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n00b FAQ -- must read. tricks of the trade

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Chief WO4
Chief WO4

Joined: 09 Feb 2002
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 10, 2004 6:51 am    Post subject: n00b FAQ -- must read. tricks of the trade Reply with quote

I'll eventually get around to quoting all the best, more cogent posts in that thread to here. but for now, enjoy reading that diamond mine.

If you havent already try the Help channel ingame. Very helpfull people in there that can usually answer anything you throw at them or at least give you some idea of where you can find that info. Can be accessed on the left menu under channels tab, Hope this helps. Just be warned that there are some players out their who get to be the complete arses they can't be in RL
When you have to sell an item, you must first repackage that item. If you right-click into the item, amongst other options you have the repackage option. Not only it is quicker than using the repairshop button, but it also works in those stations that don't have a repairshop available. It could be useful for those who intend to sell something in a very far-away station, especially if the item is a ship
Repackaging: Right-click the item in your hangar and select 'repackage'. Repackaging is required to sell items on the market, but not through escrow. A repackaged item will stack with other items of the same type. A repackaged item is denoted by the number of items in the stack being displayed (a single unpackaged frigate will look like a frigate, a singe repackage frigate will have a '1' on it as well as look like a frigate). Exodus: can only repackage things in 'items' window

Beware of purchasing items through escrow, and in general the buyer should beware. A good rule of thumb for the new (and most older) player(s) is to always purchase repackaged items. Be sure to 'inspect merchandise' when buying via escrow so you don't buy a really expensive shuttle instead of that new cruiser. As a second rule of thumb, just use escrow to purchase items that cannot be found on the market. I prefer spending a couple extra isk on a market-bought ship than having to worry about someone pulling a switch in a trade window or in escrow. Exodus: mostly for lab slot researched blueprint copies and cross regional player market browsing

The Function keys (F1, F2, etc) can be used to trigger your high, med, and low slot items (high slot by just hitting button, med and low by using alt- or ctrl-function key).

Ctrl-F9 disables the GUI, giving you a rather awesome, unencumbered view of space.

Modules can be set to 'manual' so that they don't continuously function; handy for modules that drain too much capacitor energy, or things you only want to fire once, then switch targets. like missile launchers. Exodus: default is 'autorepeat'

Expanding the market to include larger areas (all of Heimatar space, for example) is a good way to check the prices of items in a sector. A few hops between sectors and checking markets can save you quite a lot of cash if you're buying ships off the market. Be sure to check what station you're buying an item from, as well.

Roughly, a single Miner I mining in 1.0-0.9 space can pull in 100k isk an hour worth of ore (scordite and pyrox).

In general (with trit and pyr prices at ~2/6 per), if you're not mining Veld you're going to be fine mining any ore in empire space. At 2/6 it's tough to beat good old Scordite in isk/hour.

Do your tutorial missions as they add a nice bump to your starting faction standing. This is good to have, and you make some nice cash doing the missions. 1.0 faction standing; means you can get the highest quality lvl1 agent for your faction

Agent quality goes from negative (worst) to positive (best). -20 is bad, +20 is good. Agent quality affects the quality and amount of rewards, frequency of important missions, and standing gain. A bad higher level agent is better than a good lower level agent. In other words, take that -15 lvl 2 agent instead of that +18 lvl 1 agent.

Level 1 and 2 kill missions are fairly easily doable in frigates, but level 3 kill missions can get challenging and are really meant for cruisers (in my opinion). Exodus: lvl2 - destroyer difficulty; lvl3 - cruiser difficulty

Don't throw away/refine: Named AB's and MWD's. Named guns. Named cargo expanders (if they're greater than 18% they're worth cash). Check prices of goods on escrow or ask in Market channel. Exodus: sell/buy 'named' items in market

list of modules/items
The right mouse button is your friend, right click any and everywhere. Did you know, for instance, that you can set your autopilot's destination from the assets menu? Just right click! And same goes for bookmarks. 'assets' right clicking is the fastest way to travel if you're using autopilot

Quickbar: easiest way to add items to quickbar is to 'search' for the specific item, then right click and add to quickbar

When in doubt, warp away.

