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United Mining Exploration Commission: A group of friends playing JumpGate-- "a MMORPG that launched smoothly, breaks from fantasy character setting, emphasizes PvP, and is the first persistent world space simulator that nobody talks about." ~Scorch
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Eve Fanboi? Or objective review?

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 07, 2003 1:53 pm    Post subject: Eve Fanboi? Or objective review? Reply with quote

Galdatron wrote:
Eve Ė My Thoughts

Lots of people have been talking about eve, and the effect it will have on JG. Here is my humble view: Iím in Eve Beta, and have been playing it for about 2 weeks now.

I should say that I was blown away by the atmosphere and graphics of the game as itís super realistic. It kind of makes JG look like a cartoon in comparison. At the moment, itís very buggy, and a great deal of content is missing making it very thin on the game play level. The character generation is the best Iíve seen allowing you thousands of alterations that really allows you to create a look different from others. ButÖ. Thereís no 1st person view meaning you have to view your ship from the out side, and everything is point and click. That means PvP will probably be won by the person with the biggest ship, or gank fleets.

The people who will love this game will be the pilotís who enjoy the other aspects of JG and not PVP. It looks like there will be loads to do like the usual trading, stock market, missions etc. Hehe, the good news for you pirate haters is that the pirates in Eve are NPC, but Iím sure this will change soon muhahaha. The universe is VAST, perhaps too vast imo, but if they get the 40,000 players Iím told they think they will get, then theyíll need the space.

So in conclusionÖ Itís a super looking game, but will not satisfy the JG hardcore who like the PvP, and 1st person aspect of being inside your own ship. Sure JG will lose a few, but not as many as ppl say I think. You simply cant beat being inside your ship in terms of immersion.
Slopey wrote:
Have you actually tried EVE? Lag in excess of 4 seconds, random crashes, and a terrible point and click ship flying interface. And i thought E&B was bad.......

BeatBoyNBK wrote:
- You cannot use joystick, EVE is mouse+keyborad based, sorry.

- It does not handle like HW, you control one ship (your own) at a time. Could be a frigate, a cruiser, battleship or Titan.

- Action and interaction is like 'point and click', there are no swarmers or Corv Walls, since there are none of those available, except for some Concord police drones.

- Strategy is more inportant then raw fire power (on the other side...). Imagine you having a superb fast flying ship, ideal for hit and run tactics. And a nice deasent gun attached on it. There comes, jumping in, the enemy.
You think like: "Hmmmm... He has a big ship, better run!!! Muahaha!!"
Too late, he had a cloacked friend with warp inhibitor (stolen from the kadeshi) and your stuck, and your toast.
The posibilities are endless.

- You can attack anyone, at anytime you want, but I would suggest you don't. You'll have law enforcement on top of you before you know, or a mob of angry Podders on to you. Besides, if I'm in some kind of n3wb33 frigate (Bantan) and attack a Amar Titan, I'd better do some praying!

- You can attack your teammates, it will however have you kicked out of the clan, and have all your former clanmates have a bounty on your head (not wise if you have like a clan of 50+).

- When you die, you will be reanimated in a clone facility. Downside is, that you will have lost , pretty much of everything you have gained, skills, etc. Not to mention that kick#ss ship you once piloted.
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 08, 2003 8:10 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Ant wrote:
It does look great and the trading and stockmarket side are very very adictive...I think when they have 40 k players online the trading aspect will be unriviled by any game.

There is however so much more to be added BEFORE release its really hard to compare it to JG at the moment.

Jumpgate has a great 1st person way to play but If you don't really PvP the eve IS the game for you .

PvP in eve is less down to actual skill but more down to how clever you are in teaching your character to progress. Again this will suit players who don't like to actually fight but are good at the more subtle ways to build their character into a fighter(I still think this requires skill but more academic than useing a joy or mouse).

All in all I think eve will be as big as they think and is much more along the lines of elite than jg is. It will atract a lot of players from Jumpgate I'm afraid thats enevitable , And it wont be long before the pvp'ers realise how much they acctually needed all the traders ....because I have no doubt the traders will love eve.

