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WTF? what's up with TRI?

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 30, 2003 6:56 pm    Post subject: WTF? what's up with TRI? Reply with quote

JOSSH news article
ND plot discussion thread
hmm....anyone tell me WTF is going on? Regardless of the fact i think *IC* and *OOC* that compared to TRI the byzantine empire would be the very paragon of governmental efficiency, i'm wondering about your *OOC* opinions of this issue, since you've posted your *IC* version
    i've posted a headsup over on NewDawn's forums, here. should be expecting an answer tonight
hmmmmmm...i do believe it's time to wake up Heretic
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Chief WO4
Chief WO4

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 31, 2003 1:42 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

alright alright already i'm up! *mutter* :morn:
"A Heretic may see the truth and seek redemption. He may be forgiven his past and will be absolved in death. A Traitor can never be forgiven. A Traitor will never find peace in this world or the next." -Cardinal Khrysdam: Instructum Absolutio
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 31, 2003 4:05 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Sorry, wanted to do some thinking before I said anything more on this.

1. TEC have been privately screaming "bad guy" at us, and a select group of RPers for quite a while. We've got screenies, and we've got proof that they've been bad, and will continue to be - so TEC taking over is *not* good. Honestly, though, there will not be much effect on the "regular joe". TEC was never more than a shadowy figure to them, and most likely will not be.

2. The governmental changes... eh, I really have to see on this one. I pretty well IC blasted that story, as you probably saw. Deservedly, I thought. This is really going to depend, imo, on where they go with this. I don't think we'll see any less beauracracy, because it was all smoke and mirrors to begin with. What... "less smoke and mirrors" = less beauracracy? I dunno... The direction they take with these "sweeping changes", and how much they incorporate TEC into it will affect how I feel about the government. We have a contingency plan to do our thing completely as independents, if we have to. We've stopped needing TRI a long, long, time ago. With PoS', if we do it right - we may never need TRI again. And I'm dead serious about that one. It all depends on how far they stray from what we consider "good story execution". If it gets really dumb - we're quite big enough to do our own thing, and do it IC, and have a persistent story to accompany it. We have quite possibly the best stable of dedicated Roleplayers of any squad in TRI.

I'm not quite ready to give up on the main storyline, or TRI yet. Though the farther this TEC issue goes, the less of a "pro-TRI" squad we'll be. The only ties we have to TRI right now are our TRIR folks. Once we feel they no longer do their job (OOC, of course) to promote and advance the Flux war - and keep up with us - we don't need them, have never needed them, and were doing this storyline way before they ever got here. So, if TEC goes where it looks like it's going - TRI will be minus a "champion" in both flux matters and political support.

Long (mostly) and short (not really =) of it =)
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 31, 2003 6:16 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Warning! Stream of Consciousness
okay, first off i need to write my 1st impressions down before i read razor's SitRep.
============== start of critique of 1st two paragraphs
TRI's announcement started with a promise to weed out corrupt individuals. I'm currently reading Tom Clancy, and i know he's a total gun nut patriotic freak who's characters are practically talking-heads, but he sometimes says some cool shit like this:
Talking-Head (Bear & Dragon p.773) wrote:
Ideology is usually just an excuse for behavior, <insert VIP name>, not a reason for it. Their motiviations are the same today as they would have been under the <Insert Management Team>, and they fear exactly the same thing: the revolt of the peasantry if the economy goes completely bad

All this talk about weeding out the bad apples sounds sincere as hell, but when we get right down to it these people are only human and their replacements will be also. This 'ideology' of a pure government is, as we all know from RL, just an excuse for behavior - for continued behavior. (no matter how many "new leaves they turn over")
    The continued behavior is pretty obvious. what's gone before: the events and storyline paths won't change in threat level or plot direction; There are 'Objective Conditions' here. one of which is that only sentients are any threat to TRI pilots and TRI space, and they are few and far between along with infestations that - For OOC customer relations - can never harm us. Themis Group is in a quandary when faced with these facts..."biting the hand that feeds" so to speak. *g* So they can never 'Bluff' us into taking the Roleplay seriously, though i suppose judicious use of the "Suspension of Disbelief" helps grease the squeaky wheel of Roleplaying
Anyways, back on topic. If we ignore the ideology inherent in the first two paragraphs, and concentrate on the fear of "the revolt of the peasantry" as our basis (or at least mine, or more specifically Heretic's) for counter roleplay, it will stand us in good stead by looking authentic to those few pilots who are interested in storyline. (i believe there's more interest than the farmers/quakers like to think)
    to that end i figure the *OOC* "pre-patch jitters" translates nicely into this *IC* concept of "the revolt of the peasantry"...the best way i see to attack TRI's announcement would be to focus on the "new leaf" as just another in a long series of political realpolitik spindoctoring that has nothing to do with either them serving the pilots nor with our community furthering The Reconstruction Initiative, and everything to do with executing token scapegoats with some "new" ideology/excuse. (okay, good. that's a decent initial impression, now i wonder how the rest of the article goes?)
============== end of critique of 1st two paragraphs
Hmmmmm...3rd paragraph paints the scapegoats as Conflux Agents discovered by a deus ex machina agency? lol. woooo. hype and hyperbole.

