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The current status of online gaming

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Test Pilot
Test Pilot

Joined: 25 Oct 2001
Posts: 566
Location: The sticks!

PostPosted: Tue May 20, 2003 11:16 pm    Post subject: The current status of online gaming Reply with quote

Simply put, there are two types out there, the small server (32 players, Quake, Mechwarrior, etc...), and the large server (100+ players, Everquest, UO, Jumpgate, Eve, etc...).

What would be nice is that the large server group gets out of "We own it all" mode and get down to spreading the wealth around. It would be nice to be able to log into a server and get a certain mindset playing on that server instead of everyone playing with their own agendas against everyone else.

Kind of like IRC - there are many "domains" with lots of servers to support them, yet not everyone is on a single "domain" (ie. efnet or dalnet). But broken down farther - anyone found doing any of the "marked items" will be warned, then temp-banned, then banned from the server.

Right now, JG is going through a really rough time because Synergy decided to wave their collective dicks around and it appears no one is going to stop them but themselves. If I was a GM on the server, I would have up and banned them unless the RP was run through the GMs first and approved.

I'll say it again, the biggest problem with JG is that too many people want to play the pirate, which disrupts everyone else's RP. It always makes me sick when people don't see the damage they are causing "by having fun their way".

The ideal system would allow people to set up servers and allow a client to attach to it like in the small games. Have several trusted people to GM the server and the server could even charge some money to cover expenses.

This type of an idea would allow the company that owns the game to distribute the game and have a choice to charge for the server-side or not, and the same for the client-side. It would be a business that the devs would outsource their game to supporting companies (most likely) that would take care of the day-to-day operation of the game. The supporting companies would also have more direct feedback in reacting to the playerbase.

*Puts another krak in his pipe and smokes it.*
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PostPosted: Wed May 21, 2003 10:18 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

mmmmmmm...won't work because beyond the unexpectedness of those very llamas there's not much Real Dynamic Content (ie. that doesn't feel "artificial")
    what you would need is a writer. A seriously cool one like Faith to come up with a mystery/raison d'etre for TRI pilots to do what they do.
There's a few things i'd like tweaked:
  • patrol mission CR payout tripled; scout mission XP payout tripled
  • "self-defense" for negPR (perm bounty as apposed to temp+perm; an attack on a permbountyonly pilot, in reg, would garner a special temp bounty (303 - no penalty for killing perm.bountyonly pilot tho beyond that)
  • mineral refinement boosted (ideally it would be an index the injection system would use as the variable) and more emphasis placed on mining to get most base commods
  • life staples not accessible by mining would also be increased in priority (not consumption, i meant dependence of production)
  • FactionMissions would include democratic voting on what's needed - get people involved in the process (but have enough of a storyline that guides them & allows feedback, instead of ignores them/puts them in charge)
  • While were on about FMs, eliminate the fucking commodpopupatstationafterFMcompletion bullshit. really, get real - that went 75% of the fun (please don't eliminate Brokers)
  • Change pricing indexes on the fly, so if i buy a whole bulk it'll get expensive as i increase the buy tally, or cheaper if i increase the sell tally.
  • Have cargo missions actually ask for stuff needed at destination that's currently produced at your current location (otherwise forget it)
  • now, contraband: contraband should be the ONLY high profit item akin to the "MC" of current that isn't tying the price of the item to the mass. (we've got to eliminate the high profit from MCs and the like that are low mass) -- contraband, if scanned in reg, would give the hauler a temp.bounty
  • and what's with the tax on gear? shouldn't that be a dynamic and changing variable regarding political atmospheres? Not too much, i'm just talking about making it so that staple stuff is less onerous to haul (it's uninsured anyways, so wtf )
  • Talking about tax, let's make sure that political atmosphere is tied into daily/weekly changes that are more relative - seriously, when have we EVER seen those sliders hit "war"? never
  • N00b cargo -- major problem -- increase cargo size to 50. you heard me. (just think light miner; do that ability across the board...encourages people to ASK for escorts when they're stuffed to the gills)
  • eliminate /give FFS
  • make sure bombs kill with one hit - payback, schmayback. it's not a kill traders are after but the fear - ACTUAL risk in the unknown that we're damn sure prevents most griefers from even taking up the very nonviable (but "exciting") career of pirating
  • now, don't get me wrong, i'm against dropping PR to neg just for skimming one measly item.
  • last but not least, move the goddamned jellyfish outside Coresectors to adjacent ones (ie. jellyfish in adjacent sectors to core stations only spawning)
  • as a followup to that, i'd just like to point out that spawning ANY flux in a station sector (aman included) that isn't an NPC event -- ie. ADVERTISED -- is fucking moronic. remember, it's a game, not pin the tail on the motherfucking blindfolded n00b.
  • oh right, NPC events are meant to fill out a character/motivation of an NPC, not some brainless waste of everyone but the lucky few's time dealing with talkinghead #001b, plzkthxdrvthru
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Test Pilot
Test Pilot