PvP was never ment to be the only think in jg ,but over the last year that is exactly what has happened. I have also noticed that with the influx of the ex nazgal players into the EU server the balance of PvP has shifted(it used to be pretty even but the skill of these pilots has without a doubt made pvp 1 sided).

So to sum up
I believe EVE will take most of the traders and miners from JG leaving it a purely PvP oriented game long jg can sustain itself when this happens I don't know. I love Jg but in my eyes it cant last as a purely PvP game ( I hope I'm wrong). If EP2 isn't realeased before Eve then the guy's who leave to try Eve wont come back of that I'm sure (it's very addictive like I said).

I know this is prolly not what the JG comunity wants to hear but I can only give my honest opinion I hope you understand where I'm comming from.

Have a nice day !!!!

It's funny how the fanbois always like shallowly contrasting games in the last sentence, but forget their list of 1337 features lack similar treatment of comparison, in the rest of their post.

arf_uk wrote:

JG - Been here for a long while , since aug 01. Don't play much (damn work), but i enjoy playing when I can , and particularly *flying* a ship . I dont even PVP (1 kill. woot).
But EVE; its just dull. There is no skill involved. Even tow pilots (docking modx excepted) need skill to pilot a loaded tow. What fun is it when you double click a point and the ship dodges all asteroids en route for you. autodocking - is docking that hard.. maybe it is when the game is mouse only?.
i'm not knocking the interface, the graphics etc.. but i can't see it (at the moment) making for some interesting gameplay.
I respect Ant's opinion on the trading etc, but even some traders / miners etc like the ability to have exacting control over there ship, which is the major dfference between the two games.
(And PCZone said Jumpgate was dull in their EnB review... )
Spyro124 wrote:
Well i've played Eve again and created a new char.

Well in the beginning I didn't knew what todo, but then again it's still in beta so I wasn't expecting any tutorial. So i figured lets take a look if I can trade then, since this is usually the easiest way to make some decent cash. Well after looking at my litle bank account I noticed it was at 0 ISK, so it looked like becoming a Trader or something wasn't possible in the beginning.

Well since I played this game before I knew that mining was gonne be my main thing in the beginning. But for some reason I wasn't able to mine, probably because of some bug.

Figuring this game is still as buggy as I remembered I went on to some flying and to see how big this universe is and imo it is really too big.

Also their Aim for about 40K peeps is really alot, because these devs are nothing more then Netdevil used to be, they are a small company and Simon and Schutzler or something like that isn't really known for their good games imo. If they wanted to reach those 40K peeps they should have tried Sony or some company like them.

Because the universe is so freaking big, it's very empty without those 40K peeps.

Also if you think Eve will be the next JG or something, think harder because it won't. It's just a huge E&B with a player build economy.
McFretN wrote:
Eve beta is filled with many disgusting bugs which makes it hardly playable.
I understand that a beta is supposed to be bugged. But these bugs are to be ashamed of in a beta that has been running for several months.
-If you type too fast in the textbox, your text will be erased
-The mining laser doesnt work. Unless youre really lucky. Without it, you can't do anything else because you start with no money.
-LAG!!!! can you imagine what would happen if the current playerbase changed from 400 to 40000!?
-There are many more bugs that everyone in the game knows and complains about. But they keep existing patch after patch.

I doubt that i will play this game. I mined some ore and sold it, but i almost fell asleep in the process. Mining an asteroid in Jumpgate is more exiting and takes more skill than anything i have done in EVE so far. And i dont play jumpgate to mine!
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 28, 2003 8:51 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

GymCee wrote:
Eve is a long way from a complete user firendly product, the learning curve is horrendous the game is buggy, the ways of making money are boring to begin with, it over punishes death and there is no appreciable role play. Looks pretty, good economy model (by far the most sophisticated and worthwhile Iíve seen) massive game ( a pro and con, it removes intimacy that JG has)
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Ex-Assistant GM
Ex-Assistant GM

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 29, 2003 10:04 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

They'll be removing the NDA within a week, should be a lot more info available then.
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PostPosted: Wed Jul 09, 2003 3:04 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

USENET wrote:
>What's wrong with this review...
>He seems to think it's a slow boring game.

