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Independence War 2 (techie stuff)

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 04, 2003 9:20 pm    Post subject: Independence War 2 (techie stuff) Reply with quote

USENET wrote:
Iwar2 - mouse vertical axis invert??

USENET wrote:
Yes. You'll need to open your I-War 2 control config in a text editor to do
it. The default one used by the game is the <install

The vertical axis is MouseYAxis in the ini file. To invert it add ',
inverse' to the appropriate mouse binding in your control config ini file.


Mouse, MouseYAxis


Mouse, MouseYAxis, inverse

There are several mappings of the mouse Y axis in the ini file, so make sure
you modify the correct one. I'm not sure which one you're modifying. Make a
backup of your control config first.

There's also a MouseAbsYAxis, which is used for the mouse pointer, so it's
probably not a good idea to invert that one.

Best regards,

-- Steve
Stephen Robertson
Senior Designer
Particle Systems
USENET wrote:
Oh Freelancer
It's enough to make me cry really. Yes yes yes the mouse thing works.
It works. But oh how painful. I hate it :( it sucks. It feels like a
cartoon, not the mature universe that I would like to grow up in.
Stephen Robertson you there? pleeeeeeease make a nice open-ended
tradey sorta thingie but use i-war2 engine. Please?
Freelancer is quake in space
I-war 2 made me think about my strafe. Oh how i loved rocketing past
an enemy cruiser with my engine thingies too fast because i overdid it
and going whoosh and finding myself 20 clicks off. oh it made all the
sense in the world. oh freelancer oh how could you :(

I mean its all very nice that you can like control a flexible turret
with your mouse and shoot off at 3 o clock or whatever but if it were
real you know... you wouldn't have the pilot turreting *and* flying
would you? you'd have some fancy puter tracking other targets for you
or something.

How could you turn space from the big huge thing we all know it is
into the little teeny thing where things are a mysterious "30K" apart
and where you can see planet loads of planets from so far and ohhhhhh
i-war2 with its massive travel distances man oh man.

I've played it in cockpit mode. Better but still ooohhhh how painful.
I tried that little joymouse app someone suggested, nice idea but
ohhhh it didn't do it really. oh my heart is gonna burst.

This thing feels more like tachyon. And that game was fun cos no-one
pretended it was more than what it was. And you could use the

And trent is a pain with his "I'm Trent"

oh god it hurts
USENET wrote:
Unfortunately we don't have any plans currently for any more I-War games,
even though personally I'd love to do one.

There is the excellent Future Trader mod, that gives you a free-roaming
trading system, and currently in development is the Epic mod, which totally
remakes the game, making it more like what you're asking for.

Go to the fan site for details.

Best regards,

-- Steve
Stephen Robertson
Senior Designer
Particle Systems
USENET wrote:
I-Wars planetary layouts were based on our solar system, and a set of rules
designed to generate realistic seeming star systems.

I-War 2 used a similar method, but as I posted a while ago we had to reduce
the solar system sizes to ensure proper numerical precision, and to keep
travel times down. Even then we had to speed up the LDS 'planet hopping'
drive by several orders of magnitude to ensure speedy journey times.

FYI, A solar system in I-War 2 encompasses a single space region
approximately 3 billion km in radius (about 20 AU). This is actually quite
small compared to our own solar system, as Pluto orbits about 6 billion km
out (about 40 AU).

Best regards,

-- Steve
Stephen Robertson
Senior Designer
Particle Systems

well, shit. i'm reinstalling that puppy. (got iwar1 i think)...i never got beyond the tutorial actually (some stupid "fly through rings" shit and i didn't even get beyond the, wtf is this newtonian shit!!??)
    this was before JumpGate
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Sgt 1st Class
Sgt 1st Class

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 04, 2003 9:37 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I have I-War 2, what I want is a copy of X-Gold! I was actually looking into the B5 mod that is available for Iw2 Buda 5 . Maybe I'll tinker with it when Freelancer Mods drive me insane (which they are already!).

I still love being a pirate in I-war 2. One of the best ever AI interaction systems out there.
Jesus saves, the rest of you take 5d20 damage.
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EU Advisor
EU Advisor

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 05, 2003 10:45 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

well, i-war 2 really was fun, and it even lasted longer than freelancer.
the newton flight modell is top. i want the same modell for X2 (i know i can be happy if i get a modell like in wc there, the one fron xbtf/xt really was bad...)

i didnt complete i-war 1 though, it just was too scripted for my likings...
hmm i have to see if i get a box from i-war 2 ... its missing in my collection...

oh, and RazorX, i think i red in the egosoft forum they made a new edition of x-gold aviable in their onlineshop, but its down till friday ... (and somehow i cant get into devnet annymore :( ) i wont tell u there is a copy of x-gold around filesharing as i want to support egosoft, and as im not sure that really all copy-protections were dealt with (i know egosoft put some rather mean copy-protections into the game...)
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 11, 2003 4:25 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

USENET wrote:
The whole sensor model was simplified before release - AFAIK you can't turn off active sensors, and ships in the game don't react to them. The difference between active and passive is that active sensors allow you to identify ships at a far greater distance than passive ones.

Generally stealth in I-War 2 relies on scripted distance checks, not sensors, engines, etc. We planned to incorporate stealth, but since it was only a small part of the game, and was taking a very long time to get right, we had to drop stealth as a main dynamic.

We toned down the damage system a bit so that you at least could have a chance, as otherwise you ended up dead in space while getting pounded to
bits. There are some mods which make it more likely individual systems get damaged, which you might like to try. The fan site has these mods and more.

BTW, I recommend the mods Location Finder and Manual Countermeasures. Location finder gives you an easy A-Z quick reference of locations in a solar system, and allows you to set a waypoint to any selected location. Manual countermeasures allows you to manually launch flares, etc., as these are normally launched automatically. Of course I'm biased, because I wrote them :-)

-- Steve

Too bad about the Stealth aspect. I wonder if there's a MOD to enable this? did they ever figure this one out? (it's a major point for me since i'm biased towards an older system about space combat realism, here)
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PostPosted: Thu May 29, 2003 12:49 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

well, finally installed IndependenceWar1 from an old CD and patched it! you should see the 15 minute 210meg .avi introduction

anyways, off fer a smoke, then back to try out the tutorial (which i tried long ago before JumpGate; it's like the ring course in the online sim)
    drove me nuts. nuts enough to bin the game for years...good thing i took part in a race once on that sim zone. *G*...should be a peice of easy now.
hope there's more cutscenes like the first. drool.
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PostPosted: Thu May 29, 2003 1:14 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

okay, WTF I've tried running IW1 with and without the patch and each time i get a CTD after the introproduction screen flashes.

ah ha. okay, the technical FAQ says to play the game in windowed mode and 256 desktop color setting.

hoo boy, first i need to find out how the hell one customizes the keys on my logitech gamepad (wingman extreme) then i can actually roll and yaw at the same time, since keyboard controls are painfully inadequate.

not to mention IW1 has the same damned arcady inertia system as FreeLancer (you have to press a certain key and you'll be newtonian)
    Privateer's "Afterburner" slide was similar(?), but i've forgotten that game's mechanics
damnit...okay, first thing first.
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