The 4th paragraph pretty much sums up the anti-corruption token weed cutting. (like were all supposed to be shocked and dismayed that we, the community, never thought that one up, and are supposed to be relieved the conflux are amateurs when it comes to espionage)
    besides, the conflux would have to be pretty stupid not to assume there was a counter-espionage unit tasked with making their job harder...For *IC* and *OOC* reasons i'm going to assume the conflux managed to recruit less stupid agents than the ones caught.
You know, at this point i'd try the "TRI lacks humility" line, but can't do it simplistically because the very first sentence in the announcement has 'False Humility' written all over it. la la.
heh hmm There is a way to use the 3rd & 4th paragraphs to reinforce my earlier "1st impression" and that would be to focus on the fact the conflux really aren't a threat anyways. (and the *OOC* knowledge that they can't be used against Themis Group's storyline because that would be cheating on my part to 'Bluff' that way)
    i can't use my *OOC* knowledge to gain an advantage over TG because that's like violating a poker tables betting limit...So instead i'll probably attempt to avoid talking about the Conflux and instead concentrate on TRI itself and the 'Domestic politics' (sorta plagarizing the RL 'Bush vs. Terror' though i'd best avoid direct allusions)...But i must remember to avoid getting sucked into the "Conflux Agent Threat" regardless of how 'Sexy' that issue is.
============== end of critique of 3rd paragraph
ewww...the 4th paragraph gets a little too touchy-feely, doesn't it? Oh, that's a serious come-on for slinging the "TRI sure thinks it got all the conflux agents" counterargument. damn, waaaaay too tempting. (bad muffy, step away from troll)
    oh, that's playing hardball. TG is waving the mighty carrot of 'FEEDBACK'
oh my, the 5th paragraph is them just going OFF. lol Oh, man! gimmie that ol'time religion. 8P Tom Clancy talks about politicians being "Captured by their Bureacracy" (the headyfeel of confidence when surrounded by "Yes-Men" corrupts even the best of us)
    getting rid of bureaucracy? lol. how does the old saying go?
Daniel Defoe (1726) wrote:
'Things as certain as death and taxes, can be more firmly believed.'
============== end of critique of 4th & 5th paragraph
oh, my god (hamalzah). WTF is omg. woooooo. okay, anyone ever watch Star Trek: TNG episode where high command was taken over by parasitic mindcontrollers? Conspiracy; TNG season 1

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 31, 2003 7:16 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

RazorsKiss wrote:
1. TEC have been privately screaming "bad guy" at us, and a select group of RPers for quite a while.
2. With PoS', if we do it right - we may never need TRI again.
3. So, if TEC goes where it looks like it's going - TRI will be minus a "champion" in both flux matters and political support.
  1. uhm...i need to know how long this TEC has been in existence as a REAL entity and not just backstory
  2. That'll probably help Moll's storyline/events along if she's doing what i think she's doing. (see my last paragraph in my "1st impressions" post
  3. if i'm right, see #2...i don't even think there's a way to actually "overthrow" TEC if they are what i think they've become: Conflux Agents
scary paranoid mofo aren't i? hahaha..ooooo i'm going to have FUN with this even if nobody buys this point of view. muahahahah I've actually not read that forum thread about this announcement yet. i'll do that now and attempt to critique your position (which i assume is less conspiratorial than mine)
    we might even be able to use Heretic to add "spice" to your moderate point of view by making your view much more attractive compared to a paranoid schizophrenic outlook, which i'll write up regardless of whether you agree with that POV. *g*
*sigh* okay, so i'm reading your *IC* post on that thread and i'm a bit confused. are you SURE TEC was referred to as the ones who ganked Q'Son? do you have any links to would hint of a connection or are you merely writing conjecture and speculation? Who's Dr.Yraal and what's the synopsis for this Frank Verbis dude? (anyone seen 'The Dosadi Experiment' by Frank Herbert? could it be that F.V. is an allusion? prolly not) And what's 'Project Dessication'? did you just make that up and hope GM_Moll validates it by responding? if not would you provide links for me, thanks. BTW, i don't think it's a coup, because Sarath V is still in power, right? (FYI, you might want to try posting public "meet for talks" hints that Sarath V might need someone to trust. ie. NewDawn)
    i doubt GM_Moll would bite, because that would imply Sarath V would deem TEC a threat and an anticonflux squad a convenient tool, but worth a try
Draaven is taking the point of view i thought i'd be taking. (ie. antiTRI corruption and not the conflux TEC coup)
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 31, 2003 8:07 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

goddamnit! i had classified the Katdinal storylines! (if i hadn't they would have been included in my archiving. shit shit)
    you can find that thread here, i've declassified it
NewDawn used Katdinal in an article about TEC, here (direct link). hopefully that declassified thread of mine will help them build a better picture than they had before.
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Joined: 14 Jun 2002
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 31, 2003 8:47 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Meannnnnnnnnnnderings.. (I do this quite often - so sue me =)