Its a little basic. He has focussed on the mining which true is a part of the game, but if you don't like mining try something else out. Although I would agree at the moment mining is possibly the most profitable occupation early on and as such Eve Greed kicks in and can push you that way.

Although building can also be profitable as can trading if you get it right. Combat can also gain you rares that you wouldn't otherwise gain except through get the idea he just didn't go into a lot of detail that he should have done.

Also he is bang off on the skills system. Correct in that a skill takes no skill to train, but that's not the point the skill is in understanding and using the various skills to better your character. That and how the ship items can interact can ensure that a poorly created larger ship will have trouble against a smaller ship.

The skills system also is the first attempt at ensuring that Uber players don't just run away from you by playing much more and as such it works well at this. Also bear in mind that other offline activities such as market and courier missions all exist

Browsing the player comments appear to cover most items. Negative comments and positive comments are worth taking into account.

So simplistic would be my comment :)

Out of interest the first review gamespot did on this game they marked even lower and then pulled the review as the reviewer had obviously not played the game.

PC Gamer UK and PC Zone UK both gave the game very high scores, with the PC Zone reviewer still playing the game a month after his review.
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Chief WO4
Chief WO4

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 18, 2004 6:54 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

oh god. i &^%@# hate windows infernal exploder. just lost a huge post during a cut and paste operation via accidentally hitting the wrong button and "back" paging three times...losing everything. (i know how to backup. was just not at that point yet)
    feel so stupid. erk
anyways, i suppose it's best to start over in these sorts of things. some famous author once said you should always throw out your first draft and start afresh. blech.

went all the way back to posts on Jul 14, 2004...couldn't continue cause i felt myself going numb

EVE is an increadible game. Graphics are nice (one of the best Ive seen), increadible soundtrack (the only mmorpg that I know of that has about 23 soundtracks), good customer service (they have hired volunteer CSRs like Aanrchy Online does...this should speed up many delays in petitions), increadible assortment of ships, weapons, modules, cargo, goods, etc. More ships, items, weapons, etc are constantly being release through the months as an evolving game. The DEVs actually listens to many ideas (as they have their own Idea Lab set up in their forums). I give this game an 8.5 ....I dont rate games 10 or 1...I actually try to be honest. Game is only 19.95 plus 14.95 bucks a month. Its a must have for any die hard sci fi fan Corporate Wars, Agent missions, mining operations, ship constructions, pirating.....anything you want to be you can become! Making money is also endless. If you dont want to mine, you dont have to as their are plenty of other routes to do to make money! Customer service is superb. You always g et a response fast! I had problems with the login screen and there reply was fast and courteous. I had to upgrade my drivers...simple as that. This game isn't for the meek of heart of the typical "l33t dude haxxor mmorpg player". This game is for intelligent and serious players who don't mind meeting and making new friends ...and dominate at the same time! Also, if you want PvP you got it!! one of the best PvP set ups Ive seen in a while. There are some nasty Player Pirates out there so beware!
Beautiful game with more depth than any other mmorpg on the market. Not for a twitch gamer, not for a power-leveler. There's a lot to do in EVE, provided you have the patience and curiosity to explore the universe. Joining a corporation is very important to creating a good gaming experience for new players. Don't think about it; just join one. You can always leave later. Have had some recurrent lag issues but nothing beyond minor annoyances. As you can see from previous reviews, the player base is mature and enjoys a long-term experience. There is good potential for role-playing, although I wish the wonderful, marvelous character customization at the beginning of the game didn't fall by the wayside as much as it does. Also, unlike many games, a small clan (corporation) can succeed in EVE, because you have such a large degree of choice in what your goal is. The market and economy are complex but navigable, and anytime you buy a new ship, chances are that somewhere in the game is the very player who manufactured that ship. The more I play, the better it gets
This game has something that no other game has. The ability to be competitive without being plugged in for 10 hours a day. Meaning, you can have a full time job and spend time with your family and STILL be on par with the kids who play for 20 hours a day. Granted, you may not have the same amount of money, but having comparable skills is more time consuming then making money. The value is 10/10. You can go and find this game in a bargin bin at EB for under 10bucks, or just upgrade from the free trial for 20bucks and all the expansions are FREE. This is truely an amazing game. Like Freelancer as a MMOG.
This is a really great game. It is a game of pvp, a game of pirates and traders, manufacturers and corporations, empires and destruction. the maturity level of this game is astounding. there arent a bunch of 12 year olds sitting in chatrooms with nothing to say but useless garbage - most people i play with are well over 20 and some into their 30's - 40's. this is an amazing game and i would reccomend to anyone - bit boring at first due to a very steep learning curve, but really turns around after only a couple of weeks. Find a corp to join quickly and meet a bunch of cool people to get you off of your feet. Ive played since beta and still love it just as much as i always have. Keep an open mind, those who say there is nothing to do but mine obviously didnt take that advice thus have no creativity at all to explore and find new things.

