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Social Networking...

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Test Pilot
Test Pilot

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 02, 2003 7:42 am    Post subject: Social Networking... Reply with quote

A gift for Muffy :) :

Its a PDF but an interesting read nonetheless:
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 03, 2003 8:41 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

merci beaucoup. :read:

fairly intriguing. i do like the initial introduction and the "manual" vs "reality" revelation...though, i don't recall any of that during my first stint at JG because all my crazy friends from Homeworld community were already there, otherwise i would have stayed well away from a sci-fi EverCrack...Is the researcher really coming at it from an "everyman" point of view, or does he realize most people fully understand it's an INTERNET game. (ala counterstrike)
    maybe it's just me, but i think he's being a bit naive, or thinking the ordinary consumer is.
As for the twinking attitude? why not, it's personal choice. I refused help, and was lucky enough to meet people polite enough to inquire whether i'd like charity...i enjoyed the grind (even though i was flat broke (there's nothing like feathering the throttle cause yer radar just crapped out)..*shrug* i dunno, i thought that was half the fun, right? oh well, it's not like i minded twinks at all really....though i don't like the direction this "researcher" is going though.

I'd call it more an expose than a diligent research paper. fairly interesting in any case, thx Baad

He talks alot about "reputation"...i used to. it's funny how i remember those days, in fact, your "roleplayers vs consentual" thread was the turning point when i stopped thinking "reputation" and realized everyone has their own "roleplay" that is, in essense, 'nonconsentual' and only by hanging out with similar folk will you enjoy the game - because those unlike you won't be affected one iota by some silly concept of "reputation" (hell, beek thief and flux stealers get off on their "bad rep")
    i think his Mafia thing is cute, but he's really gotten off on the wrong foot with this idea of "reputation" and the false sense of "community self-policing" it instills
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