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EP2 FAQ - starts off with Player Stations
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 19, 2003 3:51 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

EP2 RELEASE (Hyperlink to this post)

Ship Database Entries
FlashFire Nerfage Wynars
POS updates (etc)
Official game site news
Attack of the Conflux
US server storyline
Having billing issues? (US server reactivation; plus other stuff on billing for EU&US)
The Ammo Rant
US server pure roid spawns
Happy Thoughts
Unofficial EP2 storyline
Miscellaneous notes
Hugo-Rune's POS Mining Guide
The new economy FAQ

GM_Virgil wrote:
Please note that most pre-EP2 ore data is now inaccurate - almost all tier 1 commodities can be mined now, all asteroids hold greater amounts of ore, and commodity refinement is more efficient than it was before EP2. Basically, you get more ore from asteroids, and that ore produces more numerous commodities in greater quantity.

Mining is not only beneficial to the economy right now, it is required for production. If there are no miners, then there will eventually be no equipment left.

I'm going to try to get more information on the new ore composition, but it's lower priority than fixing some of the EP2 problems at the moment.

insane HELP :headbang: 8P :E

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 19, 2003 4:24 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

NEW MARKET ITEMS (found in jumpgate directory as .bmp)
new click on item to see info new





Dlixx wrote:
yes, there are 2 new ECM's the Antiflux and the Wistler - no idea what they do... yea, ok, the antiflux is antiflux, but in what way is it anti?
Royale wrote:
Maybe lowering the chances of you spawning Conflux? The Wistler would the opposite
Zedd wrote:
The antiflux only stops flux spawn by the ship it's equipped on .Youll still be targeted by flux if you get dumped on. Good idea to keep a gun with you.




*not to mention the PilotOwnedStation modx slots (non-refundable remember)*

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 19, 2003 5:57 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Official MightyGames' EP2 FAQ (EU server); Official Themis Group EP FAQ (US server)

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 20, 2003 10:00 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Anguish wrote:
EP2 Additional FAQ
I wanted to offer a few details/insights into some of the changes offered in EP2, and lack a place to do it. So I'm making one. This should not be considered official, in terms of originating from NetDevil or Themis, but is my attempt at giving you some of the details gathered in the EP2 test program. I will try to add to this post by editing, as I think of more material, and as Themis reveals new items' purposes etc.

Please do not debate or discuss here, as I hope to make this thread sticky. Any additions are, of course, more than welcome. Finally, corrections, please PM either me, or any other EP, and this will be edited, again to prevent this from getting cluttered.

Flux spawns are completely rewritten. The end result is you should see significantly higher numbers of flux. Two major changes have been made.

#1 In the past, there was a universe-wide number of flux, and this was tied to the number of online pilots. Now, flux numbers are tied to individual sectors only. This means that when you jump into a sector, 0-5 flux may spawn on you. Each sector has a 15-flux limit (afaik, and also ignoring swarms, sents, and GM-spawned flux). The only factor governing how many will spawn on you, really, is that sector maximum. Every jump has a random chance to spawn.

#2 Now there are timed spawns. Assuming a sector has not hit its max flux, every roughly 5 mins on average, a flux can spawn. The size of the flux will depend on the range that sector allows.

Swarms are new. I won't spoil too much of the surprise here, but basically, swarms can be born in flux space, and can move around, using gate links. They move as a group, but only if nobody is in-sector fighting them. Additional members will spawn periodically, until the swarm reaches 40 members, at which time it will die, and a new one can be born. New spawn are created based on the range of allowable flux in the BIRTH SECTOR of the swarm. So if it starts somewhere that only spawns C1, the swarm should never have members above C1, no matter where it moves.


You have a base Market size of 200 and a base Storage size of 100, regardless of rank. You do NOT need to equip a Market ModX or Storage ModX to use these.

The Hangar is NOT necessary for other pilots to dock at your station. It is only used by you, to store up to four ships per hangar for your own use. There is an option to allow squad members to use those ships as well, but none to allow public, or specific individuals to use them.

You cannot fly other faction ships by using the hangar, nor can you fly ships above your current level.

Ships stored in the hangar will store any items equipped on them, but NONE of the cargo you may be carrying.

The "/SHIPNAME name" command can be used to give labels to your ships before you put them in a hangar. This is useful to identify the loadout you've got stored. This name is ONLY visible in the hangar, not in space or anywhere else.

You can set prices for items on your Market by using "/SETPRICE ITEMNAME PRICE". Reports as of March19th indicate this may be broken, although it was tested on the test server, and may be a regressed bug.

Only you can place items on your Market at the moment. There should be no change to your credit levels, as you are simply moving items you own, not selling them. When someone buys them, you should get the price credited to your normal account.

Because of the above, after using an Ore Refinery, you still need to truck your resulting commodities to a normal station to sell it and get credit.

POS Storage and Market space is currently measured in UCS slots like all other space-counts, and is not an item-count.

The POS Mission Module appears in market in offline sim, without an icon. The Mission Module is not available, and should not have been included in this release at this time.

POS can only be built in online mode.

As of now, docking ModX do not apply to POS.

No provision exists for removing equipped modules for credit. All invested money is lost. Similarly, no reimbursement exists for voluntarily destroying a POS. Plan carefully.

Removing equipped storage or market modules whose expansion-space is in use will result in the contained equipment being lost. No information is currently available on how it is determined which items are to be lost.

You will find the Tows and Light Miners have been reduced in level requirement. This is intentional.

Some ships have ECM slot size. There are some new ECMs that are intended to only be available to specific ships. Details on the function of these ECMs may follow after Themis revelations.

The Lantern ModX has evidently shipped in EP2, but is currently not enabled. This is the "headlight" feature. It has been tested on the test server and does work, but is not particularly useful without the massive asteroids that are currently delayed.

Some new items (the grey ones) were intended to be produced exclusively at POS Factories. Since some of those are important, and POS Factories are being delayed for balance issues, ND may have TRI stations temporarily produce these, or have GMs periodically dump those items on the market.

Gatekey ModX, like Flashfires, are intended to be one-use only.

Disconnecting accidentally should no longer lose ore that has been mined and not docked with.
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