This game has been characterized as a MMORPG, IRC with graphics, an economic simulation and a RTS by different people. In fact it seems to be a game that either you love or that bores you to tears. It is not a game you can get into in a matter of hours, and a lot of people seem to only get hooked on the last few days of the trial. If you are unwilling to go exploring the community as well as the game, you are likely to be turned off by the game. It relies on its veteran players to indoctrinate the new pilots, and although it may be as easy as typing a question in the Help or Rookie Help channel, many people seem unwilling or unable to do that. I myself have had an active account since February, and intend to keep it open for at least another six months. No game will hold your attention forever, but if Eve captures your soul it will be a long time letting go.
With only one server, you always get the best the community has to offer, and with online moderators, the worst of the community won't be around long. Politics and economy are constantly evolving due to elaborate design and developer upkeep. It's hands-down, the best mmorpg I ever played. Sci-fi setting makes it somewhat an acquired taste...
Its open ended game play is both plus and a minus. You can do most anything you want from mining, exlporation, hunting pirates, pirating, running a corportion, trading, hauling goods but this also leaves some people clueless. Since there is no one forcing you to follow a certain path or story line you are left pretty much on your on to create your fun. This is where I recommend either joining or forming a player run corporation.
There is more depth and long term playability here than in any other game I have yet played. From evil to a more well behaved player, you can do what you wish and still have fun. I have played for over a year, and also play 3 other games, but this one is by far my fav. The challenge is more intellectual, as the reflexes are not the great equalizer. More strategy in what you setup, and how you implement. Also, I love how large the universe is and that all players are in the same game at the same time. Also, is there any other game that has real people greet the new players and walk them through the game? I think not. There is more value offered to the game player than what they pay for, and isn't that the ultimate goal of any game? If you are looking for an easy to learn, one button game, look elsewhere. I enjoy the complexity of the markets, the ability to outfit a ship in thousands of ways. Also, I like the fact that it takes time to get somewhere. If you are looking for a game with one big button flashing "I R TEH WIN", then move on and save me the pain of having to play with you. EVE has very few annoying players because it takes brains to play, and that I like simple fact more than anything else about it.
Very good looking game, and fun...for a while. You need to get into a large corporation to have fun, and you need to be willing to put in a month or two to get to the "good" part of the game.
I have played Eve for 10 days now and believe it has great substance, in fact maybe too much.. newbie's to MMORPG's may seen like they need a 200-page manual and Yahoo's map system to get around in its vast galaxies! The graphic's are something, excellent fog and lighting effects, while soundtracks are good and different. I like the fact your player can level even when offline and cost per month is pretty good..
Great game which differs from most other games. Not a great platform for roleplaying but you really get scifi feeling here. The best system is the offline leveling making it impossible for 24/7 players to learn faster than for the casual player. Thumbs up!
Have to say I've been playing since Day of retail release and have not looked back, this game has the best community of any MMORPG I have ever played. For those of you who say theres no rolplay.. you very misinformed.. get yourselves into a good corp of likeminded people and roleplay away, create stories yourself, involve and immerse yourself... I for one got into a good corp and now I've created and run the corp website and forums that are visitedby many for my newly created stories, and info...
From my first 3 days, i have gained alot of insight on this game, and i got to say, this is one of the better put together games out on the market right at the moment. The learning curve is huge, and very complex, but if you like a little challenge, then it won't be an issue. There are many things to do and there are alot of people that will help you if you should get confused or stuck. I still don't know everything, as i'm still learning, but i have to say this is by far one of the best games i have played in a long while. The graphics are superior to anything i have seen, the sound is very relaxing and spacey like. I have seen some people roleplaying already in my 3 days of playing and well the community is great as well. I haven't had any connection issues either which is a good thing. I say if your looking for something totally different, go do the trial that the website is offering. What do you got to lose, 14 days worth of your life???
Eve has held me for a long time - at times i've tried to play other games, but they all seem pretty shallow/crap in comparison. As many have said before, this is a real open ended MMORPG, and agreat example of one. If you dont want to shoot/fight, you never need to, or conversly, i never ever mine of craft anything, i only fight. I would say the most important thing is to get into a good corp - that will let you ignore the "boring bits" and concentrate on what you want to do. The community is excellent, and the game is both graphically excellent, and very complex. This game is NOT a FPS, but can have some very active/fast times of adrenalin rush - but most fights are won/lost on your setup and team tactics. lag can be a bit of an issue - but its mainly the computer trying to load all the objects in a crowded system - i rarely encounter enough to really lag me out of the game.