NEVER, EVER use missiles close to jumpgates. One itty bitty bit of splash damage on the gate, or one of the sentry guns, and you're dead meat.
Same goes for smartbombs (Which, despite the name, are anything but)

  • finding an agent by division, level and quality can be done ingame by getting the corporation info panel and choosing agents. while in there you can right click to 'add waypoint' to any agents you're curious about
  • going into your map you can now get a quick feel for which agents you chose are actually close enough to can use the map control panel's 'waypoint' menu tab to edit the waypoints you've set while agent window shopping
  • easiest way to delete all waypoints is set a new destination to another system, then delete that one waypoint while in map control panel.
heres a quick one...shift dragging items brings up a dialogue box for you to say how much of it you want to move from one place to another.
for all of u that like to do the little (TM) next to names of products (I see this becoming a growing trend) and as well the (C), or (R) you know there is a better way to do it right? hold down the alt key and then enter the numbers on the number pad then let go of the alt key.

some my favs btw:
Insta Warps

Something I wish I knew when I first started to play.

You can bookmark a location such that when you "Warp to 15km" of it, you actually land directly on that spot. It takes a few minutes to set up, but it pays off if your frequenting a specific mining spot, Cargo Container, Dock, anything really.

Pick two points in a solar sytem that you will be traveling between frequently. We will call them points A & B.

Go to Points A & B. Bookmark them. These are our temporary bookmarks.

Next, From Point A, Select the temporary bookmark B. Select "Warp to 15 km." When you come out of warp, hold your direction.

What you want to do is hold your course to point B, but go 15 km PAST it in the same line of action.
When you are 15 km past point B, bookmark the spot.
This the point B bookmark you'll keep. Throw the other one away.

Next, warp from B to temporary A and repeat.

If you're doing it to a station, do 10 km past. Stations tend to be about 5 km accross. So, as you pass over or under, the distance that shows on your screen will continue to show 0.

another description by someone else:

open people and places go to places and click the bookmark button at the bottom. well done you just bookmarked a piece of space - not a roid not nor a belt not a container specially placed at a belt called 'warp point' like i have been doing for ages.

You can also do that from inside a station to bookmark that station.

Warp drives take you roughly 20KM from your designated target. So you need to past that target about 18KM and create a bookmark (Recently you do not have to be this close to Dock, to bookmark a stargate your final entry point will need to be within 11KM). To do this lock target on the space station, and continue on past it in line with the planet you just came from. If you warped in from System-name planet 1, you need to line up System-name planet 1, the space station and your ship 18KM past the space station. Open People and Places and on the places tab you'll find a 'Set Bookmark' tab. Select that tab and hit ok at the point you wish to bookmark.

I like to name them starting-destination so in this example our bookmark would be "System-name Planet 1 - Space Station".

Next time you come from that planet, you can select the bookmark from the list and right click - select warp to location. Saving you a great deal of time lost by approaching stations.

It's also good to make use a shuttle to make bookmarks. Before mining missions I'll take out a shuttle to set some bookmarks. Bookmarks are essential for productive hauling of ore from asteroid belts.
Another way to zoom...
Press the right mouse button, and move your mouse so you're looking away from your ship.

Still holding your right button, also press the left button. Move the mouse up to zoom in, down to zoom out.
Apparently Drones can NOT warp with you so remember to put them in your drone bay before moving in warp or through stargates.
Not hugely useful but if you right click your ship and show info you will see a picture of yourself click this and you can see your own job history something that is not listed in your charactersheet.

And you can also see your Bio, the way other players would see it. Which you can also not see in char info. If you go to char info and use colors in your bio with color hex codes, < color=0xff000000 > black for example, you can see it by r-clicking your ship in space and viewing pilot info by clicking on your picture
Here's an old question that keeps on poping up, even players who have been on EVE for months still think that it happens.

I'm talking about skill training and what happens when you cancel training, and what happens when you change training from one skill to another without canceling first, and if you lose skillpoints doing either.

The answer is: Nothing, nothing happens, canceling a skill or changeing a skill will not make you lose skillpoints gained, if such were the case i'd be restarting training on my skills all the time since I cancel all the time because I jump between characters a lot.

Sometimes it looks like it, maybe all the time, but close down the character sheet and open it again, and you will see that the skillpoints are back at where they were when the skill was still training.

