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Reinstalling JumpGate (mostly EU q&a)

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 04, 2003 3:11 pm    Post subject: Reinstalling JumpGate (mostly EU q&a) Reply with quote

NickInsane wrote:
On the subject of the logon on... one word: Neocron - German company, Servers based in Germany (I believe). You log on in-game and not though web based crap. So unless they are breaking the law then that law doesn't exist. Sorry to see you go mate, I hope you find something that interests you or you come back when (don't say if) the community spirit improves.
BaadF00d wrote:
What? Theres a law mandating that says that online games have to be accessed via slow crap web based redirectors? That F***ing mission connector is the only damn reason im still using IE. I'd much rather be using a real standards compliant browser with active X controls (and scripting) disabled. With this one excpetion, scripting and activeX seem used for the purpose of irritating me and preventing me accessing what I want to access. Oh wait - here again this is no exception.
NickInsane wrote:
Too true BF, IE's homepage on this PC is - guess what - yup - why? Cos it's the only site I access with it because MG obviously don't feel the need to make sure their site works correctly with decent browsers. My default browser being Opera and as such the one I use for everything else. It's a narrow minded, pointless, idiotic and frankly annoying system that should have been removed AGES ago. Sooner they do that sooner I can dump Internet Exploder.
DaffyKosh wrote:
I'd really would like to see that law. Could someone possibly post the text here or provide a link to place, where this particular law can be seen. Far be it for me to be a skeptic, but personally I smell a desperate attempt to get some revenue from banner ads
Slopey wrote:
From what I can remember from launch - the webobjects form the connection through to the servers and authenticate the pilot against billing information. Although that could be totally wrong.
OP-Ashraf wrote:
The MG website is hosted by PlanetActive on Macs and when the site was designed the PA guys did it with WebObjects rather than php (and no asp as they're Mac addicts). Thats why we've got Webobjects and they log you in and get the connection set up to the servers through the network.
Snowdon wrote:
That doesn't answer the question, why we need ANY WEB-LOGIN WHATSOEVER. Or is it just to get a bit more money from the advertising-banners?
Janup wrote:
Not to wanting to start a petty browser war argument here, but if the game's launcher is web-based, shouldn't the game support more than one browser anyhoo?
Timski wrote:
Mozilla is the basis for Netscape 6/7, so should behave the same - i.e. ignore all this non-standard Microsoft ActiveX rubbish. One possible lead is this project:, but I don't feel the need to rebuild Mozilla to try it out when I can just as well open up IE...
NickInsane wrote:
Sometime I wonder how many people give up on Jumpgate before they have even entered the game due to the crapness of the Login System and other bugs.

I know I have "refused" to play demos in the past because their menu systems or help files were so utterly shit that I thought "Menu System = shit & Unprofessional .'. Game probably = Shit and Unprofessional"

I know this sounds harsh but its the truth - if the first time you try to play a game you are presented with something craply designed or buggy or lacking sufficiant/any help it doesnt make you think "Wow this game is gunna be great"

I can only advise MG to get something done about this - whether it involves beating ND over the head with a Frozen Kraken or not. Too many experienced players have problems with the MC that require professional help - how the hell is a newbie supposed to understand it. You could say "Well there is a forum they can ask for help on". Basically this _doesn't_ work most of the time. People may make a post of the forum but then they will head of - find something else there are interested in and wors and never come back and even read any answers (even if inside JG is better than the game they have gone to)

Im not sure where I'm going with this post but basically:

MG you HAVE to make JG EASY to get running or people will go elsewhere! (an English MC would be a start - or even just a screenshot of MC translated on the page that starts the MC - at least then they would know wtf it means (if they dont speak German) - TBH I cant believe you havent alreaddy thought of that - even if its only in a link on this page.

(The way I got though the MC when I was a noob invloved pressing a random button - and it worked (I don't speak German))
JumpGate FAQ wrote:
:?: I get the message "initialising game" and then nothing happens.
8ball The following problems could be causing this: Jumpgate was designed to be run with Internet Explorer and can experience problems with other browsers; your security settings might be set too high; a firewall, proxy or router could be creating difficulties.
:?: The Mission Connector won’t initialise an update.
8ball The server is down or a proxy connection or firewall is blocking the download.
OP-Ashraf wrote:
Well, it installs first time out of the box for me on several machines recently, so I doubt there is anything for ND to fix. Sounds like he has an installation which has failed, tried installing it without admin permission on XP or hasnt installed it in the default path.
Glossary wrote:
:?: Can anyone tell me what {MC 41} stands for?
8ball Thats the Mission Connector (IE plugin) that locates the JG directory on your HD so the game will start via the website.

