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0.1 Sectors

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Test Pilot
Test Pilot

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 22, 2004 9:37 am    Post subject: 0.1 Sectors Reply with quote

So as part of my Derelik Mapping effort, I end up in Faspera with Spake Shear.

Faspera is part of the Ananah constellation, just 4 jumps from Hothomouh, has a sec rating of 0.1 and 8 planets, 6 moons, 5 asteroid belts, 1 station (Ammatar Fleet) and has a radius of 9.1 au. There are no debris or other artifacts, but hermorphite, jaspet and kernite are all available in abundance - along with pyroxeres, scordite and veldspar.

And real fun spawns.

Upon our arrival at one belt, we were accosted by a spawn of
3x Sansha's Transporter (75K)
2x Sansha's Underlord (90K)
5x Sansha's Butcher (17.5K)

We destroyed the butchers and one of the transporters. The underlords had a 40km range on their weapons, and together could damage me faster than my cap could keep my armor repairer running.
We found 10K units of tritanium in the transporters loot pod.

Apparently we took too long, this spawn dissapeared and was immediately replaced with
1x Sansha's Mutant Lord (110K)
3x Sansha's Butcher (17.5K)

This spawn was easilly cleared between the two of us. The mutant lord, for all that it looked more hardcore than the underlords was doing hardly any damage even when we were at 20km range.

I was flying a Vexor with 4 focused medium beams, Spake was in a thorax with a similar laser based loadout. Teamwork was critical to our success vs these spawns - especially the teamspeak comms we had going enabled us to sunchronize our attacks on the first convoy and one of us to draw off the underlords while the other attacked the transporters.
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Joined: 14 May 2004
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 22, 2004 11:20 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Interestingly enough, the second spawn (mutant lord and butchers) was exactly the same as the spawn I saw in the next belt along when I went there by mistake (while running away at one point... the underlords seem to use lasers with radio filters, the white ones that do lots of EM damage. They hurt my shields.).

Just a quick correction... we found 1M units of Tritanium in the Transporter drop, not 10Kunits. It was 10K M3 of Trit :)

The butchers were fairly easy to kill, as per usual. The Transporters absorbed a lot of damage, but didn't seem to have any real weapons of any sort. The Underlords hurt a LOT when two of them focused on one of us... I have a sneaky suspicion they switched crystals.

The mutant lord was a bit of an anti-climax... he absorbed a lot of damage, but didn't seem to deal much out. Admittedly he was fixated on Def, who possibly was at the limit of his range, while I was closer and started pinning him quite badly.

Ranges: The Butchers seem to be best at around 15km, the Underlords 35km. Dunno about the mutant lord... seemed harmless at 20km
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