It's like the graphical glitch with the attributes when changeing ships, it looks like you lose all points gained from implants and skill, but that's it, it only looks like it, nothing more.

So one last time, just incase you forgot what i said after reading this little essay(sp?) you don't lose skillpoints gained when canceling or changeing a skill being trained. highly skeptical of this tip. have yet to test
I haven't been playing long but I have noticed a quick way to reload your guns. Right click the icon on the display and select reload. You can also change ammo types that way. Ok this may be obvious to mose but some people that have played a lot longer than me didn't know that.
When doing agent mission and you have finished the task, you don't have to go back to your agent to tell him you are done... If you are not at a station, just dock at one and tell him. Might get you the bonus, if time is running out...

If doing a kill mission many jumps away, equip for speed and take kill equipment with you, then change it at the station in the system where you are doing the mission (if there is one, if not at the nearest system).

If switching between different tasks (like mining, fighting, traveling...), put the equipment for each task into a container (small one will do). Saves a lot of time when switching and it's easy to take the setup you need with you.
Here is a good tip for finding the rough value of an item you want to sell. Go to 3 regions and check the regional sell orders for that item.

There is a "hub" or "highway" running thru the middle of the eve universe. Yulai appears to be at the center, and systems like Amarr, New Caldari, Luminaire, Tourier, and Pator are all connected to it.

If you are looking for a ship at the lowest possible price, or even looking to buy up a bunch of minerals and resell them for marked up prices, set your autopilot to the above mentioned systems. They are all in different regions and you can check an enormous amount of market from that path. If you are smart about marketing you can make a fortune by learning the map.

Quick marketing tip: If you want to sell your items you should find a station where alot of other items are sold. If you put that heavy beam laser for sale at a distant unpopulated system, no one will ever buy it cuz no one ever stops there :) - also check the history on the item, regionally and system wide. If no one has bought a heavy beam laser in that region since release, chances are no one will now. Just recycle it and sell the minerals :)

Hot systems for buying/selling from my experience:

Yulai, Nonni, Luminaire, Pator, New Caldari, Amarr, Tourier, Algogille
If you right click anywhere in empty space you get the same solar system menu as you get in the upper left hand corner.
Uncheck "show only active items" in the market, and you don't have to wait for all those "getting quote" progress bars. This has made shopping much less of a hassle for me. Exodus: slightly different lag formatting, but still a good tip
For fast standing increases, try to find a station with multiple security/command/intelligence agents that you can use, and take kill missions from all of them, moving through them all before docking. If they are all within one or two jumps, you should even have enough time to finish them within the bonus time limit. This saves you the time docking after each mission, and can add up to a tidy sum as well when you report back. Exodus: waypoints are automatically added and categorized now, so this is even more a good tip than before
If you have multiple destinations set (for instance when running multiple agent missions), you can access the route in the Map Window (F10) en reorder the destinations. There is also a very nifty "optimize" button.
Below is the start of exodus patch tips...
Right-clicking your weapons will show you all of their information, where you can access their optimal range (yes, it tells you very clearly in meters). You can then set the default distance for orbiting or pursuing a target to match this range precisely. When using multiple weapons, use the calculator to come up with an average optimal range for all weapons you intend to use during a fight.

Also, when you are doing agent missions, open the journal entry and right-click for details. You can right-click the links for pick-up and drop-off points to set them as your destination. I keep the windows minimized until I've completed all the stops, so the mission information is just one click away.

When you have completed an agent mission that does not require a drop-off, simply right-click the agent in People & Places and select "Start a Conversation." You may report completed missions at any time.

If you're looking to get that time bonus on agent courier missions, you can squeeze some extra minutes out of the computer. Once the mission is OFFERED it will appear in your journal. You can see all the pick-up and drop-off locations in the details and use them to set your navigation (as explained above). Since you generally have 24 hours to accept the mission, just leave the station without accepting or declining the mission, navigate to the pick-up point, then right-click your agent from People & Places to start a conversation and accept the mission.
To get items out of a station container right click on them and select "unlock". There is no way to stop them getting locked when you put them in the can.