I've searched high and low for the elusive story line, and cannot find hide nor hair of it. except for the starter missions. it seems that the only story line in the game is actually out of the game on the webpage, or through news updates through the game. My idea of a story line is something i can see, and partake in "within" the game.
Any game that you can play while reading a book moves a bit too slow for my tastes. In this game, you can start one of your missions and begin flying of to the proper destination. At this point you can read several pages of your book, pop your head up to play a minute or two..Now for the trip back and a few more pages read of your book. Fast action this game is not. Good graphics to help while you travel but soon gets boring.
I played it for about 4 months, but the only reason I stayed that long was because of my corpmates. In the end however, I was gettign too sick of mining asteroids (turn on your mining laser, wait a minute and put the ore to the can - then do that for 30-120 minutes), or doing missions - which did nothing more than mining: making money. No way of gaining exp, so your activity means nothing for your characters development, only that you get more money... I think it will probably be fun to do PVP, but it's like WAY out in the future, and if you loose your ship, you have to mine forever to get the money for another one.
Very few people pay any attention to the local channel. Performance: pretty good considering, though there are still a fair amount of node drops/client crashes even 1.5 years after release. Most big bugs are out, but there are tons of annoying little ones that never get fixed.
Very fun game, only lasts about 3 months though
Has a game life of about 2-3 months, before long you will be mining/fighting gets very repetative. For the game to hold your interest any longer than that you would have to find a awesome corp to make up for the repetative content
The problem I had with the game is that it all seems so detached.
This game is cool, not fun, cool. It was cool flyin around in a spaceship, but to me, thats all you seem to do. Fly somewhere, mine a rock, fly to a station, sell stuff, fly to a mission.....There seems to be very little combat in this game. The graphics are good though.No lag eitehr, and the people were helpful. I dunno, maybe i need to play it a bit more. There must be SOMETHING i'm missing cuz this game has an 8.2
i played the free trial, it wasnt my thing, i didnt like the graphics or the skills system, the combats a little drab. im sure the system could be much more fun if it wasnt so much like using an accounting program, im sure the end game is much ore fun (haha ore fun.. mining... get it?) but im not prepared to bother getting there. not my bag...
Really in depth game awesome graphics unfurtnatlly it still lacks WAY to much. They spend most of ther money on advertising rather then the game. It gets MUCH to boring WAY to fast. And trust me, dont blame me for saying that because its "to complicated" it just is way to reptitive except for the PVP which is bad because the server cant handle 40+ people in one battle...
I played out the free trial but wasn't really sucked in. Getting anywhere and doing anything is fairly boring, and I found targetting things and navingating a pain because items on the scanner list ... would move around with no visual cue.
I was attracted to EVE by the market system, where you can place buy or sell orders, enabling automated trading while offline. The system to learn skills based on real time is also new and interesting. But unfortunately the makers of EVE forgot to add any sort of content into this game. Resource collection is horribly boring. The graphics look good for about 5 minutes, before they grow old, as you can't leave your spaceship and walk around, you only see all those stars and planets from far, and can't walk on their surface. There are not many quests. So all you can do is to boringly mine asteroids, build up your space ship, get into a combat, get shot down and start over. The penalty for dieing is really harsh, and as player killers don't need your consent to be able to kill you, you get griefed far too often. So EVE managed to get the dubious distinction of being the first game where I didn't even finish my free month before uninstalling it
Very Slow Paced Game. The Graphics were very good but very poor controls and lack of involvement/immersion drag this game down.
This game looks amazing, but that's about it. It gets incredibly boring very quickly. I was already bored after 10 days of the free trial. You can't gain skills faster than anyone else by actually practicing them or using them, so it seems like it's a waste to even play the game sometimes. Most people say mining is the only boring thing in the game, well I did everything BUT mining and it still got incredibly boring. Game is fun for a little bit, but it's not worth buying. Try it for a few days , check out the graphics, and if you still like it, then go ahead and pay for it.

