore basic rules of consistency just because programmerA just thought up a whiz-bang line of code.
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Chief WO4
Chief WO4

Joined: 09 Feb 2002
Posts: 473
Location: Tripoint

PostPosted: Sun Dec 26, 2004 1:01 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Rattman wrote:
Aelita wrote:
CCP please it's time to do something with secure can plague. Secure cans close to any object up to 10 000 km should decay at next DT no matter if they are anchored or not.

Look how now belts looks in empire.

Should just make a weekly rental based on the security rating of the system

I know I have can stuck all over the universe that I wont ever return to. If there was a way I could just remove them I would
totally agree with rattman. Those spam containers in .9-1.0 space have been there for a looooooooooong time. Just remove them FFS. how difficult is that?

As for containers <0.9 regions that have been there, inactive, set up by inactive corps and defunct player accounts? Can't CCP code a simple decay program like Ultima Online has had for decades?
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Chief WO4
Chief WO4

Joined: 09 Feb 2002
Posts: 473
Location: Tripoint

PostPosted: Sat Jan 08, 2005 1:42 am    Post subject: Lab Slots Reply with quote

i'd just say any office a corporation has allows ONE lab slot. (forget the factory slot bit. let's keep it simple)

if we just restricted it to lab stations we'd have an even worse problem.

having lots of offices means lots of labs, but sinc eyou're only allowed to use a number of lab slots concurrent with skill, then it balances that issue out.

As a new player, who's found and lost a few labs, i find it rather ironic that the prices for BPOs and BPCs are ridiculous. All i care about is being able to build my own corp's items at a single depot, not "how much profit i can make selling Titan BPCs" all seems so bloody retarded. Why on earth would i even dream of purchasing a stupid BPC when most of the stuff i'm thinking of building cost approx. the same in minerals with an off-the-shelf BPO.

*Shrug* If CCP is so hot under the collar about preventing n00bs from selling BS BPCs then tie the damn BPO research to skills, FFS, instead of this highly elitist view that just intimidates customers and creates the impression that CCP just wants to milk subscribers hard earned RL cash.
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Chief WO4
Chief WO4

Joined: 09 Feb 2002
Posts: 473
Location: Tripoint

PostPosted: Fri Feb 11, 2005 2:09 am    Post subject: Station Audit LOGS? wtf Reply with quote

Gotta love the fact "exodus development" forum, in it's entirety, just went poof. cute. Think i'll move shop to some forum that doesn't prune the baby and the bathwater.

On a more positive note, i just discovered that station container logs DON'T record who takes things. Brilliant! Whose the brainiac who popped that one out?

I must say it's forced me to adapt certain corporate roles in ways i never thought might even be nervous that such insight and innovation could very well be seen as "unintended" by the developers and get put on the exploit list to get nerfed.

ahhhhhhh...but such warm fuzzy thoughts aside, i'd just like to point out that i enjoy building sand castles in RL, so having the joy of playing such a fubar game warms the*****les of my heart.
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