For quick loot collection on deadspace missions
1) do mission
2) bookmark a can
3) complete misson; the dead-space zone disappears but the cans remain
4) come back in "micro-warped loot collection ship"
5) profit
  • a decent amarr loot collection ship is the 'crucifier'...although the 'executioner' is almost as good
Check the market often for cheap stuff! you never know when someone will sell want you want for 5k ISK

Place purchase orders on things you want ahead of time before you have the skills... you never know when you might get the new Imicus frig for 40k instead of 100k!

Wait about 10-15 sec after you clear the station before warping, usually will save you from havning to warp again midflight. (i think your cap isn't really full when you undock, even though it says full, its really now or something)

Niffty 24 hour countdown timer for windows FREEWARE no Install, just unzip and use SOooooo Handy for staying on top of those <24 hour skill trainin and doing other stuff outside of the game! Actually, here's a better timer that dings every minute (get custom sounds also)
    i prefer the "lighting.wav" - it's actually quite a soft sound...distant thunder

Use Online/Offline! I can mount 2 mining lasers on a destoryer, put them offline, and mount lots of 150mm Rail guns + other stuff... then goto Mining spot, kill the nasties there with all Guns Online, then start taking guns offline, and turn on 1 mining laser at a time, mine rock, then return with loot + mineing load :) rense / repeat ahhh...becareful though, since you need 95%cap to toggle something online. this is the only reason i use capacitor boosters and their fun little booster charges

If you ever do lose your ship to NPC pirates, all isn't lost yet, warp your egg ASAP to nearest station, if they dont sell new ships and your broke, you can almost always buy a shuttle! Then Warp back to where the NPCs shot you down within 60km... lure them far away with your fast shuttle then warp away, and warp back, (even better if you have a Quick bookmark to get you in tighter, like onlined in the forum) now you are close to your Cargo pods while the pirates are like 50km away from you! Just enough time to pick out that Special item you want to save from your wreck, like a Named 25% Cargo module (5m cubed) or a nice cargo scaner or something of that nature! Good luck!
just hit f11 to get the mini map up and set destination to any system if u need a quick exit. Assets will lag the hell outta the game for 5-10 secs, easily enuf time for ya ship to go puff

P+P can lag u a bit too, specially if youve got loads of bms + buddies

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Chief WO4
Chief WO4

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 31, 2004 5:51 pm    Post subject: R&D agents; wtf? Reply with quote

KingsGambit wrote:
Zinjan's thread stickied at the top of the "Missions" forum is a useful place to start, and can be viewed by clicking here.

The shorter version, is that you need Science Lvl 5, and one of Engineering/Electronics/Mechanic lvl 5 to train a research skill in the field you'd like to research. (eg Graviton Physics, Electronic Engineering, Rocket Science, etc). You also need standing with a particular agents corp, and not just faction standing, so you'll need to do missions for an agent in the same corp in a different division to raise your standings enough. Once you have the appropriate research skills and sufficient standing, talk to the R&D agent and ask him to head up a research team for you. Then you'll get an Email every 18-24hrs offering you a mission, which you can ignore, decline or fail without loss of standing, but if you complete it, you get your daily allowance of RPs again, in addition to your RPs gained over time. That's it....when a T2 BPO is handed out, the winner is a randomly selected research point from the pool.
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Chief WO4
Chief WO4

Joined: 09 Feb 2002
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 24, 2004 5:13 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

For those interested in backstory, the four races you can choose can be separated into easy enough slots.

There's two empires, each with a race that fought a war of independence. equaling 4 races. Gallente and Amarr are the big empires. Caldari split from Gallente; Minmatar split from Amarr. Both for different reasons.

Those reason are illustrated by short stories called Chronicles. Available on eve-online's website, there are quite a number of them now...too numerous to get a decent grip on.

The most relevant for this discussion are:

Amarr1 Amarr2 Amarr3
Basically, Amarr empire has 40% of the systems. It's a theocratic-feudal system where class divisions are exaggerated to the point of a caste system. Minmatar space was formed after the rebellion during the Jovian wars.