The only "proof" is in that series of screenshots. TEC has been a group of shadowy black-ops type people since... a bit before Q'Son was "killed" - actually, I know the whole story behind all of that - but I can't tell =( I got into one of the infamous "F4 roleplays" and I can't say everything I found out in that manner, for various IC and OOC reasons. (Letting future cats out of the bag, and somesuch)

I know from various shadowy connections that it was them. It's pretty shady evidence, too, but I was slumming for a while to get this scoop - so to speak. (That was the reason for my whole "Ellipse" Roleplay/fiction thing a while back - to get back into character as fluxboy =P)

I know it because of various tie-ins to several cases.

I know TEC were the ones after her, because the scene of her room at QC being ransacked was described almost identically to the scene where the researchers were murdered. (And as an OOC aside - that blood sample switch of Q'Son's was part and parcel of making sure it was, in fact, TEC that was after her.)

Another tie-in: The same enforcer that was after Khatdinal was after Q'Son. The same enforcer that went after Yraal, as well.

Project Dessication was the recombinant DNA project.

It was TEC that erased that Amananthii data that was blamed on Yraal - who happens to be Q'Son's boss and chief supporter in TRIR...

TEC (the same OP# that talked to us when we "hacked" TEC's computers for that screenshot gave that order...) had Q'Son on a "search and destroy" list shortly before her "murder" - I was on it also, from what Rainshadow told me - he knows more than me about TEC, actually.

That TEC OP that talked to us is from Hyperial...

We have reason to believe that was who Versalus was talking to about selling out Dayalu... then Versalus had a couple Oct pilots hanging around Amananth for several days to try to get Q'Son. Hrmm...

Yeah, a lot of it is circumstantial. But I know I'm right. There've been a LOT of clues - these RPs have all been "secret", though, and we haven't had any way to bring them out in the open until they went after Verbis for something we DAMN well knew he didn't do.

There's some very weird angles to this - it may be mistaken impressions, and my conspiracist tendencies. But I'm tellin ya - TEC has links to all of the above, and they're putting on the PR spin of the century =)

As an OOC note:

My IC RK is very, very different in some respects from the OOC RK.

IC, I'm trusting - to a degree - but I'm a *vicious* bastard when it comes to enemies, of any type. I'm a reluctant fighter, true - but when I start, I *do not* give quarter until the enemy is on fire, screaming, and begging for mercy - that's not always RK's persona - any other game, I'd be the sarcastic asshole you occasionally see slip when I go on the FlamePath(tm). I'm a vet of Tachyon (and a very very experienced one at that - I've won more flame wars and vicious OOC mudsligning fets then anyone wants to ever hear about =) and that means I usually fight DIRTY. I'm a clean character in JG, though I do dredge on the "grey" side occasionally. I've made a point of cultivating contacts that fluxers would not have, if we were any other squad - Falcon and I have both *always* done that - and I poke my nose into everything, in the interests of keeping our humongous NAP-network intact and our reputation secure.

OOC, I'm a wannabe writer and powergamer - I LOVE poking holes in RPs, finding stories I definitely should have no reason being involved in, and twisting them in so many pretzel-like circles that it's sick =) I delight in mischief, flame wars, and PR-campaigns from hell. I delight in conspiracy, revel in carnage, and celebrate destrruction - I'm a fighter pilot =) But this is a game I can play somethign else, for a change, so I'm a diplomat and defender of truth justice and the Octavian way... or something. *shrug*.

Anyway - I have my issues with some stories from Themis, but I think I'm on the right track here. Sometimes, with their RPs, there's very few who get "all the facts". I've noticed that as a theme. I dunno. I'm working on trtying to get some kind of feedback system in place with Themis so we can get some "yes, that was good" - "no, that won't work" feedback action going - but honestly I'm not overly optimistic about that. If worse comes to worst, OOC, we're big enough to say "screw your RP" and do it ourselves. I think it'll be more of a middle ground between those two, but remind me never to predict the future =)

Meanderingly yours...
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 02, 2003 1:44 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

ZNet commentary wrote:
In fact, journalists were expected to be critical of the system. They were encouraged to bash low-level corruption and other minor negative elements of the system. As long as they kept reminding their readers that the system itself was superior, they were on the right track.

