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Jumpgate's Story line

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Private 1st Class
Private 1st Class

Joined: 05 Mar 2003
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 07, 2003 2:17 pm    Post subject: Jumpgate's Story line Reply with quote

A couple of years ago, didn't NetDevil have a guy on contract to write the entire three year storyline? (I think his name was Iceman) What ever happened to that storyline?
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 07, 2003 2:43 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

You know as well as i do that Iceman was contracted by NetDevil to supply the 3 year storyline promised to MightyGames for their EU server release. (contract stuff)
    Besides, i think Themis Group has made this point moot for the US server, haven't they? We can't complain about a lack of story, nor can we complain we follow the EU storyline.
Actually, both servers' histories are beginning to diverge more and more into something that'll confuse many people who flit between servers and don't keep their ears to the ground.
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Private 1st Class
Private 1st Class

Joined: 05 Mar 2003
Posts: 11

PostPosted: Fri Mar 07, 2003 3:18 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I guess I am saying, we are about 18 months into the storyline and I still don't really see it.
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 07, 2003 4:09 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

now yer asking a new question, aren't you? (don't answer that, it's one of them rhetor'icle questions)
    you actually mean to say, "I guess I am saying, we are about 18 months [past release] and I still don't really see [The Storyline]."
Well, if you're asking THAT question, then yeah, both servers are lacking a certain uh... je ne c'est quoi (sp?)

In other words, they have about zero backstory, zero depth, zero NPC...
Look, it's really rather simple. Have you ever seen DreamPod9's Heavy Gear PnP sci-fi RPG, "Heavy Gear"? (the PC games were based on this)
    well, the backstory is just stupidly huge. the world has that "dirt under the fingernails" feel, and you should see the Character Compendium they made years ago...let me find a profile that most fits the JG universe...*rummage curse swear rummage* ah, there we go. Hmmm...rats! I can't. See, the HeavyGear game world's NPC's are the most dynamic because you cannot extract them from their world as some sort of "talking-head" because you'd lose their usefulness as NPC's...anyways, you deserve at least a look at an entry. (i'm typing this up from PnP book so i expect a cookie!)

HG-CharacterCompendium1(DP9) wrote:
If there is history being written anywhere on Terra Nova, it is in the city-state of Basal. Here at the heart of the Eastern Sun Emirates -- the most oppressive of the planet's societies -- Emir Nigel Shirow has launched a popular revolution. Taking on the power of both the corrupt Patriarch of the ESE and the mighty Allied Southern Terrirotires, the young Shirow has captured the hearts of the downtrodden and sparked a revolutionary spirit that is spreading across Terra Nova.

Shirow's rebellion has sent shockwaves across the South, exposing some of the most powerful internal conflicts of the Allied Southern Terriroties. By taking advantage of such divisions, the emir has managed to keep his forces going despite the impressive superiority of their enemies. Eastern Patriarch Oliver Masao has driven his troops into fanatical fury against the rebels who would dare challenge the Emirates' ruler. AST forces, however, have limited their activites thanks to the efforts of Republican Prime Minister deRouen and Lord Chancellor Kenichi Tanaka, who want to avoid their forces being bogged down in a civil war. AST Lord Protector Molay, however, has taken personal offense at the rebellion and is greatly hated by Shirow and most other Basalites. Known as the "Butcher of Basal," the former SRID commander once put down a popular revolt in the city by slaughtering civilians and is pushing his forces to employ these tactics once more.

Faced with such oppositiion, Shirow has been forced to mount a very effective guerrilla struggle. Much of the city of Basal is in ruins and partially abandoned, inhabitants darting from building to building to obtain supplies while avoiding sniper fire from Patriarchal troops. An increasing number of the city's inhabitants are forced to find shelter in the "undercity," an extensive network of shelters throughout the colonial-era sewer system of Basal, or in the many improvised bunkers which have been cobbled together from the city's sturdier buildings. From these makeshift staging grounds, Shirow oversees the training of his soldiers and welcomes what volunteers and supplies he can obtain from the outside. He receives this help from the North and those who have come to fight for freedom.