Storyline is enabled via your tutorial agent's recommended sequel agents. There's no endgame, but i've heard it's rewarding and entertaining as storyline. I'm wary of folks who complain too much about roleplaying = win game button mindset, and who'd never bother seriously understanding the concept.

Hardcore versus Parttime. this is the least comprehensible review issue...noone is able to come up with a post that contrasts or gives a proper comparison the issue of training/experience/skill versus credits/capital in the context of "time sinks" (hardcore = capital advantage only)
    it's a simple concept yet most just want to bitch or hype one or the other instead of both...failing horribly. Making lots of cash needs the non-afk mentality; you could be a parttime player with lots of skills but you'd be stuck for credits for the big purchases/ can combine both. making a million in an hour isn't hard once you've got the skills and gear after about 2 months worth of skills/credits
I didn't quote those dramaqueen fanbois who's highlights were "it's the bestest in all categories and look what's coming next!" -- methinks they spend too much time reading the box covers of games -- Neither did i post the also numerous *yawn* monosyllabic comments who invariably belonged to the "all or nothing" crowd. I ignored the "there's no pvp" and the "there's only pvp" retards. Finally, i totally skipped commenting on those reviewers who seemed to be the "jumpgate" type who talk about player joystick skills and twitch city types...go play JG or counterstrike! (or else yer a purist/cynic who'd critique NASA astronauts)
    and then there were the, "why can't i walk about on planet/station/ship with my avatar???!!?!?!11111ELEVEN" types that just made me puke. don't you understand how game development works? i suppose it just drops off trees. The funnier ones where those who referenced some mythical "fast paced MMOG" on both sides of the fence. roflmao. The funniest one was some fool complaining about the style of learning skills/experience by using real life analogies and referencing another mmog that used his preferred levelling style.
Andy-Roo wrote:
Great game once you get into it, although it does really take someone of a certain mind to really like it, Heavy PvP, great economy system, amazing graphics and sound, ongoing events by GMs and others, player hosted lotteries and allsorts of other events and a unverse of 5,000+ systems...great game in my honest opinion. Plus a FREE expansion coming out November, its great that they arnt moneygrabbing like many other game companies out there are