Gallente/Caldari1 Gallente/Caldari2 Gallente/Caldari3 Gallente/Caldari4
Basically, Gallente's pride themselves on their democratic market capitalism. downplaying all class divisions and speaking out on "rugged individualism"...The Caldari culture is more megacorporate oriented, being more pragmatic when it comes to who rules their race.
    guess you could call the gallentes "democrats" and the caldaris "republicans"...using the RL US electoral it a loose analogy. very loose


*Note: Caldari Prime is located in the same system as Gallente Prime

Droidster (edited by muffy for clarity) wrote:
The key systems in EVE form a loop with spokes. They are:

Manarq -- Ourapheh -- Yulai -- Lustrevik -- Pator [MinMatar Prime]
Manarq -- Kemerk -- Niyabainen -- Jita -- Nonni [Caldari Prime]
Manarq -- Kehour -- Ashab -- Amarr [Amarr Prime]
Manarq -- Tar -- Pakhshi -- Renyn -- Algogille -- Luminaire [Gallente Prime]

Yulai-Renyn is the main loop with the spokes as shown. Of course there are many other key routes, especially if you are considering 0.0 space, but the above is main core empire loop.

If you are selling things you want to open up the blue map (F10), and set your display setting to "Number of pilots currently docked and active". Where you see the blobs are the places to sell.





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Chief WO4
Chief WO4

Joined: 09 Feb 2002
Posts: 473
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PostPosted: Sun Dec 05, 2004 11:52 am    Post subject: linkage goodness Reply with quote

a few links. unfortunately, the below ship links are nothing on the level quite like but close enough.

Newbie ship guide
here's one with a gallery imbedded
more complete compendium
less ships but more comparison options


librarian.jpg" border="0" />
    (SPNeeded - CurrentSP) / (PriAttrib + (SecAttrib / 2)) = minutes for training **

    **- skills add to attributes in character sheet by default. Fractions AREN'T dropped/rounded for secondary attrib. There's some blather about "learning skill" & "dropped fractions" but i'm going to ignore it because the Exodus patch and FAQs seem to line up, according to my tests.
    official faq wrote:
    Training time.
    Your attributes govern the time you need to train a single skill level. The basic formula looks something like this::
    Points per minute = (primary attribute + secondary attribute/2) x (1 + 0.02 x Learning skill level) Where "primary" and "secondary" attributes are the attribute values used by the skill you're training. You can check on those by looking up the skill's information page (the blue "i" icon, accessible either through your own character sheet, or by looking up the skill on the station markets).
other helpful links:
Character Creation tree
Skills tree
Skills cost
Interactive map (can't zoom in, only shows regions)

little bit more advanced:
Blueprint calculator
NPC Pirate data (uberdetailed)
Agent listings
Implants by corporation

for the complete n00b we have the best forum to browse. (start with the sticky)

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Winterblink roxx0rz

PostPosted: Tue Dec 07, 2004 4:47 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 21, 2004 2:26 pm    Post subject: 0.0 space map Reply with quote

Quarath wrote:
(resumption of original New Alliance Map thread)

Territorial map v1.10 - 15.12.2004

Latest version (plz use this link when refering)

History: 8.5.2004 | 24.5.2004 | 5.6.2004 | 7.7.2004 | 20.7.2004 | 30.8.2004 | 5.9.2004 | 21.9.2004 | 30.9.2004 | 23.10.2004 | 25.10.2004 | 29.11.2004 | 6.12.2004 | 9.12.2004 | 15.12.2004

a little "FAQ" which might be usefull for noobies:

Lijah wrote:

Being a newbie to anthing below 0.6 sec, can someone explain / confirm stuff about all these alliances. I've seen the map of territories, which looks all official, and very skillfuly done etc). But these PA, FA etc etc alliances - are they / have they been created by real-life people over time? Or where they alwasy there? Or where they / are they owned/created by computer characters/corps and joined into by Human players, or even run bgy them? ... Can they be removed if playsre quit? Can new 'alliances' be created and take/fight for space on that map?

Also, all this 'in game news' ... espcially about Mordu and ORE and stuiff ... is all that 'actually' happening? these battles are phsyiacally happening? (ie in theory if you happened to be ion the right place at the right time you could be a witness to it all? Could you take part?) and are all the news items purely computer based? or can player corps faeture in this 'news' item? ...

Just need to get to grips with what is organcin to the game , and what is player created ,.,, :)[:D]

Valentine Keen wrote:
Well, there's plenty of NPC pirate factions out in 0.0, including stations owned, at least in name, by the likes of Mordu and Arch Angels etc.

