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Reinstalling JG (US q&a mostly)

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 19, 2003 9:56 am    Post subject: Reinstalling JG (US q&a mostly) Reply with quote

Pez wrote:
Patchit.exe's supposed to do something when I click it right? cause it's doing a whole lot of nothing... and since EP2 hasn't been uploaded to ND's ftp yet, I can't patch... any suggestions?
Excelsior wrote:
download the file from and then unzip into JG directory and use patchdos to patch. Another fix for you all!
sentinels wrote:
save zip file, open and extract all files to your root JG folder (along with patchdos.exe), then go to start, run, browse to your JG folder, run the patchdos.exe file (or open a command prompt and do it manually like us uber old skool techgeeks).
Doc7 wrote:
my zip file only has patch.rtd and patch.rtp in it...
sentinels wrote:
that's all you need. the patchdos.exe will do the rest
Doc7 wrote:
hahaa i guess only people who have FTPed files have patchdos, i finally looked on the ND FTP and found it : ) Was not in my folder before, though. Thanks sent
Pez wrote:
yeah I dl'd the installer again and just copied over the patchit.exe and that worked luckily.
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 22, 2003 2:48 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

GM_Virgil wrote:
I am having problems patching Jumpgate
If something is downloading but not completing, try deleting PATCH.RTD and PATCH.RTP from your Jumpgate directory and try again.

If nothing is downloading or the above did not work, you can also manually patch. Here is how to manually patch:

Go to where you will find all the patches necessary.
These patches will ONLY work with the US version of Jumpgate.
You will need to get the manual patcher, patchdos.exe (available on the
FTP server), and put it in your Jumpgate directory. You will then need to
download the patches you need, and one at a time, drop them in your
Jumpgate directory and run patchdos.exe.

If neither of these processes help, a bad patch download may have corrupted your Jumpgate installation, and you will need to reinstall. You can find the installation program on the JOSSH support page, there will be an updated version released later this week.

I reactivated during the patch, but my account is still classified.
Please email with your account name and ask them to check your account status for you - they will be more than happy to help now.
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