idea You see how TEC has miraclously irradicated the conflux agents? We can either play this the way Draaven has done (anti-TRI) &/or illustrate the propaganda machine present in a TEC conspiracy theory tack.
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 02, 2003 8:07 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

ND plot discussion thread
okay, wait wait... offtopic is Zoe Vexel (the writer who wrote the TEC story) not an official staff writer? It won't change "much" except my willingness to assume New Dawn pilots aren't at risk of "conflict of interest". (is Moll doing the Zoe stories? If not ND is the likely candidate)
    if that is the case, i'm afraid i'll have to stop being so candid with you folks or else i'll be at risk of "conflict of interest" (please see this thread for my motivations if i'm correct in my suspicions)
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 02, 2003 5:12 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

No - Moll and I have been relatively close in the past, but never that close.

I've never written a story for Moll or Themis for JOSSH, and the only ones she'd accept would probably be squad-related stuff, and sent in as myself.

I volunteered to be another Gossip, and do a column, but I dunno if I'll ever do that. We'll see.

But no, we don't write stuff for Themis.

I'm pretty sure Zoe is either Moll, or Jessica Mulligan (aka GamerGal) - I'd put my money on Moll though.
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 02, 2003 6:24 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

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Ex-Assistant GM
Ex-Assistant GM

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 03, 2003 10:34 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

<makes sure wife is tucked in bed still>

Yummy conflux agent. I'm switching sides now :)
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 22, 2003 3:25 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Allegations of Coup In TRI; TRI Says 'More Stable Than Ever'
ehhhhh...tabloid is about it i'm afraid. Anyways, i think this might have been related:
Spork wrote:
Some at New Dawn tried once to share the truth about TRI and blamed the TEC for all that was evil in the galaxy. Right after that, we saw the TEC basically take over the public face of TRI, institute many positive changes, and then blame ITA for all that is evil (a good list here as juxtaposed with Serus first post in this thread).

Now, it's looking more and more like the ITA are in fact working for the good of TRI and the TEC is the evil that ND accused them of so long ago.

Interesting now that ND decides to hold secrets back that would expose the TEC for what they once claimed it is.

And accusing Brother Io of anything other than working in the best interest of Quantar (which wouldn't include murder), is foolishness.

There may as well be no truth if it remains always hidden.

always annoys the crap outta me when someone uses so many paragraph breaks. meh.
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 24, 2003 2:38 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

NeoFX wrote:
TEC-The darker side of TRI
This morning a Few ISU members, finaly found the TEC archives on the hyperweb ( and after hours of non stop 'hacking' attempts we managed to get access to these archives under a security level of 'field supervisor". Once access had been obtained TRI's dark agenda became sickening clear..... following is a summary of some of the most disturbing information retrieved:
    "TRI Evolutionary Council (TEC) was essentially born when the genetic modifications for jumpgate travel were first created. Realizing that a prudent application of Conflux genetic material could advance human evolution, we study the Conflux and attempt to find what other useful evolutionary steps can be "borrowed" to advance the interests of humanity"
What this tells us is that TRI (or at least the TEC side of TRI) do not wish to defeat the conflux... but to study them, and then see how they can geneticly alter TRI pilots (Which is just a faceless resource for them to do with as they wish).
    "If it is more expedient to restrict a few freedoms or control the news or experiment on convicted criminals, that's the price we must pay"
This shows that TRI will do what ever they please, to any of their pilots and claim its in the name of 'Justice', and if the subjects is not breaking the law.... well make a new law......

    Conflux DNA Studies. Ongoing.
    Bio-Weapons is currently studying Conflux DNA hoping to improve the efficiency of Anti-Conflux Nuclear Weapons.

    Conflux Jellyfish Studies. Ongoing.
    Bio-Weapons has been trying to get its hands on a Sentient Conflux Jellyfish.

    Cloning. Ongoing.
    Bio-Weapons has a small group working on human cloning, and gene splicing"
It seems TRI (Or the TEC side of TRI) wish to learn how after the conflux biologicly for a reason.... and not just to combat them.... combined with what else we have learnt from these archieves...... it becomes clear, that they wish not only to control what technology their "Resources" have... but how they are born how they think.... everything.... even down to the genetic structure of their pilots.

These reports ARE NOT FAKED They are genuine and may help at least a handful of pilots, relises that they are being used by TRI to build their ideal future, where they get what they want, and we're test subjects for them to clone and geneticly alter with whatever species of creture they see fit

ISU. anyone else a little bit suspicious of ISU's reliability? more to the point, GM_Moll's choice of ISU might reflect an attempt to exploit ISU's current publicity (aman FF blockade "RP") combined with the crappy respect most intelligent community members have for these brats.

*shrug* can't think of the *IC justification* atm, all attention focused on that aman "RP" being officially acknowledged to exist by TG (& ND of all things)
    high praise indeed
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