Don't forget that the actual game server might be down and that directX8.1 (or higher) must be installed. plus, don't forget you have to reboot after editing the registry (before you reinstall)...also, another "dumb" thing to forget is the WINSOCK2 update if you have modem.

1) I can log in to the MG website but when I click play the mission connector runs , then IE and the connector just crash without a trace!
2) Patcher window didn't come up. Launcher window closed AND also browser was closed after launcher searched harddrive.
3) mission connector starts seaching for the game, and does not find it.
4) Installed JG, run JG and no patching needed (I used this file b4 and its not the latest version)
5) I uninstalled Mission Connector and instead of the timeout it just hangs after reinstall.
6) Displayed in a box with MC41 in the top left corner: The Mission Connector was unable to start the game server.
7) can't get through Initializing process for the last couple hours... English page does't switch to german and ver. checking.
8) it says "Initializing Game..." but..I waited then it exited out of the webpage and nothings happened!
Dwarden wrote:
Looks like MC have problems under Windows XP with scanning System drive with some locked and protected files (advanced security) .. result is that IE and many others explorers close itself suddently (no crash, just close) and that`s all ...

9) an error appeares also in German/Dutch.
10) On a Belgian Cable ISP. (ie. yer ISP's proxy firewalls JG server port)
Xonea wrote:
I think he wanted to say this: Port 80 is blocked by the ISP of him. Usually he could not read any HTTP-Sites with that block. So the provider has opened a HTTP-Proxy on port 8080 or something like that. Now cou can surf the weg like normal. The Problem is: The Mission Connector does not bother to access the windows settings and does not "see" that you are using a proxy-server -> it tries to access the sites via port 80 and it can't because this port is blocked -> it dows not work.
I hope this is correct... but I have read of another case where it was like that.

EDIT: option(s) that work for Belgian cable ISP customers, here.
WM_Conqueror wrote:
It does not check how your HTTP connections are to be made (I need for instance a proxy to relay HTTP traffic because direct traffic to/from port 80 is blocked by my ISP Telenet --> see also other posts/threads on this subject). And is it possible it does not use DNS to resolve the name of the server, but uses its direct IP address to establish the connection (so no reroute possible by changing the name to in the hosts file and using a small utility that redirects the requests through the proxy) ? So all users using cable access in Belgium can not play Jumpgate, because of this mission connector needed to change the login name on the client.exe

11) all I get is a message in .. erm, you guessed it... German.
rant stupid moron moderators locked the archive forum to "registered only" viewing and totally bolluxed it all up, so if you get a "must login" window then be patient since i'm working on the problem, asap.

Official FAQ: How to uninstall JG for reinstall
Muffy's Billing FAQ: click me

If you're re-installing JumpGate or the InternetExplorer login program for EU server (MightyGames) there's something you need to do first. It's the removal of the "mission connector" webobject (downloaded programs file; plugin for IE)

Now, there's a Reinstalling FAQ about this by GM_Slap, but he might have been instructing Windows XP users because it's a bit off for Win98SE (which i use)...not to mention i finally found (after a long search) a half decent 2nd opinion...
GMHawk wrote:
usually the missionconnector when launched for first time, looks for usuable games (i.e. JG) on your hd and wants to find your patchit.exe...if you have more than 1 patchit.exe on your hd, then you will be asked which one you want to use. if you select the wrong one --> mc41 errorcode=0. if errorcode is ept36 error, this means you have at least one file on the checklist of the patcher modified, deleted, or it has been damaged. this should solve your problem:
1.) remove JG from your system, remove the "IQ" key in the registry in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\IQ, remove the missionconnector in /windows/downloaded programfiles
2.) install JG, restart machine after setup
3.) go to website, login, launch JG. if you have more than 1 patchit.exe on your machine you will be asked which one you want to use. the german thing says something like "do you want to use /jumpgate-2/patchit.exe instead of /jumpgate-1/patchit.exe. if you accidentially hit the wrong button and you get errorcode=0. go to registry, the IQ key, open it until you are at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\IQ\Mission Connector\4.1\Games. there you find a "Game 0" with the path of your patchit.exe you currently use. change it if necessary. you shouldnt have any problems. if you do.... post the error.txt here and/or try to download the latest client, maybe your old one is damaged.
    FFS Those FAQs are annoyingly simplistic seeing as how there's literally tonnes of different bug report threads on mission connector alone. personally, with all the whining about EP2 coding directed at ND by MG you'd think they'd get their act together with the hack job that is MissionConnector.
ActiveX & registry uninstall: i've gotten illustrations for the win98 version: (pictures tell a thousand words)
1) IE ActiveX uninstall step a
2) IE ActiveX uninstall step b
3) IE ActiveX uninstall step c
4) start--->run---> "regedit"
5) find the entry (illustration)
6) delete the IQ folder (illustration)