However, these handy stations became the basis for player created alliances - corps that use those stations and the newer Player Conquerable stations, to form their own collations of corporations. Effectively, they ignore the fact that these are, in NPC terms, controlled already by the NPC pirates.

Since it's 0.0 space however, the various groups defend the areas they've chosen to use and control quite aggressively and there's a lot of PvP out there.

Any or all group of players or corps could form an alliance, several have come and gone, but it's not easy to claim an area of space from an existing alliance, as they'll generally have the advantage of numbers and equipment out there to fight you for it.

One example would be the newer Unicor alliance, founded by a group of corps to take a piece of space, but sadly having withdrawn back to Empire after what appears to be a successful defense by The Pirate Syndicate.

(Not commenting on more than that as I don't know the specifics, but the map still says TPS, so I guess they won.)

Yes, the news is usually related to in-game events.

For example, the incursion of some of the NPC Pirate forces included several events people using what would normally be NPC ships to play out the event.

Sometimes, the events are NPC, sometimes by players in those factions guises. For example, players controlling characters created for the events, or for NPCs, changes such as Blood Raiders dropping Jovian body part loot as part of a wider story arc, or Amarr agents giving out missions to move building blocks as part of the Cathederal story.
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Chief WO4
Chief WO4

Joined: 09 Feb 2002
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PostPosted: Sun Dec 26, 2004 7:23 am    Post subject: n00b start up Reply with quote

MOST IMPORTANT ATTRIBUTES: perception/intelligence.

for god's sakes don't waste your time on learning skills so early in the game. i see veterans going on and on about this tech2 kit you need and how soooooo important getting the learning skills to lvl5 and blah blah. jeez.

focus on two things: intelligence and perception are the primary attributes to most skills you'll want as soon as possible.
source wrote:
It's an important thing to do, training. It's overwhelming the amount of gear on the market. let's try to narrow it down to what you CAN and should use as a n00b:

the above is the basic stuff. below is the tech1 stuff

navigation skill
afterburner skill
buy a 1mn afterburner size2 module

mechanic skill
buy a few BASIC nanofiber/cargoexpander/overdrive size1 modules
hull upgrades skill
now you can buy the non-basic gear
repair systems skill
buy an armor repair module (size1)

engineering lvl2
science lvl2
energy pulse weapon skill (smart bombs. great for taking out close range npcs)
energy grid upgrades (for those power boosters)

after that you're free to go for more ship command skills that take so much training time...The better a ship you get the faster you can do the other things in the game.

Best career for a n00b is mining in 0.9 and 1.0 space that isn't on the main trade routes...find some out of the way place "close" (within 1 jump) of the region's best place to sell scordite ore. Unless you've got some refining skill the best bet is to sell the ore straight up, instead of refining. (the tutorial fails to mention that)

Agents are only good for one thing: standings. TALK TO YOUR STARTER AGENT (skip the sequel agent though)
    the tutorial agent gives you 1.0 faction rating on completion of mission #9 -- allowing instant access to your faction's lvl1 high quality agents...note that this agent is not the mickeymouse inflight/station tutorials, but the one who sends you that first evemail.
i'd skip agents for now and just find a decent place to mine're going to be doing alot of that during your stay here, so might as well learn that merely playing the game is boring as hell -- it's the people/community that make a mmog.

Find a corporation. If you're a solo player who just happens to prefer live human "npcs" to predictable AI 'npcs', then i hope you like mining ALOT.

talking about mining: mining lasers take ALOT of cpu. (the opposite of power)...electronics skill and electronics upgrades help. do some research about what ships you can use to maximize your mining. Remember, you're not limited to a single racial ship class. Since you're minmatar, check out the 'probe'

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Chief WO4
Chief WO4

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 13, 2005 3:48 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

newest version

not as good, but at least it's a working model
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Chief WO4
Chief WO4

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 29, 2005 12:46 pm    Post subject: Snapping windows together Reply with quote

When you experiment with windows and different chat channels you'll notice two things: 1) you can join/group ('snap' together) different windows 2) local and corp chat can never be 'closed'

I found the whole mess frustrating because sometimes i'd close something i only wanted to minimize...then i discovered anything snapped to the local or corp chat never 'closed' either...that's when i began a long experiment in the most efficient means of snapping.

