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Combat Cheat Proggies

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 07, 2003 9:29 am    Post subject: Combat Cheat Proggies Reply with quote

MaxPane wrote:
Just a few things to think about
Two things I think need to be discussed are the possible FF cheat and poeple stuffing thier connections.

I'm sory Tes you can say you split your FF's all day long. But when one pilot in one sector is chasing a bountied Phoon and he burns 3 FF's chasing in a strait line. Then another pilot burns another 3 FF's chasing the same Phoon in a strait line umm you do the math. I only took 6 years of Math courses but it adds up to six here. No one is saying that you personaly use this cheat but the pilot involved was in your squad and you were in sector as you shot down Larynth (pilot one) when he jumped through chasing Crooklyn.

You all laugh and go yeah right but ask a programmer you know how hard it would be to find the segment of code in memory that corresponds to your FF counter and reset it to 3 or 4. Even if they have a second number somewhere in code that has to match the first it is possible to find both and alter both at the same time. Why doesn't the server flag this you ask? Kinda hard for the server to flag what it doesn't see. A good enough programmer could easily circumvent any safeties you place in a program.

Secondly to all the punks who have figured out ways to "stuff"your upload speed while in game it's ghay weak and generaly uncool. Intentionally creating lag to exploit it lags everyone else in sector out.

Again you all laugh at -=Sinbad=- for saying he thinks someone kicked him. I would agree that a GM has no reason to do that. I would agree that it was probably Lag. Any internet experts here know how hard it is to get someone's IP adress? Fill the children who all want to flame in on what you can do to interrupt someone's connection once you have thier IP. It's not rocket science guys it's called programming.

Yes it is entirely possible that Sin's disco was random fate. I for one think it stinks to high heaven. IMM no offense man but when you are chasing someone in basicly a strait line and they are in the same ship as you, how do you maintain the same distance from them, actually gaining on them and still save 2 FF's and 20% more AB? And more importantly even with 2 FF's and 40% AB no way you could close a 30+k gap, so why bother chasing? That is the part of this that sticks out to me. If I knew I had little chance of catching someone at 700k out I woulda turned back as would most pilots. You didn't you kept on going for 1.5 mil and you guys joke about Sin's dedication in avoiding a kill? How many of you would chase someone that far who hadn't civ ripped you personaly? And even more important, we all need to start taking steps to stop the lameness. Shooting someone you know is disco'd that had no possible reason to disco intentionally when all he had to do was fly strait, is lame. Not justifying Sinbad's Civ rips here we did kick him and he has not rejoined the borg. But since when do someone else's actions justify me being lame? They don't. I can only controll my actions not everyone elses. I would love to do lame stuff to EoR for all the lame crap they have pulled. However I choose the moral high ground and let them live with a P'd off server.

As to the Duelist cheat you have all been hearing about. What we propose is not that some pilots have auto-aim as that would be pointless. If you used auto aim you couldn't avoid or evade as your ship flies where you point it. However, the code exists in your computer's memory that tells it where to display the TC1 and TC2 duelist reticiles wether you have one ecquipped or not. If you don't have one on the game simply doesn't display that data. Same with a camera. So it's conceivable to write a program that allows you to display the duelist reticiles without having one ecquipped and to zoom without a camera. Thus freeing up modx slots for FF's. After all a 5FF Tensie that never misses is a bit suspicious don't you think?

We all know that there are alot of 3rd party programs out there from one that will click 500 times so you can trade a tow of grain without wearing out your mouse, to one that can accurately list pilots net worth vs what left a station to catch strippers. If someone had any of the above hacks do you think they would share thier code and get banned? Not likely. Also 90% of what I said is possible is reading memory that already exists on your machine therefore it's untracable.

If you think I'm nuts try 2 simple things.

1) load a tow with a docking modx, then go to sim mode, sell the docking mod and ecquip all FF's and launch and cycle through your targets. Even though you sold your docking modx and ecquipped a FF you will be able to auto dock in sim.

2) use all your FF's in RS then /q or Alt+F4 and wait 2 to 2 1/2 minutes and then log back in. See how many FF's you have now. If a bug exists a code can be written to exploit that bug guys plain and simple

And yes I already have the aluminum foil (industrial grade) and my house is wired to burn all the evidence : )
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Private 1st Class

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 07, 2003 10:08 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Was this posted on the US forums?
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 07, 2003 10:16 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

uhm...don't you know that i always embed a direct link to the exact post/thread? (check the "maxpane wrote" bit)
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PostPosted: Sun Mar 09, 2003 7:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

hahaha...i like w0rmy's flame of that Llama, vansquish.

w0rmy wrote:
OMG you know [edited]!

I can suggest a few O'Reilly books to read if you actually want to sound like you know what youre talking about when it comes Firewalls.

Smoothwall is no different to any BSD based tcp/ip stack running iptables/ipfilter. Considering it uses a linux kernel you dumb[bleep].

Self replicating i spoke [bleep] program through authorised... what the [bleep] ever. Since when did you need to initiate a connect with a machine to lag a connection? ping -f mother[bleep]er, thats all you need. Increase packet size to increase the client side work (eg: more fragmentation, more reassembly, more cpu used, more lag)

You do know how smurf works right?

Crack in your firewall by allowing JG?? Man lay of the crack, there is a difference betwen inbound outbound connections and the 'statefullness' of a connection.

I honestly cant believe how [bleep]ed in the head you are. You write this [bleep] trying to act like you know it all but you forget that someone on this list may be CCNA/CCIE/CCDP/CCFUCkU/Network Engineer for a major backbone provider/etc and actually know what they are talking about.

One thing to say to you, YOU [Edited] TARD!

kiss my [edited]
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