LordChaos2 wrote:
I am sorry, it just isn't as great as its cut out to be. Player involvement is a little to egotistical and the difficoulties to get anywhere is just annoying unless you bow down to other players or communities...I play these games to have fun, not just to be a pawn of other players. Also while the offline training is cool, there should be another way to train as well

Lets save you some time and $15.00 a month. Mine at a rock, do agent missions kill pirates. over and over and over. Train one skill per character, not at the same time as your other alts on the same account, one guy. mine at a boulder all day to get enough loot to be able to buy a ship worthy of being called a fighting ship is hard to bare. Then back to the same rock. This game reminds me of a commercial talking about your game lacking a little and the screen switches to you mining at a boulder brrrrrrrrrrrr brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr with the lasers zzzZZZzzz. then again some of you gamers may like sitting at your desk looking at a little ship going brrr brrr at a rock for hours. This is my own opinion of the game, for others may enjoy a little brrr brrr in their life not me i like alot of get up and go action packed gaming. Something exciting something refreshing. Good graphics and a mostly unexplained game play can only hide the truth for so long. But you be the judge and see for your self, try the trial out. Maybe hurry up and wait is your type of game.

I tryed this game because of the good reviews people on this site gave it, but this game is utter crap, these guys must be high on paint fumes or somthing. All this game has going for it is good graphics. The game if you would even call it that, its more of a chore, consist of mining rocks, and to do this you right click the rock then go have lunch come back and click another rock, do this for 6 hours then get some money rinse repeat, then you can buy some skills so you can mine rock a lil better, rinse repeat, now you can buy a better ship so you can... you guessed it mine rock some more. If mining rocks doesnt send you packing the interface will, your cluttered with usless icons, that lead you no were or will lead you to another bunch of icons which lead you to another bunch of icons that lead you no were. Total crap, recomended auidience would be stoke victims, mutes with no hands and in-general people who cant complain.

Non-MMOG example
Played the trial and just wasn't impressed. Any game i'm paying a monthly fee for and find that the time spent usually involves Pressing a few buttons then reading a chapter in a book to pass the time by as i travel... time wasted in my opinion.

Eve online is a fun game with certain drawbacks. I can overlook allot. Letís just say Eve has allot of potential, the developers seem to be interested in player ideas to an extent. There are allot of good aspects to eve the game is neat and the combat is nice. If you are willing to put in some time out and learn the game it can be quite fun. I am the CEO of a corporation in game and I will help anyone who needs help get on the fast track. Eve-mail me in game my name is Fuse. Now on to the stuff I donít like about the game. I have been playing since beta 1 then beta 6 and right after Eve hit retail. Eve is huge and the constant driving is getting well old it is very cool when you are new though. The developers DO interfere with the progress of the player base. Certain alliances have had their 0.0 income snipped while others are left the same which is a bias approach to the game when you are the developers. The customer service is one sided as well I have lost research slots due to bugs with no way of getting them back. Crowd Control Productions (CCP) is working hard on the next release called Shiva however they tend to ignore some of the current problems with game now (the lack of research slots for new players). There are scammers that can cost new players a substantial amount of income however it is rarely a huge loss. The much touted Tech 2 release is a big disappointment because of the high cost of Tech 2 equipment for new players. The worst example is the covert ops frigate with a cloak that costs around 5 million to produce and sell for around 50 million (the good part of a tier 1 battleship). Just because you will do the work does not mean you will get the rewardsÖ I did the work for a much desired Miner 2 blue print however I was never given one with the assurance that I would be able to research for it when tech 2 was released about 4 moths ago. I have yet to find a research agent that is able to research this print. This brings me to the tech 2 lottery system. Their idea of research is that only three or four blue prints will be released for a player base of over 100,000 people to keep the market ďcompetitiveĒ. It is completely random and a guy with 400 research points in that field can walk away with it or the guy with 40,000 research points can. In conclusion Eve has a good community and a talented development team (if they would just stop trying to control everything in the game). Eve has allot of potential and soon it is about to get better.