Most parties think of Shirow as having turned his back on the Emirates' system altogether. He has not. Instead, Shirow argues for a reform of the system which hails back to the days before Southern domination of the ESE, in which emirs would take responsibility for their subjects and allow them the freedom and resources they needed to loead fulfilling lives. Shirow remains an emir and feels strongly that his rebellion is not only for the good of his city, but of his league as a whole.
  • Background (muffy snip)
  • Profession (muffy snip)
  • Motivations (muffy snip)
  • Attitudes (muffy snip)
  • Current Concerns (muffy snip)
Emir Nigel Shirow's rebellion has sent shock waves across Terra Nova, gaining him allies and enemies by the thousands. While diplomatic recognition and smuggled supplies from the North are appreciated, Shirow seems to have far more enemies than friends, surrounded as he is by hostile MILICIA and Patriarchal troops.
(muffy snip of 4 sample NPC relations)
  • As an Ally (muffy snip)
  • As an Enemy (muffy snip)
  • As a Resource (muffy snip)
  • As a Plot Device (muffy snip)

The immense wealth of info on a dozen or more NPCs is quite staggering, but if you actually start playing the game it becomes intuitive instead of mindboggling. This example shows quite clearly that not only is the JumpGate backstory so lean and the NPC's so cut adrift that they cannot be anything BUT "talking-heads" in some sort of nightmarish setting of StarTrek:TNG where we're hunted down by roving packs of Wesley Crushers with random plot twists thrown in 'Deus Ex Machina' style by 'CommunityServices' managers who seem to consult magic8balls more than a hidden '3 yr storyline'

And the sad thing is they think we can build our RP characters around something that to us IS like living in a random Episodic surrealistic nightmare

*shrug* I don't bother. i simply keep both ears to the roid for stuff i might eventually get enough of to make a backstory, because until someone actually makes sense of this damned "The Reconstruction Initiative" we're whistling Dixie.
    BTW, i've been flamed by officials -- chided in a patronizingly insipid manner more like -- that i really should pay more attention to the unfolding storyline that's been unfolding since the release (both EU and US)...with the old standby of, "hey! the motto of JG is, 'd00d h4xx0rz j00 ownage k3wl l00t!!!!111'"
ooooooo!! screw all that mumbo-jumbo! i just found some new/old buttons on www.jossh that i'd never seen before! wrote:
The Initiative:
A Message from Sarath V
Fellow Travelers,

On behalf of The Reconstruction Initiative, I welcome you to our universe. If you don't already know of us, The Reconstruction Initiative is an ongoing interfactional effort with two major missions: to bring relief to those in need, and to advance the evolution of interstellar civilization. We recruit the quickest and brightest planet-bound individuals from several sectors across known space to aid in achieving our goals.

Since the Great Collapse, the Initiative has changed remarkably. No longer is this a life for runaways and reformed miscreants; but rather has transformed into an exciting alternative to planetside living for many. Many former high-g'ers have undergone the genetic enhancement and are becoming the pioneers and innovators of the future.

I, Sarath, Fifth Prime of the Initiative, do hereby invite you to an adventure more exciting than any surface dweller can imagine. Come, friends, and join The Initiative. Our Intiative is the hope for the future; the destiny of the galaxy is ours...the choice - the power - the future

Sarath V.
Fifth Prime
The Reconstruction Initiative wrote:

TRI: So, you have been with The Reconstruction since the days of the Great Expedition?
Traveler: Yeah, in fact when word reached my homeworld, I was immediately excited by the prospect of the Great Expedition. I mean at that time TRI was just a few toughcrains, ya know, kids with no future and plenty of dreams. It was real tough at first, especially on my parents. Plus the genetic alteration was kinda tough to get through. Of course, nowadays it's no different than taking a flu shot really. But I was diehard about the idea. I mean, what kind of future do surface dwellers have?

TRI: Good point. There are rumors that the genetic alteration required to deal with the aggravated gravitational fluxuations are both painful and irreversible. As one who has undergone the process, what do you have to say about that?
Traveler: Well, sure, there's a little pain, but it passes real fast. As for it being irreversible, thats just sholwad ... I can have this removed any time and go back home. The thing is, I don't want to! No one wants to. I mean, why would you live a desperate life on a desolate surface when you can be up here touring the galaxy, seeing things that nobody has ever even dreamed of? No thanks.

TRI: Why indeed? So, what's the best part about TRI?
traveler: Wow! I don't know where to begin. The sights, the experiences, the wealth. In the end though, it's the children that come to mind. To think that I am helping build a better future for generations to come ... I mean that's what it's all about. I guess all the fame and fortune is just a nice extra.