Once you've done this, you've got to remember that MightyGames needs to initialize the "mission connector" again. (this involves installation and a relog on to their webpage)
    remember you have to be LOGGED IN to see the correct play button
FOLLOWUP: Okay, i think i need to rephrase this troubleshooting sequence, in toto.

here is the chronology:
1) goto MG homepage
2) press play (illustration)
3) login page
4) press play (illustration)
5) you'll see "initializing game..." (illustration) if MC needs installing you'll see this
6) you'll see "starting game..."
7) you'll see the patchit.exe window (illustration)

NOW, THE PROBLEM FOR ME USUALLY OCCURS WITH "INITIALIZING GAME..." (actually it always buggers up on me, and i always have to press Refresh browser to get it jumpstarted)
okay, so that official reinstall FAQ needs some's a better version:
GMNibbles wrote:
run regedit and look for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\NetDevil Ltd. and delete it (if you can't find it, it's because JG didnt install properly the first time.) Also check for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\IQ\Mission Connector\4.1\Games and delete that as well then delete JG from add/remove programmes

reinstall JG make sure to install to it the default directory ( it should be C:\Program Files\MightyGames\Jumpgate ) and then try to run patch.exe as normal from the login. That little box will appear and will search you hard drive for the patch.exe. Hope this helps
Endymion wrote:
well, first thing: make sure you downloaded the ENGLISH client, since we have two clients in EU, one German and one english one.

GMAshraf wrote:
If in doubt do the following (again):

1) un-install JG from any drives
2) delete the Mightygames folder in Program Files (if its still there)
3) use regedit and remove the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\IQ key
4) Right click on the Internet Explorer shortcut on the Desktop - click Settings on the Temporary Internet Files frame, then View Objects. Right Click on Mission Connector 4.1 and choose Remove.
5) Reboot
6) Re-install JG
7) Reboot
8) press Play on the MG home page - the Mission connector should find the patchit.exe in the right place - if not edit Game 0 in the above IQ registry key under Mission Connector.
9) all should be well.

I'd also recommend re-installing DirectX8.1 if you are having problems.

And remember - be careful in the registry - if in doubt - Back it up first with the Export menu item.

directX 9 is currently uninstallable, and may have some issues with JG, but the best way to test that is try playing the game in the offline simulator (w/o loggin in to server)
    wait's a thread on mightygame's forum that deals with uninstallation

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Private 1st Class
Private 1st Class

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 04, 2003 7:32 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

GMHawk wrote:
usually the missionconnector when launched for first time, looks for usuable games (i.e. JG) on your hd and wants to find your patchit.exe...if you have more than 1 patchit.exe on your hd, then you will be asked which one you want to use. if you select the wrong one --> mc41 errorcode=0. if errorcode is ept36 error, this means you have at least one file on the checklist of the patcher modified, deleted, or it has been damaged. this should solve your problem:

Unless you've taken the wise precaution of making a copy of your Jumpgate directory (A good idea in my opinion if it wasn't for MG being German as you can roll back your version by simply overwriting your Jumpgate directory with the copy). In this case you get a message in German that manages to be completely opaque in meaning to a non-German speaker. Note the way it fails to simply ask about a single file path and instead presents both options but then asks for a Yes/No answer. :headbang:


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PostPosted: Tue Mar 04, 2003 7:38 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

OMG what the FUCK does that mean? which button do i press for fuck's sake?
:dunce: HELP 8O :O =o
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Private 1st Class
Private 1st Class

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 04, 2003 7:42 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

After using Babel Fish I think the question is: Do you want to use [the first file shown at the top of the dialog box] in place of [the second file shown at the bottom of dialog box]?
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 04, 2003 7:58 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

ah. okay, so that makes sense. thx (hindsight being 20/20 and all that)

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 04, 2003 8:12 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

you know, looking at the dozens of threads on this topic it's occurred to me that MG have this thing they've coded and don't give a flying rat's ass about making a complete and comprehensive FAQ. instead they've got answers strung out everywhere and a simplistic FAQ that expects rocket science from people.
    not to mention the insistence on IGNORING the almost unanimous call to rid the silly mission connector system altogether and go with how the US server deals with it. there is no way in hell i can see any difference in legal/security protocols.
it's about as superficial as any pablum i've seen. MG really should get it's act together on this, because they look like fools when complaining about ND's ass draggin on EP2 and then expect n00bs to be happy about my1stBuggyInterface instructions?

lol gods. the conceit. Their login system is bugged to hell and they refuse to fix it? lol

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 04, 2003 8:29 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

ChongSin wrote:
First my mission connector was in German so i had NO IDEA how to operate it. Then it scan the hard disk and froze for a while in my 3dmax directory. So i click the top button thingy that was in german.