Joined: 25 Oct 2001
Posts: 566
Location: The sticks!

PostPosted: Sun May 25, 2003 2:14 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I wasn't talking about any game that is already out specifically, but just a thought of an upstart idea in general. There are 2 niches, the big MMORPG that involves company owned server(s), and there are the small quake-type servers.

My thought (and probably what Archon is really after) is to have a company develop the game, and other companies deal with the distribution and support (including marketing) of the game. This could allow the dev team to focus on developing things, while another team could focus on everything else. It would also let the support company set the price of service and such (you tend to get what you pay for).

So one company may charge $5/mo for service, but you have every griefin' ho on there and would tend not to be much fun for those that just want to play the game for its other posibities that someone else charging $15/mo for the same game would give (assuming they control the rouges better).

Another side of things, just because you would assume more GM control over things at $15, it is possible for the $5 server to bring in the same or more income and so would have more players (obviously) but have the same amount of GM support (not by population, of course).

Getting the dev company's hands out of the support side (unless they are set up for it), would make the best sense in a startup online game company IMO.

And they could spend money on creative writers to develop the plot. Now, the hard part about all this is how to make 2 totally different servers with 2 totally different plots recieve the same dev code?

One way could be to allow the support team control what is distributed to the client. So if one server is crying out for a certain thing, and another is crying to keep it out, it is up to the support team to figure out which way they will go, as opposed to the dev team. It could be those items skipped may be put in someday, but it would not be downloaded until the item is required for the storyline.

Thinking on how JG does it - it is a patch that gets pulled to the client when you first log in. There is no dynamic patching - patching that can happen while you are logged in.

So have it set that the 'in station' be one exe, or just a call to another exe that checks for new content when you dock, and 'in space' be another exe that you can fly around with. This would allow updates to happen almost instantly when missions are complete that provide new content. There could be a 'refresh station' button that would allow you to see the new content without re-docking or re-logging.

Ok - I'm done for another while. :)
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PostPosted: Sun May 25, 2003 4:15 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

ah yes, the "what if" and make a game...okay, i get it. Well, the most important issues for a sci-fi space sim MMOG beyond the newtonian-like flight dynamics we've all come to love would be what the MightyGame's community voted on enmasse a while back. here's the breakdown of preferences: (the thread was about "fixing" JG, but one can abstract the issues because what's important to "fix" is also what's important in a game period, regardless of what ND has done "right")
    Radar system/Chat UI: 29
    Better economy: 28
    Lack of stuff to do: 17
    Graphics/VFX: 16
    Artifact balance: 14
    Quake In Space: 9
    Useless kit: 8
    Ship Individuality/customisation: 6
    General ship balance: 6
    Nukes/general crappy missiles: 5
    Lag: 4
    More/different flux: 4
    HG/Civ system improvement: 4
    Better Background RP: 4
    Mission balance: 4
    2nd accounts: 3
    Sim UI: 3
    More sectors/better exploration: 3
    Lack of storage: 3
    Griefers: 3
    Cheating: 2
    Better weather: 2
    Joystick support: 2
    Poor community: 2
    GM Tools: 2
    Stupid mining system: 2
    Minor bug fixes: 2
    Nix hitbox: 2
    Joystick Control: 2
    No Pirating tools: 2
    Ingame MP3 player fix: 1
    Signup names: 1
    Community divide: 1
    MG Professionalism: 1
    Only beer available: 1
    Station realism (armor/prosthetics): 1
    Bounty drones: 1
    Lack of pilot missions: 1
    No in-station games: 1
    No arti-channel: 1
    Lack of decent insurance: 1
the date on that was january 2003, here
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