TRI: Well, there it is: another testimonial from another satisfied and successful TRI traveler. wrote:

In this edition, we present the facts behind Genetic Enhancement and the truth regarding what happens when a surface dweller undergoes the procedure.

The modification is a basic two-stage process, consisting of an HGU and an optical graft, explained below. The entire proceeding is performed by the best surgeons in the known sectors; the chances of complications are minimal.

The first simple procedure modifies the hypothal glands within the brain such that they secrete adequate endocrine to stabilize the somatic cells. Once complete, the surface dweller is capable of tolerating extreme fluctuations of gravity with little to no discomfort.

This procedure is the second phase of the process. The eye and optic nerve are modified so that the newly initiated traveler has permanent access to the volumnous information available within JOSSH, the Jumpgate Operating System SHell. In addition, vision in low-light environments (such as those you find in deep space) is greatly improved to help the traveler in their journeys.

In conclusion, there is nothing to fear with the genetic enhancement. Any statement to the contrary is simply disinformation perpetuated by those who stand to profit off the misery of a desperate universe. In fact, at the end of the enhancement process, you will be better off than before, even somewhat super-human in your new abilities. Most of our initiates can't believe that they lived so long as mere surface dwellers. So go ahead and make the jump! wrote:

TRI is now filling the following positions with qualified applicants:

Recon Pilot: Recon Pilots required to fly reconaissance and rescue operations using the latest Quantar craft. This position is open to all TRI pilots located within the Quantar system, high piloting talent a must. TRI delivers great benefits and opportunities, including health, mental, and dental. Apply ASAP!
(Requires genetic alteration for jumpgate travel)

Transport Pilot: Heavy Transport Pilots needed for long distance transport missions containing vital nutrients for distant impoverished systems. All points of origin within Solrain. TRI is also looking for brave Solrain Fighter Pilots to assist convoys in dangerous missions. All monies gained by price fluctuations are 100% Pilot profit! Join today!
(Requires genetic alteration for jumpgate travel)

Fighter Pilot: Fighter Pilots desired for system sweeps, escort missions, and authoritative patrols in the Octavius Sector and surrounds. Skill, fearlessness, and quick thinking are key assets. Octavius ships are the most powerful in the galaxy; Pilots of high quality only need apply.
(Requires genetic alteration for jumpgate travel)

Okay, so it's ghey as hell. so sue me. i'm just excited i found the stupid buttons finally...saaaaaaay, wait a tic, look at the last quote's treatment of quantar: the explorer faction. (sounds familiar to the octavian faction ND espoused right when the Peregrine got coded)
    i guess they need to renovate that section, eh? personally i wish both EU and US community service managers collected all the jossh news articles into some kind of backstory 'since release' because i'm sick and tired of the "d00d j00 gotta catch all of em pokemon stories!"
BTW, go see the 'Official Storyline' forum for my attempt at cataloging the US storyline since release till july 2002

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Private 1st Class
Private 1st Class

Joined: 05 Mar 2003
Posts: 11

PostPosted: Fri Mar 07, 2003 9:57 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

You really hit the point I was trying to reach. There is no unfolding story, just some isolated GM hosted events that don't seem to go anywhere.

I guess I was kind've expecting a chapter of the story if not every week, at least monthly. Almost like a serialization of a novel. In addition, I expected events that would take each faction in different directions. Other than color, a little difference in equipment and a couple of paragraphs of backstory, there is no difference between the factions.

muffy edit: replaced a period with a comma
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 08, 2003 12:47 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

*shrug* the officials have never (i was going to add "really" but that would have been a fudge) gotten the idea that their sacrosanct storyline is less important than cultivating player history.

For example, you really don't see NPCs reacting in anything but a heavy-handed and intentionally callous way (or flippant token thanks) to player run events/storyline that stand out. The officials claim this is structured response -- i claim it is deliberate marginalization.

Wouldn't we like to see NPCs react in a less wooden way towards pro-factionalist, independents and multi-factionalist squads in whatever ("non")PvP event/storyline makes the community go, "whoa!"?

They haven't because Ventura is right. there is no difference between's all "talking-head" stuff.

See here for a more indepth analysis
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