After that nothing happen... i refreshed the page and the UPDATER PATCH came up... i was so happy... but alas it just sat there doing nothing... the bar wasnt being filled.

I clicked on it several times... and it said..."Connection Failed"

What do i do???? Cant i just manualy patched the game by downloading it? And what is this mission connector?? i cant read it, its german.

When you press the top button in that "mission connector search" it's the selection for "stop searching. period" (the second is "cancel")
    the mission connector wants to place an entry in the registry to where the game is installed. Pressing the top button is a bad idea
The solution is to manually add the registry entry. I'm going to grab the registry entry for myself so you can import it into yours without manually doing it yourself (you'll need to edit it if your game is installed elsewhere; search for "jumpgate.exe" to find the proper folder -- the mission connector thingie is buggy so i'd suggest you install jumpgate in it's default directory choice)

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 04, 2003 9:54 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

*sigh* WTF is "system admin access" ..jeezuz. what is this, rocket science?

Originally posted by plunky
Easiest way to check if you have admin rights without any of the hassle of opening anything up is right click on the start button!

If you have 'open all users' and 'explore all users' then you have admin rights - simple as pie.
Originally posted by Zeshin
The technical reason why you need to have Administrative rights in Windows NT, 2000 and XP when you install a program is:
* Users do not have write permissions to the Program Files folder (if the filesystem is NTFS)
* Users do not have write permissions to system file folders (like windows\system32)
* Users do not have write permissions to the LOCAL_MACHINE part of the Registry

It's the latter part that is important. Even though 2000 and XP can use FAT32 (which doesn't support file security) and therefore bypass that security aspect, they still cannot write the settings to the Registry.

The bottomline is that Users should NOT install any programs ever. If you need to install programs on your computer, either use the Administrator account, or make sure your user is added to the Administrators local group.

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 05, 2003 9:13 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Chemist_RUS wrote:
But Java script doesn't work at all...

OP-Ashraf wrote:
Ok, how did you re-install IE - from the microsoft site using their "live update" thingy?

Assuming youre on IE6 - try downloading the Java Virtual Machine (VM) from although you'll probably have to do a Windows Update or Critical update to get it.

Also see this knowledge base article which should help you work out where the problem is;en-us;Q168806

Also, if youre on WinXP - try downloading service pack 1 from the microsoft site - theres a link on the Java VM page

Once you've got Java working it should be no probs to get the rest working ok

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 14, 2003 5:16 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Endymion wrote:
hmm, do you HAVE TO use the proxy of your ISP to get connected?
I personally have the choice between using the proxy of my provider or directly link to the net by ignoring (and deleting) the proxy settings. I have to admit that I have no idea how this is solved with belgian Cable Modem Providers...

and well, if you own a Credit Card and want to play the game (I suppose you do), check the US-Server out, since that doesn't use the MC afaik. It's the same game, just other people and some different gameplay settings according to the economy ;)

and uhm, for the US-Server you need, of course, the US-Client...

i looked up instructions for disabling ISP proxy settings on google
Proxy Services wrote:
Instructions for Disabling Proxy Service on Internet Explorer 5.x

Connect to the internet via your Internet Service Provider (ISP). (For example, America Online, SNET, etc).
Start up Internet Explorer.
Go to Tools -> Internet Options-> Connections
In the box labeled "Dial-up settings", single-click to select the Internet Service Provider connection that you are using. Double-click on the "Settings" button to the right of the screen.
Uncheck User automatic configuration script check box to deselect User automatic configuration script.
Hit the OK button. Now the proxy service is disabled.

please note i have not confirmed if this disables the Belgian cable ISP proxy
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 19, 2003 10:59 am    Post subject: Reply with quote
that's the FTP site where all the files are located.
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 22, 2003 5:25 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Big-Dave wrote:
I may have found a solution to this problem:
    You start up the login process and get to the mission connector. It searches but doesn't find the patchit.exe.
Now we have the problem here is my solution: I was infected with a virus named "W32.Pinfi". I found out that after getting rid of this virus (and cleaning my EXE files) it worked. This virus infects EXE files and SCR files, I believe they change exe/scr file sizes so that Mission Connector cannot detect them.

To get rid of this virus I had to close down explorer, this will really screw your display up. Then I went to task manager and started a new process with Norton Antivirus, that scanned and fixed the explorer.exe and all my other exe files (it cleaned around 700 exe files). I also quarantined a .tmp file which the virus read to spread itself.
    The tempfile this virus creates will always have the following name: [3 random letters][4 random hexadecimal digits].tmp
I hope this helps someone.
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