This is the result:

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 12, 2005 9:04 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Urtok wrote:
James Lyrus wrote:
Galen Kant wrote:
When I goto set a default range for say "keep at range" I'm given a menu consisting of: 50m, 200m, and 500m while other players report they are able to enter an arbitrary value by hand. My keep at range default used to be set to 13km but now it's 500m due to a mis-click. I'd like to change it back but an unable to. Any ideas?
Right click on the appropriate icon (eg. orbit or keep at range) in the 'selected item' window. It'll have a 'set default' option.

(You will have to select an item that's in range first. The local space station is probably a reasonable choice)
James gave you the answer.

You can not do it by right clicking the target in space, you have to do it from the overview.

Select the target so it displays in the "selected item" box in the overview. Then right click the "keep at range" or "orbit" icons that are displayed in this box. This will bring up a selection "set default". Then you just have to type in the number between 500 and 1,000,000.

To do it out side of combat, find a sentry gun. The ones around a station will do. No need to target just select and the two icons will show and set the default from there. The "orbit" icon will show for any object, but the "keep at range" will not show unless it's a combat object like a sentry gun.
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Chief WO4

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 02, 2005 8:51 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Cmdr Sy wrote:

3) You need to check for a Capacitor Flux Coil, but you're far from your station. Open Assets, open up the list of items in that station, find the Cap Mods GSC, right-click, select Repackage. Check again after making a jump or docking, and that can will have repackaged, and all its contents are in that hangar and are viewable. And escrowable.

So by storing stuff in GSCs, it minimises lag when loading the items list or hangar, AND you can repackage them from anywhere in the EVE universe at any time to see exactly what's in them, and place escrows or remote sell orders if you want.

EDIT: This is also handy for re-escrowing stuff remotely. Got a mod trapped in annoying Plastic Wrap 20 jumps away? Simply repackage the Plastic Wrap in your Assets list, then set the escrow again.
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PostPosted: Sun Apr 17, 2005 6:20 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Pretty decent bunch of tips for post-n00b-dom
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 18, 2005 3:40 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Lygos wrote:
To be honest, every ship is pretty adequate. But probably the most efficient thing is to pick something you can resell. Being able to afford insurance is a concern as well unless you are doing say, courier missions, or some other low risk profession. I don't know what ethnicity you started out with because I can't see your portrait. The more expensive the ship is, the more likely you can resell it quickly if you don't like it. Most of the cash you dump in a ship doesn't go into the hull at all.

When you get right down to it, almost any tech1 frigate is a surprisingly reliable platform for killing npcs all the way down to 0.1 or level 1 or 2 combat missions. All frigs and cruisers are largely throwaway vessels for PvP at the moment if that is your career path.

Ships groups and generalizations:
Amarr: Executioner(speed) or Punisher(tank&dmg)
-Most straitforward approach to combat.
Caldari: Kestrel(missiles) or Merlin(turrets&range&tank
Gallente: Incursus(dmg) or Tristan(highly modular)
-More complex and comprehensive approach to combat.
Minmatar: Breacher(missiles) or Rifter (dmg&speed)
-Specialist approach to combat, little middle ground on any modules.
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Chief WO4

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PostPosted: Thu May 12, 2005 10:33 am    Post subject: corp recruitment Reply with quote

Erland Andreassen wrote:
Well, it's not easy to find the right Corp, the ingame recruitment channel is perhaps not the right place to look. The eve-online forum is a better medium to search through.

Also get to know other players and through them their Corps is another, but slower. One of the bigger problems for new players is that the Corps's they got the best chance to join is also the ones not that good.

Like new players tend to band together with other new players, but end up have very few older players to draw experience and advice from. And these type of corps's usally end up mining, and more mining and then some more mining, and a bit more mining.. You get the drift?

The more established Corps's isn't alwasy interested in the new players because their lack of skills and experience can become a liability for their Corp (deppending on type), and the Corps's that is into alliances and politics of sorts often don't trust new players who don't have anyone already in the Corp to vouch for them. Spies, possible corp thiefs etc, not someone want into their Corp.

mail me your eve nick and I might be able to help you if you are interested though.
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