two words: Tutorial expansion.
  • CCP must highlight the fact one can avoid 'rat spawns in 1.0 and 0.9 security rated systems. Don't take that for granted, for a n00b in 0.8 space thinks it's already high security rating and thinks 1.0 space is all mined/spawned out. Trust me.
  • time = money. yes yes, i know it's obviously taken for granted. think. There's more axioms, like buy low, sell high. See the contradiction? No? CCP must emphasis that spending 10 extra minutes travel time to market means 10 minutes on the return leg...that's 20 minutes wasted, evaporating any profit/savings one might have accomplished by detouring for that 10% margin. We're talking n00b environment, not veteran bulk orders where that 10% is money well spent in detouring.
  • More analysis of skills must be done. especially combined with more "civilian" gear to get players some handson understanding of the different classes of gear. (it would also go along way if skill info had a list of standard gear unlocked)
  • custom bookmark advantages have to be stressed. otherwise, change the silly 15km warpin range...veterans use bookmarks, n00bs should be instructed. It's one of those "learning curves hiding in plain sight" that put off the majority of customers
  • that PvP popup warning should be classed into two categories. one being rats; the other, objects other than rats (tell that to the next n00b who shoots station by accident or thinks blowing away a cargo container is not frowned upon)
  • in a nutshell CCP should integrate as many tips as possible listed in that eve-online thread here:
Finally, CCP should create the mini-indy. A subclass of frigate with it's own skill that would give n00bs the early opportunity to try jetcat mining..and thus an idea of what future career will be as a veteran months down the road; And even take advantage of the secure cargo containers since their indy won't have a huge cargo capacity. but approx three to ten times that of their mining cow. depending on type of frigate they were using; I'd suggest something in the range of the Large Cargo Containers. (800 cargo hold say.)
    one would have to prevent it being used as an AFK miner...spartan on the slots and slow enough that during courier missions would be insane. Bookmarks bookmarks bookmarks
Love the fact one can call a certain station home and have it mean something via offices, labs and factories to rent and agents that adjust their standings towards you according to missions you complete or fail, even taking one more than one mission at a time! It's multi-layered approaches to "levelling" that i like. especially when it's divorced from the actually learning of skills that allow use of better gear/ships.
Love the autopilot (needs improvement to autopilot to station from jumpgate though)...the waypoint optimization option in the map window is awesome, though needs a little help. (i've found shorter routes even with simple A to B paths)
Love the ability to reload ammo from your cargo bay.
Love the gang/group ability. i'd hope it would share rewards for mission completion. that would be nice.
warping through planets/stations/etc. BARF. can't get used to it every darned time i see it. (get someone to code a detour for warping...even a cosmetic function for the station/planet to "dodge" instead) The other complaint is the zoom function is almost required to get a sense of the other player and npc ships...almost too detached. (make those "target locked" icons automatic zoom function; or, allow players to increase the scale of other ships in options; OR, as in jumpgate, have better graphical ability for the zoom function...nowadays it's just horrible resolution) Factories and Labs: how come there's lots of open factory slots but a scarcity of lab slots to rent? I see they're increasing the rent of offices. that's good. I don't mind patience to get an office, but when i found my first lab slot it turned out to be a massive timesink...please, make lab slots become as available as factory slots! (it's not like you can improve the stats of items, so why the "hurry up and wait" attitude? i know it seems hypocritical to suggest such a problem in a mmog, but there IS a fine line)
    blueprints are prohibitively expensive, but a n00b won't realize the potential unless they get a decent chance at a lab slot to see the possibilites. Besides, this way they'll realize a basic blueprint is expensive and without research yields inefficient production compared to just buying the gear/ship on the market
sometimes the mystery is more detrimental to your customers than their complaints of time sinks once they know about a certain activity. (the adage, "any news is good news" applies here; it's better they bitch about variety than drop the game cause "all there is is mining")
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jeezuz. i worked on that for almost 6 hours!??!?! good thing i was mining during that period.
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